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A*Teens – Dame! Dame! Dame! Lyrics 16 years ago
the spanish version of gimmie! gimmie! gimmie!

A*Teens – Can't Help Falling In Love With You Lyrics 16 years ago
The person loves some one and they can't help but think about the other person sooo much 24/7

The All-American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret Lyrics 16 years ago
Tyson is singing about how he loves his girlfriend and she is secret to other people and he doesn't want anybody to know about her.

Sum 41 – Crazy Amanda Bunkface Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is about Deryck's craaaazy ex-girlfriend

A*Teens – Mamma Mia Lyrics 16 years ago
A Girl has been cheated by her boyfriend, but she still loves him and wants to go to a fun party with her

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