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Flyleaf – Penholder Lyrics 13 years ago
i hink when she wrote this,
she meant her songs may be beautifully written
but they are only that way because of what he made her feel
so really its him and what he did that actually wrote the song, she just held the pen.

Dead Poetic – Vanus Empty Lyrics 13 years ago
I tihnk its about a girl who commited suicide because people/friends would talk about her etc,etc. and she was constently thier "target"

and he had feelings for this girl and he always thought she was beautiful, and better than those who made her kill herself.

i dont know, just my opinion

And Then I Turned Seven – In loving Memory Lyrics 13 years ago
well, my friend actualy wrote this song for them.

and he wrote it because his mom was really really sick.
and how he regretted the things he's done
and that he didnt want her to leave, or die.
and the pain that wont go away.

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