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Elvis Costello – The Other Side of Summer Lyrics 10 years ago
and didn't he write this song with paul mccartney?

David Bowie – God Knows I'm Good Lyrics 11 years ago
yep, the verses are definitely set up to direct your sympathy to the woman...

"And a cash machine was spitting by my shoulder.
And I saw the multitude of faces, honest, rich and clean
As the merchandise exchanged and money roared.
And a woman hot with worry slyly slipped a tin of stewing steak"

If the song were written to expose the woman's hypocrisy then this verse would have to be taken as meaning something like..."here's this crazy lady with her belief in god throwing a wrench into the flawless economic system, as usual..."
just doesn't jibe to me

Sufjan Stevens – Get Behind Me, Santa! Lyrics 11 years ago
thanks, didn't realise it was a bible verse

Sufjan Stevens – Get Behind Me, Santa! Lyrics 11 years ago
Play on White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan?

Belle & Sebastian – If You Find Yourself Caught in Love Lyrics 11 years ago
guys, read the last verse again. You're missing the point.

David Byrne – Miss America Lyrics 11 years ago
i think tigermoon has the best grasp on the song. It is not just a song about loving America inspite of its faults. All the superficial and decadent imagery depicts the nature of america's faults as david byrne sees them.

Roxy Music – More Than This Lyrics 11 years ago
This song rulez!

Jens Lekman – Happy Birthday, Dear Friend Lisa Lyrics 12 years ago
nah. happy half-birthday tomorrow

Modest Mouse – Dashboard Lyrics 12 years ago
sirs and ma'ams, it has leaked.

Throwing Muses – Fear Lyrics 12 years ago
give me what I want and all I can think about is losing it

^ I like that line. Not many muses fans here though, eh? An dI think this song is about, well, fear. Apply it as you see fit

Andrew Bird – Armchairs Lyrics 12 years ago
The one I was sent is called "Armchairs"

Sufjan Stevens – Majesty, Snowbird Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is really really really special and just completely mind blowing and, as a single song, my favorite thing that he's done. I can't wait to hear a studio version, though the live version we have is just incredible.

Neko Case – Porchlight Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah I really love the "curses wild upon you" part. great song. I'm not typicallyh a country music fan,but she is soo good. I guess she sounds more restrained than some of the more popular country artists right now.

Arcade Fire – Intervention Lyrics 12 years ago
And it's finally here. They've rerecorded intervention and it's been played on zane lowe's bbc radio show. Glorious organs and all

Arcade Fire – Milk and Honey Lyrics 12 years ago
I think there may be ONE live version floating about... I heard it was fantastic from a friend of the band. Perhaps on the new album?>!

Joanna Newsom – Erin Lyrics 12 years ago

Joanna Newsom – Bridges and Balloons Lyrics 12 years ago
what do YOU think it means. (Not shouting, just lacking italics:) )

Joanna Newsom – Only Skin Lyrics 12 years ago
there's a downloads section?

Joanna Newsom – Emily Lyrics 12 years ago
im going to see her tonight! :)

Sunset Rubdown – Stadiums and Shrines II Lyrics 12 years ago
oh, ok

Wolf Parade – Shine a Light Lyrics 12 years ago
I think arcade fire are top notch :) Rebellion doesn't seem to bumble to me. that said, it's not even the best off of funeral

Sufjan Stevens – Kill Lyrics 12 years ago
i was about to post that exact same comment, house of dolls
that chorus is too close to be a coincidence i think
and surely sufjan is familiar with elliot
maybe he's identifying with that feeling/elliot smith
saying, "i know where you're coming from" basically

Camera Obscura – Marathon Not a Sprint Lyrics 12 years ago
is this a b-side or just completely unreleased?

Camera Obscura – I Don't Do Crowds Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this person prefers intimacy because she feels umm... intimate? I guess it's the "my heart has a secret" part. She doenst want to go out and party with a bunch of people because she's got a secret, she wants to be alone or with someone cose rather than go out with a bunch of people who would rather dance and chat and laugh and could care less about her heart's secret.
And everyone puts it dow to rudeness, sadly. Because really she's not being mean... she just doesn't do crowds

Camera Obscura – I Don't Do Crowds Lyrics 12 years ago
yes probably

Stephin Merritt – Behold The Lowly Centipede Lyrics 12 years ago
this centipede suddenly takes on a slightly phallis like disposition.

Stephin Merritt – The World Is Not Made Of Flowers Lyrics 12 years ago
Isn't this just so charming and violent? There's so much streght behind her singing in this song, it always perks me up

The Apples in Stereo – Benefits of Lying (With Your Friend) Lyrics 12 years ago
this song evokes something in me

Camera Obscura – Razzle Dazzle Rose Lyrics 12 years ago
When I choose a band to play music for me as I enter the blue tunnel into the after life...
it will be camera obscura

Camera Obscura – If Looks Could Kill Lyrics 12 years ago
This is one of my favorite songs off the new album. It's kind of reminiscent of something off Pet sounds.

as far as corrections go, it sounds like it says
If its true looks could kill
Maybe you gotta gun

but i could be wrong
maybe you can make it better?

its hard to tell with that glasgow accent

best album to date i think

The Dandy Warhols – Mohammed Lyrics 12 years ago
no one can say theyre better, not when all this freedom you get is a lie.

No religion that practices exclusivity can say theyre better than another because their beliefs detract from our freedom of religion. Or simply from a persons personal freedom

The Flaming Lips – Felt Good to Burn Lyrics 12 years ago
title comes from the opening line of fahrenhite 451

David Bowie – Love You Till Tuesday Lyrics 12 years ago
Early bowie was so flirtatious and mirthfully entrancing

Morrissey – Pashernate Love Lyrics 12 years ago
but is this an intentional botch of the word passionate?

maybe he's so far removed from paasionate love that he can't even pronounce it right #))

Morrissey – The Youngest Was The Most Loved Lyrics 12 years ago
yes but other than that small oversight i thought it was an intuitive take on the song

I think he's also reprimanding over protective parents:
We kept him from the world's glare
And he turned into a killer

Morrissey – Glamorous Glue Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it is (about sniffing glue) because he's doing it to shut out all these horrible things:
everyone lies
everyone dies
nobody minds
So he's sniffing glue and it might be saying that london is going downhill morally perhaps?

Cocteau Twins – Beatrix Lyrics 12 years ago
extremely powerful vocals in this song


Panic! at the Disco – I Constantly Thank God For Esteban Lyrics 12 years ago

Panic! at the Disco – I Constantly Thank God For Esteban Lyrics 12 years ago
yes! yes, only mormons can contemplate God

Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies Lyrics 12 years ago
always the crusader
music, like any art, is subjective.
But certainly you can see the cunning lyricism in the titles and songs here?

The Dandy Warhols – Welcome to the Monkey House Lyrics 13 years ago
when michael jackson dies they'll be singing:
"all your life you were only waiting for this moment to arrive" hah

Lou Reed – I Believe Lyrics 13 years ago
valerie solanas shot andy warhol after procuring from a book contract she had signed with someone unrelated that warhol was trying to steal her work. She was a radial feminist writer who believed in the extermination of the male race.

Echo and the Bunnymen – Crystal Days Lyrics 13 years ago
The pleasure of pain endured
To purify our misfit ways
And magnify our crystal days

This is a beautiful 3 lines taken out of a beautiful verse taken out of a great song. He's saying that he has been waiting and enduring the pain which is really his pleasure because it will only serve to magnify the crystal days these two people have ahead of them. It's about a purifying love.

Echo and the Bunnymen – A Promise Lyrics 13 years ago
He knows what it is to be stood up. They had plans for a night or for a life ... 'you promised.' but something will change just the way it always does. What luck

Bob Dylan – Gates of Eden Lyrics 13 years ago
That's true, take what you will from it. We can sit here and try to guess exactly what was going through Dylan's head at the moment he wrote it all we want... but we'll never know for sure right. It serves its purpose in providing us with a great landscape for thought.

Depeche Mode – I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead Lyrics 13 years ago
He keeps talking about someone leaving and never saying goodbye.

Maybe he keeps meeting someone at night and having some kind of romance with them. He's enjoying it until one night the person doesn't show up and he doesn't know why

David Bowie – Cygnet Committee Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree with the hairyliberal, this is a song about how even the hippy movement was forceful and controlling even though it lashed out against those things; or "bigoted"

David Bowie – Andy Warhol Lyrics 13 years ago
It does seem to be poking fun at andy with lines like:
He'll think about paint and he'll think about glue
What a jolly boring thing to do
So I can understand why warhol might have been offended, but I would imagine Bowie really respected him, being a former art teacher.

David Bowie – Drive-In Saturday Lyrics 13 years ago
I can actually kinda see that silador. Vaguely... but since you've said it, it makes some kind of sense

Bob Dylan – Gates of Eden Lyrics 13 years ago
I think the reason people have created religions is to give their earthly lives meaning. That way they can think 'okay god put me here to do something (worship him, convert everyone, never have sex) so life does have purpose!' Many people coming straight out of religion fall into nihilistic mindsets (as i did) where they struggle to find meaning in anythign.

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