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Oceansize – No Tomorrow Lyrics 15 years ago
Damnit I'm actually starting to agree with those seeing anti-religious themes in 'Size lyrics.

This feels to me like a religious person arguing to an atheists that he should be allowed to believe what he wants and "should not have to make apologies". It works visa versa also (with atheism), but I feel this way makes more sense. This could all be a load of rubbish though...

Can't help thinking that this is about closed-mindedness in relation to faith ("is faith against your faith", "you try not to listen anyway"). Though the atheist attempts to hide his distain for religion it "always shows".

The protagonist argues that the only thing the atheists do is "shoot down" religion with "popular opinion". He is also critical of the atheistic lifestyle of bright lights (vice - sex, drugs, money) that will burn (hell) and blind (mislead) you. The atheist is even "proud of this disgrace".

"No tomorrow" could be a reference to atheists who do not hold the religious belief that this planet is just a preparation for heaven ("tomorrow").

A couple of other things:
- "What do you see when you close your eyes?" - what do atheists believe in.
"Royalty or magic numbers" - atheists still support the divine right of kings and superstition.

My favourite line is the one I can't make fit into this crazy theory. "Reputation's not a alibi". My only thoughts are that the scientific improbability that God doesn't exist (reputation) is no excuse for a hedonistic lifestyle.

Phew. Ok. Does any of this make sense to anyone or have I gone bonkers from reading pmassey's comments?

Oh, and I'm an atheist.

Oceansize – Meredith Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this song is a warning to someone that the voice of the persona is a bit of a mentalist. The author is falling off the earth (failing gravity), lying and threating to "cut you to the bone" (probably not literally. probably).

Then again the last bit gets very possessive. Don't fight me, you're coming down too. The voice's comment at the end asserts that he is not crazy, suggesting that someone else has asserted that he is.

This song is very creepy and mildly disturbing. Beautiful, also.

Oceansize – Long Forgotten Lyrics 15 years ago
A cheating lover song. Not a topic 'Size explore that much is love, and then it's always the darker side (eg. WWLMWLD).

Oceansize – A Homage To A Shame Lyrics 15 years ago
It's pretty difficult to figure this one out without knowing who the "you" is that so many of the lines are directed at...

Oceansize – The Charm Offensive Lyrics 15 years ago
I get the feeling that this is a stab at authority (rather than the theory that EIP is an anti-religious concept album...)

"We still believe in what we never see
Our perception is but a camera trick
Authority a uniform"

All this could be referring to the government, the media and the military. The title "Charm Offensive" also supports this theory I think - we're won over by pretty speeches and camera tricks but we never see what really goes on as they lie to us and sell us out.

Oceansize – One Day All This Could Be Your Lyrics 15 years ago
I love the line "nobody ever said they'd love you forever". It's got to be about bad parenting. The ending (and title) "one day all this could be yours" suggests that the child too will one day be in the same situation as the father.

This song is fabulous.

Oceansize – Catalyst Lyrics 15 years ago
Couldn't say what it's really about... seems just general angst!

Oceansize – Amputee Lyrics 15 years ago
I can't help but feel from the lyrics in the verses that this song is mostly an attack on self-centred socialites with whom he doesn't connect.

Example lyrics - "so overfriendly...more people to latch on to/ more ears to bend... we are addicted to ourselves/ we leave room for noone else"

King Adora – Supermuffdiver Lyrics 16 years ago
reminds me of oral with an ex. heh.

the song itself is pretty raunchy, passionate and raw, as with all king adora songs. one of their better numbers i believe.

The Velvet Teen – Caspian Can Wait Lyrics 16 years ago
caspian is the saviour of the world!
"he'll be the one to fracture their fractus castles
and scatter their tiers on the pavement"
"you'll kill the world in spite of itself
and make a better one"

i'm not sure it really means anything, this song. it's got beautiful lyrics and a wonderful keyboard part. i absolutely love it.
i have an ex called caspian and love the lyric "caspian can wait sometimes, he'll be in the way sometimes".

The Velvet Teen – A Captive Audience Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is a pretty beautiful melancholic love song. it's about wanting to wrap your lover up in cotton wool so nothing can ever get to them.

The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is a total anthem. it combines morrissey's wit, sarcasm, anti-monarchy sentiments, a quick bit of animal rights, freud, sexuality, class warfare and more so i'm just going to ramble about those now.

i like the bit about the nine yr old who peddles drugs as it reminds me of my home town {yeah it's kind of rough, the dealers get younger all the time} but also makes a really nice contrast with him finding out he's related to 'some old queen or other'.

him finding out he's related to a royal family of some sort is classic moz irony. he's trying to make a case about nationalism and how ridiculous the monarchy is but finds himself ashamedly connected to it.
the class stuff is always pretty interesting in moz/smiths songs but here it is paticularly pertinent. he mentions two institutions in working class life - the church and the pub - yet people feel lonely without the queen. a connection could be made that britain sees the queen as like a mother, from whose apron strings we cannot be disentangled.

the WW1 song at the beginning is also interesting for two reasons - because of the nationalist sentiment drummed up during such a huge war effort, and because of the important role of the monarchy in symbolising national unity and strength during the time - perhaps why the 'boys' feel so 'lonely on a limb' once the queen is declared dead.

on another note, for britishers, can you believe David Cameron {current conservative/opposition/pro-monarchy leader} has this album on his I-pod? what a crapbag.

Morrissey – Margaret On The Guillotine Lyrics 16 years ago
"please die" - so cruel, so unmistakably about thatcher. us mancunians aren't exactly renouned for our thatcher adulation.

Morrissey – Interesting Drug Lyrics 16 years ago
Jonno have you been smoking crack? just because some moz songs reference gayness doesn't mean this man built an extensive career trying to "make homosexuals feel better about themselves"?
you might not, and clearly don't, agree with it doesn't mean it isn't there. and that goes for the rest of the people walking the line of gay-bashing.

anyheg, onto the song. one of my favourites. i totally agree that it's mainly anti-Tory but i also had to wonder whether the 'interesting drug' was medication of some kind. this song is {sort of} about economic depression, could the interesting drug be an anti-depressant? either that or it is a drug that will nonetheless help with the misery of living on a government scheme, in debt etc

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