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The National – Blank Slate Lyrics 13 years ago
Now it's fixed. Thanks for the heads-up, Mozart Face.

Inouk – No Danger Lyrics 13 years ago
This song should be broadcasted around the world.

That is all.

Laughing Colors – Now And Then Lyrics 13 years ago
What a great rock song. I think more people would agree if they had any idea that a group called Laughing Colors even existed. I'm not entirely clear on the song's meaning, but I'd venture to guess that it has to do with wanting independence. The stanza leading off with "If you want I can let you live my life..." seems to exude some frustration on the part of the narrator; he wants to be on his own.

Kings of Leon – Ragoo Lyrics 13 years ago
I like this song, but the lyric "You caught me with my pants down" sounds really out of place. For a song with such a serious tone, a better choice of words would have made more sense. That's my only real complaint, though.

Kashmir – No Balance Palace Lyrics 14 years ago
Of all the songs on Kashmir's latest album, I think "No Balance Palace" really ranks among the very best of them. Frankly, I'm shocked it hasn't received more attention. The level of creativity is astounding; the amazing guitar work, the mysterious lyrics...just look at the last stanza. Brilliant. This is one energetic rock song; I'm just not entirely sure why it hasn't garnered more attention.

Brother Cane – And fools shine on Lyrics 14 years ago
Does anyone know the meaning of this song? I don't want to believe it, but my first thought was that the lyrics are bashing Christianity. It seems that the first verse, for example, might be addressing principles of the religion (i.e. allowing Jesus into your heart, the idea that God is everywhere, and son on). I like the guitar work in thee song, so it would be a shame to me if this is, in fact, the whole idea behind the song.

My other thought, though, is that the song is addressing followers. The chorus could be referring to people that follow in the footsteps of others only because they want to be judged as "normal," and are afraid to take a path of their own.

Any ideas?

Mountain – For Yasgur's Farm Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this song is essentially about lost love. I usually don't buy into love songs, but this one seems especially unique in that the narrator has failed to pursue a woman he loves ("Remember the evening I let you walk away?"). He knows the two of them are meant to be together, as evidenced by the chorus, because they're so alike. The lyrics are especially relatable to me because I've too often allowed the same thing to happen to me; I've let questions get in the way of pursuing girls that have shown interest in me. The narrator's elevated voice in the chorus really hits it home for me too, as he seems to be expressing some underlying frustration.

Roger Hodgson – Had a Dream (Sleeping With the Enemy) Lyrics 14 years ago
Thanks for the correction, Major Valor.

Audioslave – Original Fire Lyrics 14 years ago
That's an interesting interpretation, T-CAP75. I honestly don't know what to make of the song's meaning; it may take several more listens before I begin to understand it. I really can't wait to hear the rest of what Revelations has to offer.

I really like the new sound of the song, too; it seems as though Audioslave is trying to integrate the sound of some classic rock groups into their music. There's definitely some trademark guitar work by Tom Morello at the end, but I think the bulk of the song can be likened to, say, Deep Purple, or another hard rock group of days gone by. Aside from being somewhat repetitive, Original Fire hits the nail on the head.

The Raconteurs – Steady, As She Goes Lyrics 14 years ago
I know I may be out of the loop, but I must know: are The White Stripes a defunct band now that Jack White is with The Raconteurs?

Roger Hodgson – Puppet Dance Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's safe to say that "Puppet Dance" is about the tragedy of losing a loved one. There are so many questions one asks oneself following the death of someone who's held dear, and this song really captures that.

"Why'd you have to leave me?"
"Oh my Lord, is it right?" (Did he/she have to die?)
"Was there something that I could have done?"

I get the feeling that Hodgson must have lost someone he loved very dearly in order to write a song with as much meaning and emotion as this one.

Rainbow – Sixteenth Century Greensleeves Lyrics 14 years ago
From what I can gather, Sixteenth Century Greensleeves tells the story of an army that gathers enough courage to save a woman from an evil man who's captured her. The first couple stanzas indicate that the woman has been captured and that it's time to rescue her. The third stanza highlights the battle fought over her, and the last two seem to emphasize a victory celebration on the part of the army. The evil being who captured the woman is probably the one being hanged ("Hang him higher").

This song has such great imagery, and a great rock beat to boot. I was just wondering if anyone knows who the greensleeves are? The lyrics also need to be adjusted; the fourth stanza ahould read "Drawbridge down," not "Draw bright down."

Rock Kills Kid – Paralyzed Lyrics 14 years ago
I have only heard the full length of this song once, but I think everyone should know how incredibly unoriginal it is. The song is so catchy because the group completely ripped the beat from "(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman" by The Kinks, and that, in my opinion, is pathetic. "Paralyzed" is called the best song off the Rock Kills Kid CD, yet it can't even be called their own. I'm not criticizing the song because I want to offend anyone who enjoys the group's music, but because I think it's sad that Rock Kills Kid can't give credit where credit is deserved.

Rainbow – Catch The Rainbow Lyrics 15 years ago
I think that the Catch the Rainbow lyrics may be about high hopes, as dylanrocks has said, but high hopes gone unfulfilled. I really like this song very much. It's so calm compared to their other hard rockin' songs. The group's ability to create both types of songs successfully is what makes them so awesome.

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