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Elton John – Rocket Man Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this song is about fruitcakes taking it up the butt from other fruitcakes.

Mother Love Bone – Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns Lyrics 13 years ago
this band could have fucking made it

Grateful Dead – Box Of Rain Lyrics 13 years ago
i heard this song on freaks and geeks. it's beautiful.

DragonForce – Through the Fire and Flames Lyrics 13 years ago



Foals – Cassius Lyrics 13 years ago
I submitted the correct, full lyrics and y'er bloody man edited them back. Keep them correct this time.

Matt Nathanson – Wedding Dress Lyrics 13 years ago
I actually saw Matt in concert last night. Seeing the artist in person singing the song helps to decipher the meaning.

I believe it's one of two things. Either he realizes on his wedding day that this isn't the woman he is supposed to marry, or, he has trouble with commitment and even though he's "at [his] best" he is afraid of the commitment. He either wants to wish away the fear, or just be somebody else at that moment.

After seeing him in concert, I'm leaning more towards the latter meaning.

Kreator – Enemy Of God Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm going to have to agree with quiffporn. The whole album is about the end of the world and the coming of the antichrist. It is appearant especially in the song When Death takes its Dominion with the line "Laid before his royal satanic grace."

Okkervil River – Westfall Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's pretty clear it was inspired by the Yogurt Shop Murders. The three names in the lyrics are different from any in the actual events so he either just changed the names or this song is actually about a fictional murder like the one in question.

Dream Theater – In the Name of God Lyrics 13 years ago
When I listened to this, I immediately thought it was referencing the Mormon mountain meadow massacre. On September 11, 1857, under orders from their prophet Brigham Young, a group of Mormons disguised themselves as Native Americans and trapped and executed more than 100 emigrant men, women and children who were traveling to California.

Here's what stands out in the lyrics:

"bleed the beast"
(this is a phrase used by polygamist mormons today to refer to bleeding the government)

"listen when the prophet speaks to your"
(not many churches have so-called "living prophets" like the mormons)

"Straight is the path"
(there are 14 references to this in mormon scriptures)

"lured into a doomsday cult"
(mormonism has many characteristics of a cult, and they believe in a doomsday "second coming")

"un-consenting plural wives"
(Brigham Young and many other church leaders practiced polygamy)

The battle hymn of the republic (sung in the background around 13:30) is a popular mormon hymn.

"eighty murdered"
(this part is not exact, it's the only thing that was slightly off from the mountain meadow massacre)

Dream Theater – In the Name of God Lyrics 13 years ago
"Bleed the Beast"

Iron Maiden – Killers Lyrics 13 years ago
Dude, the fucking intense harmony riffage on this motherfucker is easily the equal of Hallowed Be Thy Name. So why's it so goddamn underrated?!?!

Iron Maiden – Childhood's End Lyrics 13 years ago
Dude, you have NO IDEA how underrated this song is!!! I heard it once and it the riff stuck with me, and it took me a solid week to find it...apparently this thought of as a shitty song? I think it's fucking fantastic! The guits are so tight and trebly they sound like synthesizers.

Propagandhi – Natural Disasters Lyrics 13 years ago
its a jesus dildo.

Oysterhead – Birthday Boys Lyrics 13 years ago
"Gina's eyes are sensitive
To the brighter side of daylight"

--Probably from heavy use of hallucinogens

Oysterhead – Wield The Spade Lyrics 13 years ago
RE: BugMeNot

As to "What is Trey saying?" -- "Babylonian Impaling", or a similar set of syllables in characteristic Trey ambiguous mumble which should evoke the same sense.

Blue Öyster Cult – Burnin' For You Lyrics 13 years ago
I always thought this song was about living on the road, wasting time and abusing drugs all the time. The term "burned out" is used in slang for someone who has exhausted themselves on drugs. It all kind of makes sense if you think about it, like the lines "Got no time to slow" (getting high) and "time aint on my side, time I'll never know" (the destructiveness of this lifestyle). "Suns that were freezing and lives that were through" signifies the once-bright (suns) people he's seen with their lives destroyed by hard drug abuse, and "I'm not the one to tell you whats wrong or what's right" is the stance a drug user would typically take when confronted over the abuse. Playing B sides is usually something you do when you've got time left over from playing the A sides, signifying the wasting of time and life

Björk – Earth Intruders Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is about how Bjork is fucked in the head and how she wants a big black cock in her cunt.

Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover) Lyrics 13 years ago
I first heard this song on the OC and had no idea who sang it. A few months later I heard the Kate Bush version on the radio and looked it up and realized placebo covered it, I had never heard of placebo but after listening to there version I decided to buy one of there albums and love it! I was just looking at some of the other song meanings and they are incredible. Also uh kimbubly so what if your 16, im a 14 year old male I never missed an episode of the OC, quit falling into the line of conformity and what people think YOU should be.

Sufjan Stevens – The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us! Lyrics 13 years ago
Anyone notice what's going on in the background of this song? People singing over and over again "We were in Love". That casts doubt upon the purely platonic interpretation, as, in modern English, friendship is rarely described as being a kind of love.

Also, I find it quite humorous that someone up thread said that GLBT people are groping to find a queer meaning to this song. And this is different from the way that bible thumpers grope for Christian meaning in almost EVERY SONG ON THIS WEBSITE? Seriously. Look at "The General" by Dispatch, for example. "Jesus had a beard, like the man in this song..."

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – 20 Hours Lyrics 13 years ago
hi observer01

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – 20 Hours Lyrics 13 years ago
hi observer01

Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed Lyrics 13 years ago
The moon landing in 1969.

Saxon – Dallas 1pm Lyrics 13 years ago
It's obviously about the Kennedy assassination.

Taylor Swift – Your Anything Lyrics 13 years ago
WOW!!! This is one of her best songs! I don't know why its not on the CD. She performed it at age 15 at the NAMM show. Heres a great video of her performing it!

Neil Young – Borrowed Tune Lyrics 13 years ago
This whole album, but especially this song, was the most blatant example of an emotionally wounded man I have ever seen.

After Harvest came out, Danny Whitten, Neil's best friend and guitarist for his band Crazy Horse took up heroin and Neil ended up firing him because he was too fucked up to play. He begged Neil to let him stay, saying he had nowhere to go and he couldn't go back to his family or friends, but Neil said too bad.

The very next day Neil got a phone call that Danny had ODed alone in some shitty motel rather than face the music. He was like 24 or something.

In response, Neil locked himself (and several cases of tequila and a bunch of weed and cocaine) alone for 4 days straight in the old house the band used as a recording studio. At some point during this period of isolation, grief and regret, he broke out all of the lights and most of the furniture. Borrowed Tune was one of three songs that the band's manager found on the tape when he came out.

And he won't play it at concerts, supposedly (or he used to not, anyway). Some things are just too personal, I guess.

Neil Young – After the Gold Rush Lyrics 13 years ago
First: It's based on the plot to a movie which never got released and nobody seems to be able to remember the plot to, except that it was very, very trippy and metaphysical. Like Twilight Zone kind of fantasy/scifi metaphysical, I mean.

The title of the movie/song "After the Gold Rush" does suggest a certain sense of trouble and foreboding. It's almost presented as a hypothetical answer to a question: Gold rushes involve major excitement from lots of people, but once they're done, it's over like INSTANTLY and everything is abandoned and forgotten like it never even happened.

So based on that alone, I would hypothesize it has something to do with the Earth, and humanity, moving on to another stage of...existence? Moving off the planet altogether maybe?

Neil may not have been an acidhead, but I know the cat who wrote THIS sure was....

Sex Pistols – Belsen Was A Gas Lyrics 13 years ago
Every time I see someone froth at the mouth over this song, especially a young person who could be such an instrument for change and free-thinking if they wanted to, I hate people a little bit more.

So MTV...

So very, very "normal".

When Johnny dropped to his knees in despair and disgust and looked out at the crowd that last time, as the alpha and omega of "hardcore punk" literally died on stage mid-set, what did he see?

He saw the future. He saw something new and saddening being born. He saw you.

"Ever feel like you've been cheated?"

Mad Season – All Alone Lyrics 13 years ago
This means different things to me depending on my mood. My wife left me recently, and I was alone and cleaning out our old bedroom. The bedroom was empty and this song came on. I just laid on the ground with my arms outstretched. What stogie said about the world spinning. You don't really have to be drunk to feel like that with this song.

Alternatively, sometimes I think about it meaning there is no god.

Regina Spektor – Chemo Limo Lyrics 13 years ago
This is such a beautiful and creative song.

Let me make one point. The speaker is NOT dying. That's the entire point. She was dreaming that she had cancer and her insurance policy wouldn't cover chemotherapy. When she wake up, she realizes how short and precious her life is, and rents a limo, meaning that she's going to live life to the fullest with her children. Again, not actually about dying.

New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream Lyrics 13 years ago
this is catchy as fuck

Metric – Soft Rock Star Lyrics 13 years ago
This song floored me. episodeiv's interpretation is pretty accurate and the lyrics are right. One thing I think might be being said is that she has a weakness for money hence the Soft in the song title.

Choose the brightest future, mind the death
And try to buy the better girls
But failed till now
Check is in the mail

This section is saying that someone bought her out. I find this song really sad because of the idea to have the best future women will give up what they actually want for material security and social status.

Blondie – Atomic Lyrics 13 years ago
The meaning of this song is captured surprisingly well in just two words: "Atomic O".

Streetlight Manifesto – We Will Fall Together Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't want to listen to any songs that are in favour of anti-progress, prejudiced cultism.

Cold War Kids – Saint John Lyrics 13 years ago
love this song, def one of the best on the album

i think it sounds very jack whiteish

St. Vincent – Paris Is Burning Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree that St. Vincent's lyrics tend to work on multiple levels, and there were a couple bits that jumped out at me:
"poison in your ear" is likely an allusion to Hamlet (Act I, scene 5) where the ghost of Hamlet's father tells him he was murdered by the current king. Possibly also to Act I, scene 5, where words are equated to a poison in the ear.

Paris was certainly bombed to pieces in WWII, but the multiple uses of "black" and the "open rejoice revolting" made me think of the riots, mainly by black Africans in Paris in the summer of 2005,

Coheed and Cambria – The End Complete V: On the Brink Lyrics 13 years ago
Snare: it is the same chord progression for the first four notes but the fifth and sixth sound a half step lower than on In The Flesh?

Coheed and Cambria – The End Complete IV: The Road and the Damned Lyrics 13 years ago
ok, so this is Claudio. And he is blowing up Heaven's Fence (I believed in the world once in front of me. Well, now that's gone). He is saying that if he could go home to Newo he would, but there is no way. He is dying with Heaven's Gate.

Coheed and Cambria – The End Complete II: Radio Bye Bye Lyrics 13 years ago
so maybe this is someone telling Claudio to tell everyone that he has killed Wilhelm "why are you afraid of what you've done"

Coheed and Cambria – The End Complete I: The Fall of House Atlantic Lyrics 13 years ago
so Wilhelm dies in Justice in Murder and then House Atlantic falls. Genius

Coheed and Cambria – Justice in Murder Lyrics 13 years ago
bye bye Wilhelm!

Coheed and Cambria – Feathers Lyrics 13 years ago
Since The Running Free is pretty much Claudio destroying the keywork, this is his goodbye. He knew he would probably die, so this is, IMO, Claudio going to say goodbye to Newo. The twist, it appears, is that Newo is possibly a Prise, as they are feathered women. It says Hide your feathers, you've been such a liar. They both had these secrets that they didn't tell, because of their absurdity of course. =D

Sonata Arctica – To Create A Warlike Feel Lyrics 13 years ago
Is it just me or the voice saying "The enemy" sounds a lot like George W. Bush?

Nine Inch Nails – Only Lyrics 13 years ago
Ok, this is quoted from another poster, with my addition/clarification added below it for combined fuller meaning/s.

"Listening to this song, I get the feeling that this about a person who has created themselves, that is, lives a life separate from who they really are. People who think it is necessary to hide who they truly are b/c society doesn't really accept their personality. For example, a person who is not necessarily happy all the time having to pretend that he or she is happy all the time ("Things aren't as pretty on the inside"). In the end, they don't really know who they are and can't handle having to be that shallow ("Sometimes I can see right through myself") ("I just made you up to hurt myself"). And maybe they might just quit giving a shit about what people think about them and be who they are ("Less concerned about fitting in...."). "There is no you, there is only me" would then refer to the way that person was two people, but now they have decided to kill that other person. Does that make any sense?"

Trent is talking to a second self OF HIS, which he made up, (for good appearances in society, and or other reasons). And he wants to destroy this second self, leaving only his true self (There is no you! (the false self), there is only ME!).

This could also be about a self which was created by drugs, or his bipolar disorder, a personified manifestation of either, which never completely died off, and now he wants to purge that extra sick self/person, leaving just himself. (He awakened the sick self by "Picking the scab", aka remembering/Re-experincing the past, or even doing drugs again/having a bipolar psychotic episode).

Sonata Arctica – Caleb Lyrics 13 years ago
"There is a man in this world who has never smiled. You may know his tragedy, the later years by heart."

As I see it the later years are the song 'The End of this Chapter' and probably 'Don't Say a Word'. The woman is talking to the fourth wall.

Something Corporate – As You Sleep Lyrics 13 years ago
i'm not sure about the death, ghost, or even unrequited love interpretations, but i do like seeing different perspectives!

this song could seriously have been written for me. a little history: my girlfriend is slowly breaking up with me, drifting away, while the girl i've been ranting to and i have been falling in love. this girl and i have actually had a conversation consisting of only song names, and we're both amazed so many songs describe our situation.
for us two, the song's about me leaving to university. i'm moving on the 29th of this month, which gives 21 days to break up, ask out, and have a relationship. naturally, i can't see it ending that soon. so "Soon I'll be leaving you, but you won't be leaving me" describes how we'll be apart physically but probably not emotionally.
"constellation of frustration": i LOVE that poetic line!! andrew mcmahon's amazing. anyway, that's about my frustration at my lying, immoral g/f; and at our physical intimacy frustrations at having to wait for me to end it; and at our frustration at my leaving.
"Singing my thoughts back to me": like this song just being SO appropriate to life right now
"Watching heartache on TV": i don't watch reality tv, but my reality of love life could just as well be on tv.
This is the 27th song in the past week we've come across to perfectly describe our emotions to each other. Now this is just getting creepy! But that actually just makes it feel more right than ever.

Remy Zero – Fair Lyrics 13 years ago
I know what this song is about. A girl dedicated it to me, and it perfectly describes our relationship.
We've known each other on and off since about 2000, but only spoken about once every 3 months or so.
This summer I was going out with someone else, but chatted to her on a bike trip (my g/f was there too) and we really got along. Since then, exchanged text messages and msn, we have a lot in common.
Summer was good, but when I came back from holidays my g/f has begun to distance herself from me before I leave for university. And it's really been painful. I turned to this girl for support when I was feeling down, and she meant everything to me.
Since then we've been drawing closer, despite the complete lack of time.
"Hey, are you lonely?
Has summer gone so slowly?
We found the ground,
but that damage was done.
It's cold as you fade into the sun.
Where'd you go? To me?
But you're alive! "
-Summer dragged by with my current g/f, damage is done, I went to her.
"Sing to me hope as she's
thrown on the sand. "
-Move on to go out with her rather than my current g/f.
"choice took far too long. " - 7 years long enough? We have some memories to reminisce alright! Even since my g/f is distancing, I could have acted faster.
"You know I love you.
I want you oh so much.
It's so fair. "
-Speaks for itself.
"When I was sure you'd follow through,
My world was turned to blue. "
-Like when on msn a month ago I said we'd go out. As friends. Emphasis on friends.
"When you'd hide
your songs would die,
so I'd hide yours with mine."
-This has meaning to do with the overlap of our music tastes.
"And all my words were bound to fail.
I know you won't fail...
see, I can tell..."
-Except I don't think we are failing. I think this is happening. We'll see.

Enigma – The Gate Lyrics 13 years ago
For people not interested in looking it up, the measurements are a description (albeit somewhat inaccurate) of Mars.

Ween – The Rainbow Lyrics 13 years ago
"sorry, but it's not natural or right to be a "homo". Pretty soon the liberals will be pushing a law to allow child molesters to marry 5 yr olds or people who fuck goats the right to marry goats"

Wow you're right and let's hate blacks and jews! You're using the Slippery Slope argument which means you're dumb. 2 Adults loving each other has nothing to do with pedophiles or bestiality. Do you even know any gay people or are they too afraid to tell you?

Anyways this song is hilarious and definitely pro gay.

The Good Life – Heartbroke Lyrics 13 years ago
In the third verse the girl is supposed to be the girlfriend.

"I like him, he's alot like you."
"Babe, I know you'll find somebody, too"

Billy Joel – Zanzibar Lyrics 13 years ago
I always heard "Ali" as "Allie", i.e., short for "Allison" (which was confusing when he said "though HE's bathed in sweat...). Perhaps it's referring to Muhammed Ali, and the "dancing" is the footwork and dodging and swaying that boxers do?

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