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Bruce Springsteen – The Promise Lyrics 13 years ago
badland_darkness: It's a continuation of the storyline that was laid out in the song Thunder Road. At the end of TR he closes "So baby climb in, it's a town full of losers and I'm pulling out here to win." While TR ended on a high note, full of hope and the dreams of success, The Promise tells the real story of what happened to the protagonist and presumably Mary.

And I think the 18 Tracks version is the only version. There is a version with the band on YouTube, I think. Truthfully, Bruce's stark voice and the piano is all that's needed. The lyrics are simply too powerful and poetic for a full arrangement.

Frank Sinatra – Can't We Be Friends Lyrics 15 years ago
In The Wee Small Hours is probably the most emotional of Sinatra's albums. It beautifully captures the the roller coaster of emotions that come with young love and rejection. He recorded this early in his career, and the emotions expressed through his young voice is apparent though out, especially in the song. 'Can't We Be Friends' expresses the heart ache one feels after you just poured your heart out to the girl you love, only to get the answer that, deep down, you never wanted to hear.

I always said that this song is the story of my life, and it is. But I suspect there are many people in the world knows exactly what old blue eyes is singing about, and can relate to the lyrics perfectly.

Simon and Garfunkel – Bookends Theme Lyrics 15 years ago
I find it absolutely amazing that so much can be said in only 4 lines.

Billy Joel – And So It Goes Lyrics 15 years ago
Probably one of the most poetic songs Billy Joel has ever written. I can't even begin to count the number of relationships I lost because I didn't speak up...

and so it goes..

Jamie Cullum – Blame It On My Youth Lyrics 15 years ago
While this song is considered a standard, and has been recorded a countless number of times throughout the years, Jamie makes it his own by providing an emotion of youthful sadness and pain. Which is exactly what the song needs.

No one sings it better.

Frank Sinatra – In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning Lyrics 15 years ago
No other song can describe the feeling of love as perfectly as this one. It's easy to relate to simply because of the fact that if you've ever been in love, you have certainly lost sleep over the fact on whether or not you should tell her your feelings.

Sinatra sings this beautifully. It's sad, and mourningful, yet hopeful at the same time.

Billy Joel – Captain Jack Lyrics 15 years ago
I would just like to point out that both sides of the argument of what "captain Jack is" are correct. In a Master Class a few years here on Long Island someone asked who/what was captain jack. Billy Joel did respond saying that it was indeed a slang term for Heroin, but was also the name of a Drug dealer in his neighborhood.

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