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Hit the Lights – Untitled (Secret Song) Lyrics 13 years ago
this song has be named, "her eyes say yes"

We the Kings – Headlines Read Out... Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm fairly confident its lyrical one liners not letters

Driving East – Backseat (New) Lyrics 14 years ago
i was at a driving east concert last night and the lead singer simply said this song is about getting a blowjob so i think the real lyric is
Then it's you and me
In the back of the seat with your
Head down if you know what I mean singing

New Found Glory – Familiar Landscapes Lyrics 14 years ago
this is a really good song, one of the best on the new album, the whole part of falling asleep and have dreams become fake realities is great

New Found Glory – When I Die Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm sorry this is prob the best song on the new cd, love the lyrics and the melody

Hit the Lights – Untitled (Secret Song) Lyrics 14 years ago
This song can only be described with one word and that is buckets, i love the whole thing and its acoustic

Hit the Lights – Bodybag Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is just straight up buckets

Copperpot – Anything I Ever Do Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song, prob one of the best to come out of copperpot, in my opinion its about a guy who would do anything for this girl and basically trusts this person with everything. i also think its not just any girl but one who also knows him and saw something special in him

Fall Out Boy – Yule Shoot Your Eye Out Lyrics 15 years ago
this is a great song, the best line by far is "happy new years baby" i love that part to me this isnt a christmas song its too good of a song to only be played a month out of the year. also if you like this song New Found Glory has a christmas song called ex-miss which isnt bad and is kinda on the same lines as this one

Copperpot – Go Girls Lyrics 15 years ago
First Off just want to say i love this band i found out about them the summer of 2004 and i love all of there songs, as far as i can see there cd isnt available in many placees, but itunes ooes have it. on to the sang this is a great song, im sure alot of guys can relate to the first line "I don’t know if I like you a lot,
But if I said I did you would turn your back on me." the lyrics may not look like its a great song but it is, i highly recomend this song...

Nine Days – Favorite Song Lyrics 15 years ago
First off im not even going to give my opinion on this song, the first is perfect, exactly what i was thinking when i first heard this song. just wanted to say this is an awesome song, i still remember the first time i heard it, once i heard the line "What if everything you had
was like a castle made of sand?" in the begining i knew this was a great song

Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We're Goin Down Lyrics 15 years ago
it is def loaded God complex, and it does make sense, if you know what a God complex is it makes perfect sense. a God complex is a person who believes they have the power of God, and im sure anyone with a gun feels they have that power, you know the one to take someone's life

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