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Pendulum – Tarantula Lyrics 16 years ago
HOW CAN NO ONE COMMENT ON THIS SONG!!!!???? lol this is a TUNE!!!! :D

The Prodigy – Spitfire Lyrics 16 years ago
nah i swear dis song is like heavy duty drum and bass!!!! lol.... ye i agree wit every1!!! dis song is sooooo gd!!

We Are Scientists – It's A Hit Lyrics 16 years ago
ye i agree!!! dis song realli is rad!!!... i love it!! i've gotta get their album!!.....

Mariah Carey – Loverboy Lyrics 16 years ago
bigmike986!!!! u haven't realli interpreted this song if u fink it's da most "reatarded nonsense ever" true say it's not the best of songs but it still has dat msg how she feels sbout sum1!!!! and u should respect dat becoz i'm sure u hav feelings towrds ppl!!!

Faith Evans – I Love You Lyrics 16 years ago
* sob sob* it jus describes the feeling i hav 4 sum boi!!!.... i sooo like him.. i dont kno how 2 make him see these feelings i hav 4 him??.... dis song is beautifull and soul touching!!!

David Bowie – As the World Falls Down Lyrics 16 years ago
aaawww i fink dat was sooo sweet 2 hav da song played at ur wedding jimmymike!!!....( I WANT DIS SONG 2 B PLAYED AT MY WEDDING NOW!!! LOL) i totally fell in love wit dis song wen i first watched Labyrinth, i fink i was 6 or 7 yrs old and eva since den Labyrinth has remained 1 of my favourite songs, david bowie created such a gd style of musik and dis song went straight 2 my soul, it's got such a powerfull sense 2 it!!!
i'm now 15 and i've got more into David bowie's musik!!! his one in a kind!! Xxx xxX......

Erykah Badu – Bag Lady Lyrics 16 years ago
ye i agree completly wit nsdj..... da song is basically sayin 2 forget all of da fings from da past and look 2 da future!!! like it sed
*bag lady you gone miss your bus
you cant hurry up coz you got 2 much stuff*

^ it's sayin dat if u carry on finkin bout da past u can neva move forward 2 hav a betta future, hence "she misses da bus"... she's missin a gd future!!! ppl kep dis in mind it's a gd msg dat ppl should take in and fink about

Tamia – Can't No Man Lyrics 16 years ago
lol true true... dis song realli does relate to how some ppl feel

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