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Katatonia – Inheritance Lyrics 2 years ago
To me, this is about the subjugation and conversion of pagan people by Christians. Burden could be lifted if we let go of free will. This seems to describe the pressure and persecution which would end if the pagans would accept Christianity.
Our thinning minds, in my abstinence I turn to nothing. This could be the feeling of atrophy of the cultural heritage lost as the old ways are forgotten to time. As the pagan ways are lost, but Christianity isn't accepted, there is a turn to atheism.
Let them inherit this fire now, lest they forget we were ever here. Literally, burn the churches down so that they will remember the people who were subjugated to build the church.

Dag Nasty – Dear Mrs. Touma Lyrics 4 years ago

could you tell the story behind “Dear Mrs. Touma” and how that came about._

PETER CORTNER: I was, before Field Day was recorded and we were out of material, I had gone back to Maryland to spend some time with my family and one morning at breakfast time, my mom told me that this fellow I know named Leo had been killed. He’s been struck by a bus a block or so from my house and Leo was at that time, probably in his late 30s. Leo was a guy from the neighborhood; he always lived about two blocks down. He was struck with polio when he was young and at the time, I think that the approach to treatment or at least what he was able to receive as treatment for polio got him out of the wheelchair and got him walking…

So this was before JONAS SALK came up with the vaccine?

PETER CORTNER: Yeah and it left him with a difficulty in speaking and because of that, he went through school with the assumption that he was mentally retarded, which he wasn’t. But that assumption sort of steered everyone’s expectations for him. So as he was older, he always lived at home but he was able to work. He was doing stock, taking out trash and cleaning up at a local department store where I also worked when I was a teenager and when I was in my early 20s. So we got to know each other there and we got to be really good friends and when I befriended him, I realized that some people in the neighborhood had an impression of him that had no bearing on reality at all. And one person who had a really poor impression of Leo was a neighbor who lived directly across the street from me. When Leo would go to work in the morning or go home, he would tend to shake his head back and forth a lot or he would stu le or talk to himself and the neighbor would always say “there goes that no good drunk” and “we don’t need to have this guy in the neighborhood”. And I thought that this neighbor knows perfectly well that Leo isn’t drunk and he seems to enjoy insulting him and he seems to enjoy having someone who he can talk down about. And when Leo died, this neighbor was one of the first ones to say “oh isn’t this a terrible thing” and I was disgusted by what I took to be him very hypocritical. In later years I think back that maybe, in fact, he wasn’t being hypocritical.

Maybe he wanted to atone for this behavior.

PETER CORTNER: Maybe he did. It’s not like I ever asked him. I just took and got mad about it and ended up writing a song about it.

Simon and Garfunkel – For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her Lyrics 8 years ago
Where did you get that from? Did you even read the words? So wrong.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – All Medicated Geniuses Lyrics 13 years ago
To me, this song is about Seattle. There's a lot of faux politeness here, with a lot of anger/jealousy/gossip/envy boiling under the surface. Maybe every city feels like this, I don't know. Seattle has this friendly front where everyone is just so nice until you scratch the surface and the ugliness shows. Selfishness. Falseness. Not that the people are necessarily bad, they're just fucked up. Passive aggressive. Bored to tears. Co-opting drama to fill their lives with synthetic meaning.

Big Business – Grounds For Divorce Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm like 85% confident of these lyrics. They're WAY closer than the ones posted all over the net on the big lyrics sites. The last 8 lines or so are pretty hard to make out. And the "remarkable man" line might not be right.

Damien Rice – Me, My Yoke and I Lyrics 14 years ago
Looks like most of you are getting it, but for those that aren't, here's the deal. (first off, yeah, the lyrics posted up top are totally wrong)
Basically, this song is Kelis' Milkshake, but for guys. In the verses he's just calling out that he's got skills, and that ladies will be pleased, so they can form a line...
But what makes this song interesting is the obvious pain in the delivery. It's not a celebration of his sexuality, it's more like a lamentation. He's saying, in short, "yeah yeah yeah, I've got all this great stuff about me. You're going to love me, even when I'm falling apart, you're still going to want me, but here's the deal...I'm going to cheat on you. Are you still in?" The song is called Me, My Yoke and I. A yoke is a device that binds beasts of burden together. It's also a link between two bodies. And it's also a metaphor for a burden that you have to carry.
The line, repeated at the climax of each verse, is "My God gave me a rod for fishin'". You don't have to be Freud to understand what his "rod" is. And "for fishing" means, that he's going to use it, over and over again, to catch women and reel them in. The fact that he says "My God gave me..." means that he feels that he has no choice in this. And THAT is his yoke to bear. He's going to meet women, fall in love with them, and they for him, but his burden is that he knows that he's going to cheat on them. At least half the songs on this album are plainly about infidelity, and this is one of them. This song is genius, as is the whole album.

The Stooges – We Will Fall Lyrics 15 years ago
Personally, I always thought that it was about a junkie waiting to see his girlfriend. I guess the repetition made me think of someone rocking back and forth, repeating themselves and thinking forward hopefully to the next day when they'll get to see their girlfriend.

From Autumn to Ashes – Alive Out Of Habit Lyrics 15 years ago
Seems pretty clear to me that this is a suicide note. The title "Alive Out of Habit" implies that you have a choice to live or not, and that most of us go on living because we don't really see the choice. It's just what we have been doing, so we go on doing it. The singer has grown despondent over various issues, an unrealized relationship or maybe just disappointment that the world is so materialistic and false and unfair. This song, literally, is a person saying goodbye - to all of it.

From Autumn to Ashes – Where Do You Draw The Line? Lyrics 15 years ago
Not true. The Funny Thing About Getting Pistol Whipped Is... also features both vocalists. I tend to prefer Fran's vox 'cuz he can scream pretty good, and has a distinctive voice otherwise. The scream thing is just all to common these days, the clean vox help define the uniqueness of their sound.

From Autumn to Ashes – Placentapede Lyrics 15 years ago
I really dislike the chorus of this song...and I love nearly everything else this band has done. I like the rest of the song quite a bit, the verses fucking RIP ASS!... just the whole "van city..." section is just too sing-song-ish. Bugs the crap out of me actually. Even the whole call-response thing with the corpse throated guy which I normally like sounds like crap on the chorus. And the chorus goes on too long, and it's boring. Ok, and that's the last negative thing you'll hear me say about this band. They rule otherwise.

From Autumn to Ashes – Short For Show Lyrics 15 years ago
Also, the pair of song titles "Short for show, long to go" is slang for the mullet haircut. You in the front, party in the back. Short for show, being the front part of the haircut, is the part of hairstyle that seeks to conform to the norm and not to offend. It's the obedient side.

From Autumn to Ashes – Short For Show Lyrics 15 years ago
This one seems pretty self-explanatory to me. It's about social control and the systems that keep us from fully experiencing life. "the opiate of the masses" is Karl Marx's description of religion. It means that it keeps people passive. The same is true of blind consumerism and retail therapy. We feel a lack of authentic experience in our lives because we live within these systems of pacification. He's basically saying that we're all guilty of it. We willingly buy into religion, consumer culture, believing what we're told to believe. So is it any wonder that our lives lack any true meaning? This song is a wakeup call and it's probably my favorite on the album.

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