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Iron Maiden – Lord Of The Flies Lyrics 12 years ago
I had the exact same feeling with "brave new world". Although musically I like both.

Bruce Dickinson – The Alchemist Lyrics 12 years ago
So I basically know this interpretation is "wrong" and the alchemy explanation actually could make sense.

But any way, I always linked the song to the moral questions between science and politics. The dilemmas of scientific advances .. the easiest example being the atomic bomb (which, if you are feeling overly imaginative, "creation, of the golden one" and "blazing star above" could be a reference to). In that sense the scientist (or the alchemist) wants no blame for the sins or "games of death" (=wars) that politicians play. I always found the bit about the "my world is light" to be fascinating because it fits to this mentality of science .. that the it's world is pure, seeking truth, not troubled by politics, and beyond everyday matters ("hollow lives").

Tricky – Car Crash Lyrics 12 years ago
I dont care! the song sounds sexy!

but now that you mention it I kinda find it creepy that they are singin about dying etc

but at least the first lines sound pretty hot even on paper .. I never paid attention the rest I guess

Moonspell – Herr Spiegelman Lyrics 12 years ago
Ok I finally got the book and read it through :D (yeah, took a while to get it).

I was maybe expecting something little different, given the deathlike sound of this song. The book on the other hand had almost like a comical tone of black humour and blatant but playfull dislike for humanity.

Also, the print edition that I had, had this particular bit of the book translated a little differently, and in my opinion it was inferior. I like these verses, they are more poem like.

You know I haven't quite even digested all the ideas presented in the book yet, but I found it extremely amusing. Like the idea of a man becoming a god ... and not liking it!

In that sense, I feel like this song captures but a fragment of the whole book, although that might have been the intention. This song has a strong feeling of dominance by a devil-like 3rd person character, where as the book was more about deception by a sadly entertaining and flawed creature who we got to know in the 1st person.

Marcy Playground – A Cloak of Elvenkind Lyrics 12 years ago
okay disregard what i said earlier

anyway, I can kind of relate to it now, that it's about childhood. Whether it's about a roleplaying game or something else, for me, it's a moment of longing, to those childhood/teenage years, when everything was simpler and somehow more innocent. The mother figure isn't necessarily his mother, it's more of a reminder ... of adulthood, of responsibility. the cloak of elvenkind, it's a symbol for all that you're not supposed have as an adult: imagination, sunny afternoons just playing with friends, silly things, fantasy ... you're supposed to give up that shit. That's why there's so much longing in this song.

All this comes to his mind propably when he's cleaning his wardrobe (moving out perhaps or something?), and he finds something that he hasn't touched in years, like a roleplaying rule book. Then, he remembers those times.

Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero Lyrics 13 years ago
Eeeh yeah. I was just about to say, this gotta be the cheesiest song of the 80's (and there was some pretty cheesy stuff being made back then). But that's why I love it!

Sandra – Around My Heart Lyrics 13 years ago
Im wasted right now ... but its my belief that this song is about forbidden love, something not appropriate .. it could be even cheating. The dangerous game, criminal man.

human nature can't waste
her love.

Because she was made for loving. Shes one of those girls. Sandra Cretu. Who cant be controlled. Too sexy for that.

Accept – Balls to the Wall Lyrics 13 years ago
There is something ... GAY .. here.

No seriously because "balls to the wall" is a concept album as far as I know. Almost in every song you have sexual themes, and some are blatantly homosexual. (Also take a look at the front cover)

So what I think it's about, is that the damned and tortured are actually homosexuals that are going to free themselves from the chains of the society. The lines "killing themselves" "going insane" "fear keeps them down" and "plug a bomb in their arse" make more sense if you look at them this way.

Actually I just now checked wikipedias entry for this album. Well it seems that the band just wanted to be generally "rebel" and stuff and blah blah. Still ... SEEMS PRETTY GAY TO ME!

Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23 Lyrics 13 years ago
Haha chakL883, you sounded so confident at the beginning I thought you actually had a good explanation to every verse :D - nevermind! It was good anyway

Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone Lyrics 13 years ago

I'm pretty sure it was Giorgio Moroder who contributed the most of the composing for this song. Check wikipedias article for example.
" "Danger Zone" is a rock song from the soundtrack to the 1986 American motion picture Top Gun. It was composed by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock, and performed by Kenny Loggins."

And you can clearly hear the resemblance to Moroder's other compositions, for example in the scarface soundtrack.
So if anything, you should call Giorgio Moroder a genius ;) hehee.

The Prodigy – Narayan Lyrics 13 years ago
Nuclear explosion is what I first thought too. But also the western sun .. western culture. And the new morning, the new energy. Then again destruction.

Actually now that I think of it, it doesn't seem to have a clear meaning. Just a blend of thoughts and themes.

Peter Tosh – Burial Lyrics 13 years ago
Interesting, thanks for the info&thoughts guys. Makes me wanna listen and learn more about the whole genre.

Motörhead – Deaf Forever Lyrics 13 years ago
This song has balls. Extremely simple but I like the structure of the lyrics, basicly just short nouns and descriptions over and over again. Together they put an image of a complete chaos and slaughter.

Amorphis – Magic And Mayhem Lyrics 13 years ago
I absolutely love this album. And this song in particular. Hadn't listened to it for years though.

But I got to admit that it wasn't until now that I realised it was about Kalevala. This gets even more interesting :P ! Got to figure out what part of it each song is about..

Btw, is the opening tune taken from another song? Sounds damn familiar. Ja sama suomeksi, oliko toi alun intro tms otettu jostain vanhasta biisistä?

Air – Lucky And Unhappy Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah I know what youre saying but I must disagree with the hobo having ultimate freedom. A guy I know works as a mall guard (shitty job - dunno who's more of a fool he or the hobos...) and a big part of his job is kicking the hobos and the drunks out of the premises. Whether they are trying to steal something or just loitering there, they are not wanted. They are being forced by physical means on a daily basis. A coworker of his used to call them "human scumm" while carrying out the job, usually they were too spaced out or weak to resist any abuse they were inflicted (this is what I hear).. so I don't know, would you call that ultimate freedom? At least the guy with the high end job can quit anytime.

Sister Sledge – We're Lost In Music Lyrics 13 years ago
Now WHY is this song not commented on yet :) ??

Well anyway I really like it. She's talking about the pressure on the young adult to either go the safe way with the 9 to 5 scene or to pursue your dreams :P ! And what a feeling, just to get lost in that music! Uh-uh!

Queen – Radio Ga Ga Lyrics 14 years ago
It may also be talking about the change in youth culture in general

"So don't become some background noise
A backdrop for the girls and boys
Who just don't know or just don't care"

this is exactly what youth culture is today (and has been for some time) .. but I'd imagine that during freddie mercurys youth it was a bit different. Radio shows had more imagination. It wasn't all bubble gum.

Yeah so today we have plenty of entertainment to choose from. But sometimes when I look at it all ... and then I look at the ppl who enjoy it ... and ...
It's like an endless loop of shit, the youth culture. It's just a multiplication of stupidy. Yeah alot of shit to choose from. When all the options are equally as brainless then that's what you become.. and what makes it worse is the fact that the much of the "youth culture" is being tailored by the marketing bunch, exploiting their naive customers, creating fake images of coolness and selling it to them so they make themselves believe they are the fucking next 50cent or who ever the fuck that annoying piece of shit is. And it's not even their money, it's their parent's money .. goddamn.

Queen – The Miracle Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with Negafen but it's still a bit tricky song. I think the ending (that time will come..) is actually said with an almost sad tone, like he knows it's just an illusion and it will never come true. But compared to the other "miracles" the last wish (when we can all be friends) is said with a straight face and reflects at least partially the songwriters ideology (love your brethren etc). So while it is sarcastic in some ways, it's not a complete joke imo.

Mika – Relax, Take It Easy Lyrics 14 years ago
WELL ... I immediately took it as a response to a bitching girlfriend. He's saying: "yeah what ever, just take it easy. There is nothing we can do, so just blame it on me, as you always do (or blame it on you - which never happens).

ABBA – Voulez-Vous Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah they describe it as a game. Only the experienced players win, hehe. The masters of the scene yes, They have done it before and now they are back for more.

I like the music. It's sharp, mystic and yet so full of passion. And what could be sexier than asking it in french

Kotiteollisuus – Kädessäni Lyrics 14 years ago
Hynynen mainitsi jossain että laulu kertoo itsemurhasta. "tämä maailma" voisi silloin olla kertojan oma maailma, josta hän sitten omalla kädellään puristaa valon pois.
Toisaalta koko homman voisi tulkita jonkinlaisen jumalhahmon kuvakulmasta joka tuo talven maailmaan.

Tricky – Car Crash Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah very sexy.. two voices. Masculine and feminine.. melting together, making something beautiful.. It's all virility and lust but so smooth that it makes you ache

I wanna be the third voice melting to them. lol

The Zombies – Hung Up On A Dream Lyrics 14 years ago
Yes I agree with all of you. Though, maybe the song also tells about the dreamy nature of ideals. In this case the hippie ideal. It never became true, and the singer is just thinking he "may never find such pirity and peace of mind again".. only in dreams.

The dream of unity by the way.. wasn't unique to the hippies only. Many groups have dreamed of it, but so far its just a dream. And keeping all this in mind, this song stands as a blue eyed dream of a perfect world in the youths point of view..and I .. love it

KC & The Sunshine Band – Shake Your Booty Lyrics 14 years ago
"shake your booty, do your duty" ehhehe..

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Enola Gay Lyrics 14 years ago
MaskOfSanity I dont how retarted someone had to be to think this as a breakup song.. or was it a joke?

Anaway: The songwriter would not be blaming the pilot. As it was mentioned, he was merely a tool, and singing this song from the mother's point of view would be a bit too personal, if not disgusting.

Enola Gay (gay, as in happy etc.) was the plane. Here - I think- it's a metaphor for a child who plays games that you should stay away from. If you want to concretize it then the child is: the scientists who made the bomb / the officers who decided to use it. With childlike enthusiasim and clevernes but lacking the sense of right and wrong. The mother could be anything from american public, the whole world or "mother nature"/god.

Ten Years After – I'd Love to Change the World Lyrics 14 years ago
It all comes down to whether the "true" meaning of lyrics is that intented by their writer or the one heard by the listener.
So Ten Years After made a song about liberal beliefs and concluded that, sadly, having will isn't enough if you don't know a solution. Isn't that the most ironic thing ever written? If the joke was unintented then so be it but I'm still laughing.

Johnny Cash – (Ghost) Riders in the Sky (Stan Jones cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
"The audience has changed and the content has changed to suit that audience."

The music is out there. New music too. It just doesnt sell as much as 50cent. Still, most of the new stuff that sounds like the oldies doesn't compare to those made in the past. We need something fresh. You cant just copy the old ideas.

And maybe one of the differences is that todays _mainstream_ music sounds like shit. Outside that, you can find all sort of interesting material.

But back in the days there was some innovative stuff selling good too, not just existing for minor audiences.

Or maybe im looking it all through gold painted glasses, dunno.

Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is Lyrics 14 years ago
Heh, yeah. Is there anything more comical but yet so cruel when a girl says "Oh I didnt REALLY mean all that, it was fun for a while but.. blahblah"
Thats the thing, never get yourself as honest and vulnurable as the singer here. You must mask your feelings with playful cheerfulness and "enjoy" life and relationships. Never get too serious or at least don't show it!

However, sometimes playing really sad and vulnurable might get you laid so it's worth trying now and then.

Manowar – Heart Of Steel Lyrics 14 years ago
Thank god for manowar then, who else would save our teenagers from the cruel world

Wyclef Jean – Million Voices Lyrics 14 years ago
Personally I think the lines
'They said: "The man is judged according to his works,"
so tell me Africa, what’s your worth?'
speaks the truth: It's the Africans who must help themselves, europe/usa may help for a while but ultimately it is them that must create their own kingdom and unity. Just like China and India have recently risen from the mire(well not fully..), why couldn't Africa?

Manowar – Heart Of Steel Lyrics 14 years ago
I go for the "cheesiest battle anthem around" interpretation :P

Hooverphonic – Vinegar & Salt Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah I agree for the most of it ..
anyway .. "honesty's your church" but she's living a lie? So she's kinda uncomfortable for living HIS way. Her "frustration" is her "honestys limitation", in other words she'd rather not live like this but she's so hopeless that everything goes (hehee).
She doesn't even "dare to ask why" she continues it though!
This song also exemplifies the cryptic way that women talk about the problems in a relationshit hehee (woman: im vinegar and salt and youre the oil - man: ... ??)

Blue Öyster Cult – Burnin' For You Lyrics 14 years ago
You make my eyes bleed. Learn to write pls :)

Iron Maiden – Como Estais Amigos Lyrics 14 years ago
I like to think it more generally.. that the song is about the violence and injustice of our history. And if we fail to learn from it then "the wickedness and sadness" will come to us again. And also that mourning for the past doesn't make the world a better place, remembering what's wrong and right does.

Iron Maiden – The Trooper Lyrics 14 years ago
This is propably about the vietnam war ... or maybe Iraq ?? America vs Russia in ww1 ???

I dont think the topic is clear yet! Any other ideas?

Sandra – Heaven Can Wait Lyrics 14 years ago
Europop and the 80's ! That panflute sound is sweet

Smokey Robinson – The Tracks of My Tears Lyrics 15 years ago
Another thing about Platoon: I was watching the dvd with the comments track on and Oliver Stone was talking during the scene how this music helped them stay sane and humane and said that "...humanity is engraved to this music". That's something that describes the whole motown music and why I love it.

Marcy Playground – A Cloak of Elvenkind Lyrics 15 years ago
akirstin must you wreck my good theories with facts :(

Morcheeba – Women Lose Weight Lyrics 15 years ago
Hilarious lyrics and good groovy tune :P

Buena Vista Social Club – ¿Y Tú Qué Has Hecho? Lyrics 15 years ago
Cant get enough of this :)

Rammstein – Du Riechst So Gut (English) Lyrics 15 years ago
We cant all just sing about birds and sunshine :) someone has to examine the darker depths of humanity too. Thats ok.. if you do it with style and dedication.

Rammstein – Bestrafe Mich (English) Lyrics 15 years ago
I think theres a portion of sexuality in almost every of their songs (as well as in their live performances and videos). As in this one, they seem to represent it as a game of power and submission making it "wrong" - not "nice" as one could think about sexuality.

Finntroll – Vargtimmen Lyrics 15 years ago
I was wondering if this was about the movie of the same title. I think not, cant be sure though .. as my swedish is rusty (and the language sucks anyway HAHA)

Sting – Englishman In New York Lyrics 15 years ago
mm yeah kagerou Im with you, although not for the redneck part since I dont live there, but universally I feel that the role models for youths .. not trying to be moralist here but there is a chance that you understand it all wrong. "Takes more than combat gear to make a man" .. at certain age your hero may be the one who beats the bad guys in tv and movies. Someday you realize that its not about looks, muscle or these unbelievable heroic acts. What they should learn is responsibility & respect for others

Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name Lyrics 15 years ago
The inner struggle of a man whose death is near. Its about religion: he doesnt think of himself as the guilty of his crimes but rather asks why did god allow it to happen if he exists.
Bible prolly said that through repentance youre forgiven (and get to heaven as a bonus hehe). The convict here doesnt want to be that humble in the face of death.. at first. He says to himself that he doesnt fear death and only goes "to see the truth". But at the last moments he breaks, screaming "hallowed be thy name", asking forgiveness.

CKY – Disengage The Simulator Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree with the common theme but here's some (pretty far fetched) thoughts that may or may not have a meaning: "picture in a box bringing.." abandoned picture of a girlfriend (or he might never had the girl, just had hopes for her). They are in a car, the girl and the new guy (who all know each other .. bunch of friends and the girl).
"yet the eyes.." the "you not me" refers to that girl or the other guy, they realise its their fault also. "and the first time that you will believe will be the last" , he wasnt taken seriously earlier about his feelings but now he will. .. so next he begins to doupt his actions but its too late, theyre falling. And to fit the mood of the song the listener is chilling with them as they fall feeling indifferent. so its not sad or anything, more like being stoned.

Animal Collective – Daffy Duck Lyrics 15 years ago
could be about just longing and dreaming (about a girl I assume) too. But then there's also that protective tone, that "you need to sort your life out / I need to help you".

Air – Lucky And Unhappy Lyrics 15 years ago
Hmm thats an interesting comparison. I thought it was about celebrity life with drugs and lots of sex .. and suddenly yearning for normal, cleaner life. But then again, Brave New World did reflect partly that idea (on a nation wide scale).

Peter, Paul and Mary – If I Had a Hammer Lyrics 15 years ago
hmm hard to think there was a time when the youth idolized peace, love etc etc. Nowdays being a selfish asshole seems to be the thing.

Iced Earth – High Water Mark Lyrics 15 years ago
The part 4. "charge" is amazing . "His brigade, led from the front by Armistead, waving his hat from the tip of his sword, reached the stone wall at the "Angle", which served as the charge's objective. The brigade got farther in the charge than any other.."

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