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Bon Jovi – In These Arms Lyrics 15 years ago
Deputy has it right. Although I might want to add another dimesion to it.

I've been listening to this song alot since my holiday. I'll be breif, I got close with a mate of mine (except for kissing etc). And she wasn't exactly happy with her bf, and I didn't say anything but I just thought the same sentiment thats in this song. Your in my arms, I'll protect you from everything etc.

God bring a tear to the eye haha :)

Queen – Calling All Girls Lyrics 15 years ago
Scottitude? DID YOU READ THE LYRICS!?!?!

It is beyond me how you could think "Some stream of hope" can be oninous? It is about Love you muppet. You ever been in love? Well that describes the feeling. "Sleepless nights"..... think about it....

Queen – Driven by You Lyrics 15 years ago
Brilliant song. Shame that it has to have the unfortunate incident of being in a Ford Car commercial, just as their sales started to fall. Can't blame Brian for that Ford!!!!

Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love Lyrics 15 years ago
What I heard, Roger Taylor got the idea for the song while having a shower, told Freddie, Freddie wrote it in the hot tub. Now, for a song that sounds so dry and crisp it's got a lot to do with water hasn't it?

Queen – Party Lyrics 15 years ago
As the title suggests, it's about having a good time.

Queen – Sail Away Sweet Sister Lyrics 15 years ago
Alllllllllll wrong. I have the sleeve to "The Game" which the song comes from. The full title is "Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had). So it can't be about a girl he was in love with. Could it be his interpretation of how he would feel about seeing his baby sister growing up if he had one?

Queen – Who Needs You Lyrics 15 years ago
He was having an affair with a stripper and it was late 90's early 00's. But who cares. This song is about a woman or a man who keeps their parents mean to try and keep them keen. But the partner is having none of it in the end and tell's them "Who needs you?"

R.E.M. – Wander Lust Lyrics 15 years ago
It's about Bush. Pure and simple.

R.E.M. – Aftermath Lyrics 15 years ago
It's a bit hard to see anything beyond a politcal meaning for this song. But before reading this, I always imagined it was someone who's love has left them after some sort of row. Thats my interpretation of the song anyway

Queen – Body Language Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this is Queen all over. They don't care what people think, they're out to have fun. Good song, cracking bass line, and brilliant video. Especially when Freddie is singing "Sexy Body" to the big chunky style black women

Queen – Hang On In There Lyrics 15 years ago
I started listening to this song again yesterday when I was feeling pretty much like sh*t, and after listening to it, I immeditately come good again. In my own opinion it's writen for people who are having a hard time with life and feel like giving up. Great song to listen to if you feel like your at your wits end.

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