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Travis – Baby One More Time (Britney Spears cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
Even though i'm not a fan of Britney you've got to admit that she writes a good song.

...or at least her professional writers do.


Devendra Banhart – Long Haired Child Lyrics 14 years ago
i'm going to agree with cheesenugget.

The Strokes – I Can't Win Lyrics 14 years ago
this has got to have one of the better Strokes solo. the only one that can compete is the solo for Clear Skies.

Nb Ridaz – Lost in Love Lyrics 14 years ago
100% percent white huh?

i don't see why there would be a problem there.

music, like love, is blind.

it's a beautiful song.

Test Icicles – Circle. Square. Triangle Lyrics 14 years ago
i liked the mic better.

Test Icicles – Sharks Lyrics 14 years ago
you know...

the guys might've been onto something when they said mean people suck...

Test Icicles – Who Ate The Offal? Lyrics 14 years ago
who did eat the Offal?

Eazy E – Boyz In Tha Hood (G-Mix) Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is the epitome of gangsta rap.

Patrick Wolf – Bloodbeat Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is perfection.

Patrick Wolf – Paris Lyrics 14 years ago
i saw a video of him playing this song and at the end he promises to come back with a full length set.

it's cute.

Patrick Wolf – This Weather Lyrics 14 years ago
i seriously doubt that Mr. Wolf can write a song that isn't beautiful.

Wind In The Wires does revolve around the seasons and the emotions that come with it.

but yes, simply beautiful.

The Strokes – Elephant Song Lyrics 15 years ago
these lyrics aren't even close to correct!

The Strokes – Meet Me In The Bathroom Lyrics 15 years ago
yeah, it's gross. did Jules fuck Courtney Love?

eww....get the image out of my head!

Courtney Love – But Julian, I'm a Little Older Than You Lyrics 15 years ago
you better be kidding tigersroamfree. this song is about Mr. Casablancas but the fact that she was (is?) infatuated with him. i didn't know Julian wrote Meet Me In The Bathroom about Courtney Love. ew...all i know is that she can have Jules as long as she doesn't dare come near my dear Nick.

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