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Fall Out Boy – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't know what to be more disgusted at- the fact that people are whinging about a COVER or the fact that they're all being completely disrespectful to ian Curtis by coming out with lines like "if he wasn't dead already he'd kill himself again".

It's a cover: it's HOMAGE. Fall Out Boy believe that they have payed homage to Joy Division, a truely great band, by producing this cover. HOWEVER, that being said, a cover doesn't have to be dead set exactly the same in every aspect of the original, or it wouldn't be worth the reproduction. I personally believe that Fall Out Boy have produced a descent homage to Joy Division- it's not the original, but it doesn't have to be. It shows their own personality in the cover.

True, Fall Out Boy aren't exactly an "accoustic" kind of band, but they have done this song justice to their full extent.

Fall Out Boy – The Carpal Tunnel of Love Lyrics 11 years ago
oh, man... nytemunkey, you're heck funny. the sad thing is, it's true. which sucks.
i love this songs though. i can listen to it for hours on end (which will eventually mean that when or if it does start getting airplay, i'm going to loathe it).
oh, and is it just me, or did patrick's voice improve ten fold? like... i know he was a kick ass singer before, but when they push him vocally like they did here, it's like "damn he's awesome. i wish i could sing like that." but then, maybe i'm just stating the obvious.

My Chemical Romance – House Of Wolves Lyrics 12 years ago
Aargh! B12- you read my mind! White Stripes, anybody? Especially at the "walk like the devil" bit. I thought that every time I listen to this song, but none of my friends believe me.

Zutons – Why Won't You Give Me Your Love? Lyrics 12 years ago
I lvoe this song. My little brother and I reffer to is as the "West Side Story" song because it looks a little bit like that bit from the beggining with the Jets etc.

Red Riders – slide in next to me Lyrics 12 years ago
no comments? shock and appallation! this song kicks ass! i saw them play this live when i went t the living end concert. it was awesome.

The Living End – Uncle Harry Lyrics 12 years ago
Saw them live at the BDO this year. This song and prisoner of society got the crowd going. All you could hear coming from the back of the mosh waspeople screaming "WOAH!" at the top of their lungs. This song just gets you on a high- and live is even better!

Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Lyrics 12 years ago
newkicks: THANKYOU. i was going to say that exactly. everyone has thier own opinion on music. what may be popular today in a years time could be an absolute flop. who cares? it's the music that's important.
and for whoever thinks the arctic monkeys aren't worth the time, so be it! who ever thinks that people just like them because it's what is on the charts, good for you! personally i used to hate it when that happened. you love a band for their music and then months later they hit the charts and everyone else loves them. but i grew up and got over it. i don't care if the other fans of the arctic monkeys only like them because they hit number one. the point is people love them and their music. and that is all that matters. the music. not the polotics. SCREW THE POLOTICS.

but ANYWAY... i love this song. it has spent the majority of about a month stuck in my head. i congratulate the arctic monkeys for doing that as that it a very difficult thing to do in my case. they deserve a good pat on the back for making it so well and so soon! i think the album has only just been released in australia, but oh my god i have to get it. i've heard... three or four of their songs and have just fallen in love with them!
my favourite line though (well, lines) has to be when they go "cold as the night" and "you're dinamite". i love that bit. everytime i hear the song i have to sing along.

Splendora – You're Standing on My Neck Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song. I found it one day and was so proud of myself considering I had previously looking EVERYWHERE for it. I love the "it's like a big train wreck" bit and "well so sure me". it's so daria-ish. i love daria too. such a good show. I wish they'd bring it back on tv...

Silverchair – Without You Lyrics 12 years ago
got a question...
I was listening o this song the other night and flipping through the booklet when i realised that there are lyrics i there that aren't in the song:

"Dry eyes and cracked lips
Under the stone wall
Withdrawn and wishless"

they were put after the "blooming like winter" line and i was wondering if anyone knew where these lines came from? If anyone knew in particular if they are lines in a different version or just random lines that didn't make it into the final song...

Killing Heidi – Class Celebrities Lyrics 12 years ago
THANKYOUWESEETHEREALWORLD. being YOURSELF is what we should all aim for. this song is deffinately saying that.
the real popular people aren't "plastics" or "barbies", but he people that are who they really are: nice, friendly people who are known by everyone for beign NICE AND FRIENDLY.
why does popular have to have that steriotypical thing how everyone's a bitch and the "losers" are the real people? i don't get it.

Killing Heidi – Black Sheep Lyrics 12 years ago
First verse sounds very australiana... and i love this song... but i'm a little lost as to what it's about. maybe that's just my stupidity.

The Flaming Lips – Spongebob and Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy Lyrics 12 years ago
I love how it just tis into the movie so well- literally. It is the movie's story. my mum adn I heard it on the radio before the movie came out, then when we went to see it we waited till they played it. It was only in the credits- I was a little bummed but still... I love this song.
I love the bubbles at the end. I was listening to this song last night and the bubbles came on and I was instantly calmed. Cool.

After the Fall – Concrete Boots Lyrics 13 years ago
i'm doing art this year at school and im using it along with another song as inspiration for my major piece. basically how i saw it was that this boy is stuck in a rift where he can't be who he really is inside. he's wearing these concrete boots which stop him from being himself ("make it hard to reach the air").
that's how i see it anyway.

Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To Lyrics 13 years ago
If you listen closely to the track in the second half after every few lines there's a PING noise. i love it...
hahaha- PING!

Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less And Less Lyrics 13 years ago
I love the "ah ah ah ah ah" in the background.
My mum swears it comes straight from the count on sesame st.
she now knows it as the count's song funnily enough.

Kaiser Chiefs – Saturday Night Lyrics 13 years ago
"P-p-p-pneumothorax is a word that is long
They’re just tryin’ to put the punk back into punctured lung"
i love that line... i just love the fact that pneumothorax is actually the medical term for puntured lung...
makes sense when you think about it...
and anyway- who can beat a line like that?
go the kaiserchiefs!

Kaiser Chiefs – Na Na Na Na Naa Lyrics 13 years ago
So stupid...
My sister was listening to the radio and apparently this song came on but the radio presenter said it was by franz ferdinand.
now as much as i love both of these bands--

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