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Bright Eyes – Something Vague Lyrics 14 years ago
great song, I love bright eye lyrics, going to see em in concert soon, cant wait

Sarah Jones – Your Revolution Lyrics 17 years ago
This is probably one of the few hip-hop songs I have respect for because it's trying to break through the cycle of womanising and the way women are perseived. This is a breakthrough in hip hop music and it's a shame the FCC can't see that because there are so many worse things being said in music.

Britney Spears – I'm a Slave for You Lyrics 17 years ago
Britney Spears....... hmmmmmm what a slew. Although she acted like a normal person to begin with, the whole new album and acting sluttier than she did on the second one.... Well it just doesn't work. She's a tramp and gives girls this idea that they have to be sexy and look like that. She portrays the human body in a negative way, there's two types of naked, one is in a beautiful artistic way, and the other one is kindof like porn, sure it's hot and sexy but it's still somewhat degrading. Although she's usually clothed (slightly) she comes off as a porn star in a way. She speaks in soultry sexy voices and moans which is basically what her music consists of, she dances like a whore and touches her chest constantly. She tried too hard to show she's grown up, she could always just tell the truth or talk about it somewhat without pursuing a trashy look. Sex is beautiful, every single aspect of it is beautiful, but people get this preworked idea of it depending on what they watch. I find that watching a Britney Spears video is more demeaning to me as a woman than a softcore porno. The porno is just to get you aroused or turned on or whatnot, but Britney Spears actually try's to convey a message about her sexuality. She puts out sugar coated swell for music then acts like a whore infront of the camera, most of the time the music has nothing to do with the video... And the worst thing is her fan base is between the ages of 8 and 12, occasionally getting older, and they worry about this pre-fixed image of what every guy wants, which most girls don't have. People like that are the reason we're so ashamed of our body's, we feel we have to look like that. As people, we have to learn what sexy really is before we play it on T.V. There's a difference between what's sexy, and what makes you horny!

Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi Lyrics 17 years ago
I dunno how I was lead here but I clicked a link to something and yeah, but she too popppy for my liking. as to the person who said "what female PUNK singers do u know of...that are not At All pop. " I can say Sarah Brookesbank from the band Jersey, it's a shame she had to quit because she didnt get to do as much singing as she wanted, but yeah, if you wanna hear a good punk chic look up the band Jersey, or Tsunami Bomb, They're kewl too! and heres a site that was made about the punk from 1970 so there are more chicks into punk than just avril lavigne. and yeah seeing her sing live was pretty bad. But ohwell....

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