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Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love Lyrics 13 years ago
paperbunniesx, up until I looked up the lyrics just now, I thought the line was “till my seed’s all dried up,” which seems to lean more towards the idea of his semen drying up. That can be crusty and nasty, but it’s romantic in theory.

infinityontrial, I have a “personal movement” most dawns after I have my first cup of coffee. Maybe that’s another interpretation of this song. . .

childofroses, I have naturally curly/wavy hair (I’ve always wanted stick-straight hair so I could have a Beatles do, but, alas, it wasn’t to be.). Anyhow, even with my hair such a way, I can totally dig and relate to this song. Whoever wrote this is a genius to have written it in such a way that all peoples, no matter what kind of hair they have, can dig it. Can you dig it?

I think the song is about morning wood and relations that follow. The big ending where the drums go all kindza crazy is like increasing the rhythm of the friction, heading towards climax – until the seas/seeds dry up. It kinda reminds me of the ending of Fleetwood Mac’s “Big Love” where the “ooh”s and “ahs” and drums go all kindza crazy.

I listened to samples of some interesting covers of this tune on Amazon. Some are good; some ain’t. Some of my faves are by Ella Fitzgerald, Ed Matzenik, Francis Lockwood, Long John Baldry, the Pickin' On crew, Fifth Dimension, Hampton String Quartet, and Vitamin String Quartet. I think they retain the spirit of the original but are still in the styles of the artists and are interesting for that. The mediocre or bad ones seem to be copies of the original. And we all know Cream’s original can’t be beat.

Alanis Morissette – Simple Together Lyrics 14 years ago
I believe the line "with you I knew god's face was handsome" refers to the line in the Bible, Genesis 1:27, "And God created Man in his image, in the image of God created he him. . ."

The Mamas & the Papas – Words Of Love Lyrics 14 years ago
I read that John wrote this song during one of his and Michelle’s many breaks during their marriage. They wound up separately at the same club one night. John was all googly-eyed at Michelle, trying to get across to her that he missed her and wanted her back, but she wasn’t having none of it. He wrote this song about that experience, what he learned from it.

I also read that John really pushed Cass during the recording of the song and that she really gave her all for the big finish. . . so much that she passed out after the last note because she was so out of breath. I heard Michelle say that John could be a bastard while recording, really trying their nerves and pushing them hard but that he was almost always right, getting great performances from them.

This is a really fun, cute song. Cass does a great job, but the rest of them add some great backup. I’ve read that it has a “dancehall” sound to it. I don’t rightly know what that means. I think it’s very British. Whatever, I love the hell outta this song.

There are actually two versions of the song floating out there. One is, I think, the one that’s out there on the gagillion M&P greatest hits collections. The other is the version released as a mono single back in the day. The latter is my preference. It includes horns and some other kinda subtle additions that just make the song even better.

The Mamas & the Papas – Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to the Canyon) Lyrics 14 years ago
Beautiful song. Has a melancholy, bittersweet feel to it. Interesting vocal arrangement too. It sounds to me like the girls and guys switch up on lead and harmony at various points throughout the song, and not at neat, tidy points. It’s not like they switch verses or one does the verses while the other does the chorus. It’s scattered among phrases.

I wish I knew the meanings of all the lyrics. Knowing how many drugs John Phillips did, the song may not really be about anything more than his stream of consciousness. The part about cloudy waters and vibrations bouncing and shattering, I can’t figure out. Maybe I’m over thinking it.

I believe I read in one of the biographies of the group/members that it’s like two songs combined, with the verses being one song about one thing and the chorus being another song about something else. The title seems to follow that idea.

I do know that all four of them were living in New York City at some point and that John did live near a building that had a broken clock on a steeple. There are stereotypical comments on NYC and LA in the song, with NYC being “dark and dirty” and LA being a very happy place to be. Of course, the group struggled in NYC and found great success in LA. Had that been switched, the song may have been different, if it existed at all.

I also read that during one of John and Michelle’s many breaks from their marriage, John moved in with Denny in Denny’s house in Laurel Canyon (I think that’s the one.). Being big deals at the time and effectively single, they had a steady steam of groupies in and out of the house. That’s where the “young girls coming to the canyon” came from. John wrote very personal songs, pretty much airing his dirty laundry in many of them. Wouldn’t surprise me if he wrote this to part of the song to rub it in Michelle’s face that he wasn’t sitting around pining over her during the break but enjoying all that was offered him.

Unkle Bob – Swans Lyrics 14 years ago
One more thing -- if you can believe it. What do y'all think the line "I'm fake at the seams" means? That one kinda stumps me. Is he saying that he's not as together as he may appear to be, that he's at risk of coming apart at the seams? Whaddya think?

Unkle Bob – Swans Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm glad "Grey's Anatomy" gave such a showcase for this song and group. Otherwise, I probably would never have been aware of them, or else I would have "discovered" them months, maybe years, down the road. This is my new favorite song. I watched the show on which it was featured (The one where Meredith “died”.) when it premiered and then watched it again on its encore presentation the next night. Afterward I searched and searched to find the song to download. This song and it being featured on the show may be just what Unkle Bob needs to put them out of the “struggling band” category. It worked for the Frays, didn’t it?

I think it's a stretch to say that the song is perfect for Izzie and Denny. I can see it if I squinch my eyes and turn my head, not take too literal an interpretation. Maybe if they alternate parts of the song, Izzie taking the first and last, Denny taking the middle.

I think the song is more appropriate for the Chief and Ellis Gray, Addison and Derek, Addison and Mark, maybe even George and Izzie, at least in the episode in which it was featured, though I think it's more about romantic love.

My literal interpretation of the song is this, and let's just say -- for simplicity's sake -- it's about a boy and a girl and the boy is the one singing the song. The boy knows in his head that a relationship is over (By my side, you'll never be/And you're never comin' home again), but his heart hasn't caught up to that point ("I want you to know that I can't let you go).

He looks back, thinking of reasons why she left. He is not as practical or responsible or realistic as she would like him to be (I'm lost in my dreams). They disagree on fundamental things about each other (I see you, you see me, differently) and probably about relationships and life in general. Their disagreements are so big that she sees them as insurmountable or that he was unable to change, though he thinks differently (I wanted to tell you I've changed, that things would be different this time). Apparently, she thought so strongly about this that she won’t even listen to him, since he "wanted" to tell her and either didn’t have the chance or just didn’t do it.

The girl has made up her mind that the relationship is over, even though she does love him. It's probably because she loves him that she doesn't want to see him again, fearing that the love will overtake her; she'll give into it, to him, and stay in a relationship that is ultimately unfulfilling (You tell me that you love me, but you never wanna see me again).

It just occurred to me that the guy may have problems with faithfulness, drugs, alcohol, or violence, though I choose to see the couple’s problems as more philosophical, less dramatic but still problems. I guess all breakups are sad, but I think it may be sadder when two people spilt because they just can’t quite get it together. No strong outside forces, no good guys, no bad guys. There’s lots of good stuff there, but the bad or not-so-good stuff outweighs it.

For some reason, this song makes me think of “Linger” by the Cranberries and maybe OMD or some other 80s UK band.

I am a sucker for strings, and the way Unkle Bob uses ‘em in this song gives me goosebumps and practically gives me an orgasm. The plucking of the strings in the middle, the way they build up to the crescendo at the end. If they keep this up, I’ll never sing this song to them.

Sophie B. Hawkins – As I Lay Me Down Lyrics 14 years ago
She's not saying "I like tacos" because I read that she likes chalupas much, much better. Truly scrumptious!

Tracy Chapman – Baby Can I Hold You Lyrics 15 years ago
Lovely, lovely song. One of my all-time favorites. Both sweet and sad, hopeful. Has anyone heard the version of the song where Chapman duets with Pavarotti? They alternate on verses, with her doing hers in English and him doing his in Italian. It's a *little* cheesy but still effective. I don't think anyone could ruin this song. It's featured on the DVD/Album "Pavarotti and Friends for Cambodia and Tibet."

Tracy Chapman – Across the Lines Lyrics 15 years ago
This song makes me think of the Tawana Brawley incident in New York in 1987 and the Crown Heights riot in Brooklyn in 1991. I always thought the song was based on the former, though I don't recall it causing any riots. Race was an issue because she is African-American and claimed to have been raped by Caucasian men. The album this song appears on was released in 1988, so the timing is good for the Brawley incident but not the Crown Heights one.

Tracy Chapman – For My Lover Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song. It makes me think of a movie I saw as a kid, "Badlands." It starred Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek as young lovers on a murder spree. It also kinda reminds me of "Sugarland Express" with Goldie Hawn.

I love the country, rural sound and feel to the song. The mentionings of Virginia add to that. It's also very sad. The narrator is totally in love, totally loyal to her lover, even though that mate is probably nothing but trouble. The narrator probably never got much love at all, so she holds steadfastly onto whatever love she can get, even if it is harmful to her.

Maybe it's just me, but the use of the word "lover" makes me wonder if this is about a gay couple. I suppose that could just be my connotation of the word. I think it's somewhat sophisticated, and I don't imagine the narrator of the song being very sophisticated. Also, where I come from "lover" is/was often the term of choice to describe a gay person's special friend.

Alanis Morissette – Walk Away Lyrics 15 years ago
And another thing. . . there's something very Cathy Dennis aboot this song.

Fergie – Fergalicious Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm ashamed of myself for liking this song as much as I do.

It's a total ripoff. I mean, it's a compilation of three other songs -- J.J. Fad's " Supersonic," Afro-Rican's "Give It All You Got," and Kraftwerk's "It's More Fun To Compute". It seems wrong to say that she samples these three songs since, the WHOLE song is these three songs smashed up with her raps/singing. She prolly ain't makin' no money on this song, what with all she has to pay for using the samples.

And she prolly should at least send flowers to Destiny's Child and Kelis, since this tune is so derivative of "Bootylicious" and "Milkshake."

And this song will probably won't last. It's too specific. Who's gonna cover or remake it? How many Fergies do you know? It's a total novelty song.

And in spite of it all, I love it. It makes me smile and laugh and want to dance like a fool. I love her harmonies on "Rock, Rock!". And i LOVE the bridge (not the London one) and how she says "check it out" and "honey get some patience
MAAAHBAY then you'll get a taste". She says "maybe" so country. And the way they do "man" when she raps," i dont wanna take your man!" Ba ha, ha, ha! So stupid. I listen to this crouched in the closet, eating it up like a binge-and-purger would do a bag of Oreos.

All that said, the song goes on for much too long, with much too much (mis)spelling tasty and delcious. That stuff gets real old real fast. Besides, if I wanted to hear him, I'd get Black Eyed Peas songs. I've made my own edit of the song that cuts out most of that crap, and it's, like, almost two minutes shorter than the true version. As long as I have my MAAAHBAY bridge, it's all good!

Alanis Morissette – Walk Away Lyrics 15 years ago
It's about a girl laying down the law to her triflin' boyfriend, telling him to $h!t or get off the pot.

I found this song after following a link from a page on Robin Sparkles from "How I Met Your Mother," this being used as an example of 90s Canadian pop. A lot of people diss this type of music, but I like it. It's fun, harmless. This one in particular is quite catchy.

In spite of its being poppy, I can see that it's an Alanis Morissette song, a light version of what was to come. The conversational/narrative style ("I'm at a cafe wating for my boyfriend, drinking coffee. . . He shows up and gets a beer.") is so her.

Joey Lawrence – Nothin' My Love Can't Fix Lyrics 15 years ago
I wasn't the market for this song when it first came out, but I loved it then, and I love it now. It's so stupid but sweet and catchy like bird flu. I remember when its video premiered on "Blossom". WHOA! They should have played this on "Dancing with the Stars" when Joey. . . excuse me. . . Joe was on.

Oh, and it's about a love that makes everything alright. It's the most important thing, and all other things -- especially the bad stuff -- pale in comparison.

Does the Philly Zoo smell worse than other zoos?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More with Feeling – I've Got a Theory / Bunnies / If We're Together Lyrics 15 years ago
What's the title of this song? I've got a "theroy"? Oh, child! Bless your heart. Sounds painful!

The bunnies part is so totally the best, and it's so totally inspired by Alanis Morrisette. Kinda like "Ironic" meets "You Oughta Know" but about bunnies.

I also like Willow's parts, and I almost always do the Bob Fosse hand moves like Tara does when Willow does her "wacky Broadway nightmare" line. When I listen and do the hand moves on the subway, people look at me funny. Can you imagine? And the way Willow looks at Anya after the bunnies rant is priceless. I love Willow. She reminds me of my cousin Joan. And one time, at band camp. . .

And what IS with all the carrots AND with the way Buffy says/sings certain words. "It doesn't mattaaaaahhhh". Was she turning into Madonna with a faux British accent? That's my theory. Or is it theroy?

Garth Brooks – In Another's Eyes Lyrics 15 years ago
The rumors about Garth and Trisha were swirling before they released this song. In fact, it seemed kinda brazen of them to do so considering. Kinda reminds me of Amy Grant and Vince Gill when they did "House of Love". Similar story there.

Travis Tritt – Here's A Quarter (call Someone Who Cares) Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song. . . EXCLAMATION POINT! When I was a kid, my dad *HATED* it, thought it was mean and tacky. Maybe I'm a hateful heffer, but it struck a nerve with me, and I've loved it, like, forever. It's a great "go to hell" song. Kinda the polar opposite of Tritt's "Anymore".

Travis Tritt – Anymore Lyrics 15 years ago
Reading some of the preceding comments makes me wonder about perspectives. Like, when I see blue, do some others see orange or something. I don't see this as a guy breaking up with someone; the breakup has already occurred. I certainly don't see indecision; he knows what he wants and is going after it.

To me, this song is clearly about a guy who split with someone; doesn't really matter who instigated it. He went around saying (and lying) to everybody, including himself, that he didn't love them anymore, in hopes of looking tough or convincing himself that it was true. But now, he's given that up, can't do it no more, and is pretty much shouting from the rooftops that he does love them, wants them back, and doesn't want to live without them.

This is a great song, hearbreaking. If you love it, I suggest you seek out the live acoustic version, just Travis and his guitar. To me, it equals the original version, a little more subdued but no less powerful.

Ambrosia – How Much I Feel Lyrics 15 years ago
Man, I'm such a cheeseball. This song gets me every time. Clearly it's about a guy loving someone so much, but they are unable to make it work. So, he gives them up and goes on with his life, but he never stops loving them. Heartbreaking.

I think some of the lyrics here are incorrect though. In the second verse, I'm thinking it should be "Give it all and then I'd give some more / If you would only love me like you had before". Then in the bridge it should be "Then you both realize just how foolish you've been / And you try to make amends". Then, I'm not sure. I don't think "But you're pulling all the strings" is right. Doesn't sound like that to me and doesn't really fit. I've seen on other sites that it's "But you're better off as friends." But I always thought it was something like, "But you crumble under the stress." Who knows? It's still a great song.

The Monkees – Papa Gene's Blues Lyrics 15 years ago
This is not one of the group's better-known efforts, but it's one of my most favoritest songs. Even though it's kinda cheesy in the way it's performed and is very bluegrassy, I think it's one of the sweetest, happiest songs I've ever heard. I plan on having it played at all of my weddings.

Teddy Thompson – I Don't Want To Say Goodbye Lyrics 16 years ago
It's simple to get the meaning of this song just by listening to it or by reading the lyrics. It's about two people parting ways and how one loves the other so much that they don't want to leave them. Both the song and the recording by Teddy Thompson are simple, but that is part of its beauty. The song is one of the sweetest, saddest songs I've ever heard, and it's my favorite song of the moment. It comes from the movie "Brokeback Mountain" and fits perfectly with the film in style and content, but it is universal in its theme of longing and lonliness. It's perfect.

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