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Eminem – Superman Lyrics 12 years ago
does any1 have any idea wat this line means
"dont touch wat u cant grab, end up with two back hands"

Mariah Carey – Don't Forget About Us Lyrics 12 years ago
Mariah carey is a hoe...and a diva...and a slut/bitch/ ect. yes we all no. but REGARDLESS, she really does have the most beautiful and powerful voice ever!!! I mean I'VE NEVER heard anything like it....I never even knew anyone was capable of singing the way she does. I mean seriously ladies and gents- if thats not talent...then what is?
and dont forget about is an ok song.....even though it doesnt completely showcase her voice.......luv ya ppl bubi!! :)

Eminem – Mosh Lyrics 12 years ago
Excuse me to all you lame-ass low-lifes who think that this song is just eminems attempt at yet another controversial issue, simply to gain publicity through politics and the Anti-bush can go kiss my ass. I mean if you dont agree with the lyrics, in a political sense...I TOTALLY RESPECT THAT. everyone has his/her own opinion. But to go out and say that eminem is just trying to cash in on the anti-bush scene is just WRONG.
LET ME GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT....simply the fact that he IS eminem...will give him shitload of money on ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING HE MAKES/PRODUCES. And besides, he's just stating his opinion once again- and if you dont agree...."that's life" in eminem's words.

The Black Eyed Peas – My Humps Lyrics 12 years ago
lol basically this song is about tits and asses. lol LUMPS and HUMPS. hehe meaningless ...ya..but who gives a shit? I can dance 2 its cute ;)

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