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Animal Collective – Banshee Beat Lyrics 9 years ago
Honestly, I get really bored really fast of MPP. And I start to doubt my love for AC. But when my ipod shuffles this song into play my heart leaps and I feel what the best sounds like.

Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes Lyrics 10 years ago
I love these romantic songs from the ac.

Animal Collective – In the Flowers Lyrics 10 years ago
animal collective is fucking epic. god i cannot believe i'm listening to this. this song is me right now

Then the ecstasy turns to rising light
Through our windowpane

Now I'm gone

I left flowers for you there

Mirah – Make It Hot Lyrics 10 years ago
Every time I hear a new Mirah song, I fall in love with her all over again.

This song blows me away. It's so honest.

Man Man – Banana Ghost Lyrics 11 years ago
This is the best. I love the way they put the words together... fuck I can't describe it. Amazing.

Animal Collective – House Lyrics 11 years ago
I couldn't even believe what I was hearing when I saw this and all the new songs live. I hadn't heard them before, like a couple of people in the audience (JEALOUS!!!). This and brother sport and bearhug... gah!

Animal Collective – Baby Day Lyrics 11 years ago
All I know is that whenever I have a kid, I'm going to make the papa a mixtape with this song on it. And that is how he's gonna find out.

Avey Tare and Kría Brekkan – Sis Around the Sándmill Lyrics 11 years ago
This is an amazing song. You can always count on Avey to be involved with music lovely love music.

Akron/Family – Lumen Lyrics 11 years ago
I listen to these guys when I'm very high...

I just melt into whatever I'm sitting in. Everything becomes more beautiful.

I think the song is really sad though. Lumen means a cavity. It's about feeling empty and wanting to let everything go.

Akron/Family – Shoes Lyrics 11 years ago
no words can describe how ubelievably beautiful this song is. its magical.

The Notwist – Puzzle Lyrics 12 years ago
reminds me of sparta.


Arcade Fire – The Woodlands National Anthem Lyrics 12 years ago
"lick the envelope" must mean something like... you sealed the deal.

The Microphones – Map Lyrics 12 years ago
iono, but i think phil is totally amazed by life and how magnificent the earth is and how lucky we all are to be apart of this world.

The Microphones – I Am Bored Lyrics 12 years ago
totally not sweet song.

but this went on my last "i love you but i'm breaking up with you" mix.

The Microphones – I'll Be In The Air Lyrics 12 years ago
their best. well... his... whatever. the best.

Animal Collective – Fickle Cycle Lyrics 13 years ago
pretty much the most amazing ac song ever.

when it gets to "twisting..." it explodes with amazingness.

Animal Collective – Peacebone Lyrics 13 years ago
okay it is totaly not "kid fight" it is "cat fight"

that feet hard part is... iffy.


Animal Collective – Who Could Win a Rabbit Lyrics 13 years ago
Does anyone else listen to how this song is sung? It's so beautiful. Don't focus so much on the words but how it flows so perfectly.

Animal Collective – Leaf House Lyrics 13 years ago
Oh boko, you are so correct. Try this:

Go somewhere scary as fuck with someone, roll down all your windows and blast this song. You will be so freaked out and amazed. Oh and being high is optional but suggested.

Animal Collective – We Tigers Lyrics 13 years ago
I saw them live about 2 years ago right after this album was released. I stood there with my jaw dropped for their entire set. I felt like my body was floating. They are so intense and beautiful live. It's like raw emotions are being shot out into the crowd. They force you to feel it, and this song... was the most incredible live.

Animal Collective – Banshee Beat Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this is about losing a love but not giving up on feelins like everyone tends to do. Like there is still hope so don't become numb. Or I'm wrong.

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