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Queen – One Vision Lyrics 15 years ago
Roger:"now i havent a clue what its about"...
Roger:well they changed all my lyrics....
interiewer: WHO did?
Rog: (smiles) ppft-- that rotter Freddie.

Queen – Mustapha Lyrics 15 years ago
i really dont know-- but ive HEARD that this is in reference to a coming prophet in the zoroastrain religion who is like, still being "awaited" or whatever, and that its actaully a woman-- a housewife-- whos expected to come and be a prophet for the zoroastrain god, and her name is Mustpha Ibrahim. This song, Ive heard, is kind of like a prayer for her safe arrival.

Queen – My Fairy King Lyrics 15 years ago
hate to break it to YOU dear, everyone knows. Or at least, his FAMILY was Zoroastrian. He really actually NEVER follwed the religion/lifestyle/belifs things throughout his life.... so how much can we call that his actual religion...? I dont know. Look at what hes writing. Look at waht hes thinking about. This is actual stuff-- dont ignore it.

Queen – Somebody To Love Lyrics 15 years ago
I feel its wrong to even write words about this song. Its heaven... or as close as well musically get on earth, mabye. Its beautiful enough that it brings tears or a smile to the heart-- but anyway, complete soul. no remake could compare to the absoulte gorgeous and heartfelt way that Freddie sang this song, his prayer, his favorite composition of his. Its breathtaking, so incredibly and sweetly beautiful... let it fill you up.... ugh its like a breath of life

Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever Lyrics 15 years ago
BRIAN wrote this. not freddie. dont mess it up

Queen – Save Me Lyrics 15 years ago
you know what? freddie gets all the credit when Brina writes a song. "I think what Freddie means is...."
BRIAN wrote this. Ok?

Queen – Mother Love Lyrics 15 years ago
.... you "like" that?

Queen – See What A Fool I've Been Lyrics 15 years ago
lol Freddie sounds sophsitactedly drunk on this one

Queen – The Night Comes Down Lyrics 15 years ago
I know what this is about. So, so much.
This song is about depression. this is what it feels like. It gets scary and sad when it becomes night again, when its dark-- thats the way it is. once i could laugh, see the good in me, see the black and the white.... but you cant anymore, its all so sad and blurred and scary and confusing and passionaltey meanless. Hang on with me Brian... I know it

Queen – Drowse Lyrics 15 years ago
i love this song. I think its very pretty actually, its about youth, and theres a bitter sweetness to the personal refelctions Roger put into it, the way he'd scuff up the streets with his buddies with "endlessly restless feet" and "broadened our minds more in the pool hall than we did in the school hall".... the sadness of the breakups on those bleaksteets, or first time witnesses of the nightlife-- of the lights and of the fun... wanting to be something great, and how even though your troubles are less back then, there seems to be all the more reason to live and feel the extremes of life, laughing crying, living, dying.

Queen – Jesus Lyrics 15 years ago
the thjing to look at here more than what its written about, whihc is pretty staright forward, is the fact that it was written at all. Why modives were in Freddie that he was writing this kind of material? It ties into the time period of his life, his feelings, his exploration... LOTS of stuff about him, a boy only, at this point really.

Queen – Liar Lyrics 15 years ago
I totally disagree. The song isnt supposto be centerd so much on lying as it is on sinning in general, "liar" is just the accusitory name used. Look at the lyics. Freddie comes tentatively and remosfally to confess to sins in his heart to a "father", repenting and asking for forgiveness and help and to be "let in". but in turn to this, hes met with accusation (LIAR) and condenation, no matter how much he beggs "father, please forgive me, I know youll never leave me, please will you direct me, in the right way?" its really a song about Freddie feeling overwheledly guilty and then feeling, at the same time, unforgiable and unnacceplable by God or some sort of higher power. Its obvious, and its so, so sad.

Queen – My Fairy King Lyrics 15 years ago
ok... back to meanigs on song meanings. what do you think, people?
its into bits, not unlike bohemina rhapsody, really. Feddie starts out descibing a sort of eutopian, peaceful world with a good ruler, a king, who "guides the winds" and "can only do right and nothing wron"-- everythings perfect, but then comes the fall, destuction, men to savage in the night that "take away the power from the magic hand and bring about the ruin to the promise land." Freddie cries, "son of heaven, set me free and let me go" from the agony of whats going on..... in the end, after evil has entered and run its destuction on everything, hes left defeated and lifeless, with his color drained and the kind shamed in all his pride. Its a very melencholic and depressive ending... possibly the way he saw the endiong for himself if this was being viewed in a bigger spectrum. the whole thing sounds even biblical-- which isnt out of the ordinary considering the album its on. Freddie wrote songs about jesus such and "mad the swine" and "jesus" and "Liar" is very much dealing with the feelings of repenting sins and then feeling unforgivable. Something to think about, really, if Freddie means something to you.

Queen – Brighton Rock Lyrics 15 years ago
lol i love freddie switching from his deep voice as the boyfriend to his high voice as the girlfriend. lol. "if my mother should discover how I spent my holiday---!"

Queen – My Life Has Been Saved Lyrics 15 years ago
is this absotively posutly by Freddie? id apprictae if anyone knew for sure

Queen – Fun It Lyrics 16 years ago
lol... its roger. it doenst have to make sence. and shouldnt be expected to.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 16 years ago
Okey Dokey then.

I'm sorry dear people who think you know it well enough to preach it, but let me help you better know. Its silly to say "the meaning doenst matter!" because obviously it very much does to a very large amount of people. Also, where on earth did anyone get the idea that Freddie said there WAS no meaning? because... he didt. He only didnt wnat to reveal what he was thinking/meaning when he wrote it, because he kind of considered it like art... everyone has their own take on it and their own interperatationa nd hoped that people could better enjoy it that way. He said he WOULDNT tell us the meaning. Ok, well, then we can easily assume that, yes, a meaning exists.
And yes, its a populuar thing to assume its about AIDS, but its quite... completely impossible. Because this was 75. Freddie wouldnt get AIDS for about another decade. It was barely existant even. AIDS was totally irrelavent to him. he wasnt ill.
So, anyway, dont tell people to NOT try and figue it out, dont tell people to TRY and figue it out.... dont tell them how to enjoy a song.

What do I think? well. I know Freddie pretty well. I think I know what hes talking about, yeah.
I'm not sure who here has heard/is farmiliar with the song "Liar" but It was an early one of Freds and isnt far off from Bo Rhap, I think. Its kind of like, a reoccurance of the guilt and constant feeling of condemnation he seems to have been plauged with.

I think that when its started, Freddie's already dead. HE was the man was he killed. Its as if hed thought baout it before, and this was the feeling of finality. remembering the movements of the gun against his head. reasiling hes gone. "momma, life had just begun... but now Ive gone and thrown it all away..." His mother, whom hes talking to, is mourning his loss and hes like, you know, I didnt mean to make you cry! but I'm not coming back again this time 2moro... (cuz hes dead) but he wants her to... carry on. Carry on as if nothing really matters.
Its goes on. "Too late. MY time has come." and he says you know, goodbye to everybody, that he has to go, leave them, and face the truth. Then its almost like a moment of panic before he leaves of-- "I Dont wnat to die! no-- i just wish I'd never been born at all!" then all this pain could have been avoided, reaslisng even death isnt an escapse as hes hurled into his judgement.
The magnificance of the situation is shown- and evntually he pleads "Im just a poor boy, nobody loves me" and heaven agrees, asking that he be spared his life from this monstrosity. and freddie, "well, will you let me go?" and hell retords "Bissmillah.." (Im the name of God....) NO! we not let you go...." heaven fights for him, hell fights back, until its clear that, nonononononono, he belongs to Hell. Beeulzibub (the demonic character froma book) has been set aside for him by the devil... and hes damned again. Condemned. Unable to be good enough... forgivable enough... to be "let in" "directed in th roght way" "forgiven "helped" (liar) or "let go" (bo rhap)
so... yeah. thats what i think.

Freddie Mercury – Your Kind Of Lover Lyrics 16 years ago
haha, i love this song. I love the paino. HWen he gets excited... i love listening to Freddie happy. Because it sounds like heaven. And dont stop me now... thats what Happy Freddie sounds like.

Freddie Mercury – Men Made Paradise Lyrics 16 years ago
Its a MAN made paraide. The whole thing is MAN made paradise, not MEN.

Freddie Mercury – There Must Be More To Life Than This Lyrics 16 years ago
he hit it on head, yeah. his heart wondered. and hes totally completely right.what good is life, if in the end we all must die? nothing. he realised that. without something more to life....

Freddie Mercury – Living On My Own Lyrics 16 years ago
Its so odd. How nobody cares about the lyrics. Theyre all living it up, dancing and flashing their flambouancy for the night of spelndor before all the costumes disapear.... and hes singing, hes yelling, "i get so LONELY LONELY LONELY"... sometimes i BREAK DOWN AND CRY. there has GOT to be something in the future... some good times... to live for, to keep going for. Im living on my own. WHy does nobody... why didnt anyone care? or see it? or listen?

Freddie Mercury – Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow Lyrics 16 years ago
it sound like he knows. you know, that he'll die. "I dont have all that afr to go" and such. what year was this? 85? ish? about the year he got aids, i think...a round then, but did he know?

Freddie Mercury – I Was Born To Love You Lyrics 16 years ago
I dont know. I think I like Queen doing it with him better. Its so adorable.... so sonderful and beautiful. Like this happy, peaking emotion, and of course taken as far as it could be with his voice. anyone out there. if you havent ehard this song... you are missing out. wow your heart!

Queen – Back Chat Lyrics 16 years ago
I think its John getting frustrated with tiffs hes having with veronica. Married stuff, and the boys back him up, lol.

Queen – All God's People Lyrics 16 years ago
Mincepies, I pray that youre right. and I feel that way too! he sounded so changed... like he really was facing up, growing up, being strong living with his contious ruling with his heart and had realised something amazing and beautiful! Check out the song, "my life has been saved". he thanks the Lord and then says this over and over, its quite emotional if youre close to him.

Queen – A Winter's Tale Lyrics 16 years ago
no, chnaged, at the end, I think.... his soul was changed. There was something beautiful. You can feel his heart. Alivie. Breathing. Listen..!

Emery – Listening To Freddy Mercury Lyrics 16 years ago
Alright, Ive become increasingly curious and would be most appriciative of anyone who could help me out. What does the song have to do with Freddie? (whos name is spelled with an "IE" if anyone wants to change that.) I've read through the lyrics and I just dont know how it connects to him at all.I'm not sure how farmilar any of you are with Fred, but... if anyone knows, its kind of been bothering me. Thanks

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