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Pearl Jam – Life Wasted Lyrics 15 years ago
I really loved the song- it deffinetly pin-points a common problem in today's youth, but I just saw the video, and I must say;


have PJ become a trash metal band while I wasnt watching?

that is one of the worst videos I'v ever seen,
and it hurts me to say that about one of my favourite bands...

Pearl Jam – Nothing as It Seems Lyrics 15 years ago
This song always makes me cry

Pearl Jam – The First Time Lyrics 15 years ago
theres gotta be a second time around...

problem is its almost always over and done after your first fuck up. your first time- the only one

Pete Townshend – I Am An Animal Lyrics 15 years ago
Can somebody tell me what albom this song is on?

Pete Townshend – Fire Lyrics 15 years ago
most of the who meterial belongs in the PETE section,
so WHO cares anyway ;)

Pete Townshend – Outlive the Dinosaur Lyrics 15 years ago
and this coming from a guy who just a few decades ago sang "I hope I die before I get old"...

times they are indeed a'chaingin'....

Pearl Jam – Strangest Tribe Lyrics 15 years ago
around a campfire, night on the beach, waves,
friends and a guitar;

Thats where this song belongs

Pearl Jam – Breath Lyrics 15 years ago
I just cant seem to get over this song...
reminds me of waves- here it comes, there it goes...

loved it on the Singles ST :)

Pearl Jam – Can't Keep Lyrics 15 years ago
personally, I dont think its about death at all.
I agree with Unknowing that it is about leaving a place u hate.
When I was in the Israeli Navi, just wanting to get out and go home, this song was kind of a quiet rebbelion for me..
I really love the music too

Pearl Jam – Light Years Lyrics 15 years ago
what about God?
I know PJ were never big on religion, but when I listened to this songs lyric- thats the first thing that poped in my mind.
it explains step by step how man evolved (from making hammers to solving riddles to starting wars), but he cant find his God, for he is light years away.
He feels deserted, because it was God (or something else higher) that turned us into human beings ("we were but stones... youre light made us stars")
Im not a religious person myself, but that meaning was obvious to me.
Think about it...

Pearl Jam – Last Soldier Lyrics 15 years ago
Ive surved for 2 years in the Israely Navy.
Just got out.
This song gives me shiveres..

Anouk – Nobody's Wife Lyrics 15 years ago
Anouk's not a bitch, atleast thats not what this song intends to say. Shes a strong woman who loves her man, but loves her freedom more.
she knows that if shell give her freedom up, give herself up, she'll be "sucking out his love",
cause love survives only when its free.
Atleast thats the way I see it...

Pearl Jam – Price of Everything, Prince of Pain Lyrics 15 years ago
what is this song?

Pearl Jam – Words Seems So Out of Place Lyrics 15 years ago
Can anybody please tell me what is this song?
where is it from? Ive never heard of it before.

Pearl Jam – You Are Lyrics 15 years ago
I love PJ, & it really is a good song (love the guitar), but...
"Love is a tower and you're the key"?!?
what's up with that??
where are the frustrated, angry, full of rage pearl jam
Ive known & loved?

Pearl Jam – Oceans Lyrics 15 years ago
Ive inlisted to the Israely Navy about two years ago,
and around the same time I broke up with my boyfriend.
It was a really sad and lonely time for me-
to be away from my friends, my family, my dog Mookie...
I dont remember much from those times, exept for all the tears I cried and this song playing in my head;
So... thanx, Eddie.
It really helped me to hold on through it all.

Pearl Jam – Saying No Lyrics 15 years ago
PJ always speek so loudly for womens rights, pro choise, against domastic violence;
Its really greate, but you gotta wonder-
how much difference does it really make?
I dont know, I guess some things never change...

Pearl Jam – All Those Yesterdays Lyrics 15 years ago
There's one thing I gotta know:
In the "Yield" albom cover, next to the lyrics of this song-
is that Awschwitz?!?

Pearl Jam – All Night Lyrics 15 years ago
I really like this song to. its one of those songs that show you the artist/s performing them arent conventional main streem, but are willing to try different directions and play whatevers on their mind, anyway they chose to go.
I really respect Pearl Jam for that.
Besides, theres something really sexually stimulating about this song...
I dont know... maybe its just me ...

Pearl Jam – Live for Today Lyrics 15 years ago
Ive never heard this song and I dont know where its from, but it reminds me of my best friend from highschool, cause "live for today" was her moto.
she died in a terror attack downtown Jerusalem when we were 16.. "I had to laugh not to cry"

Pearl Jam – Light Years Lyrics 15 years ago
I know its all about the music here, but you just cant ignore how beautifull the cd cover and the pictures inside are... Go Jerome Turner, whoever you are;
Youre good, man :)

Pearl Jam – Leaving Here Lyrics 15 years ago
This song really rocks! personally, I liked the original Who version better (it is The Who, after all...), but PJ do a good job at it too...

Pearl Jam – Happy When I'm Crying Lyrics 15 years ago
Peace cannot come from fighting-
but as long as there are people, there WILL be fighting; so... does that mean peace can never come at all??

Pearl Jam – Don't Gimme No Lip Lyrics 15 years ago
I fuckin' HATE this song!!!

After hearing it, it got stuck in my head for weeks, and all day long Id be going on and on like an idiot:
"dont gimme no lip dont gimme no lip..."

Pearl Jam – Bee Girl Lyrics 15 years ago
I dont know who Shannon Hoon is, but I love this song. Somehow, it always makes me cry.

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