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Leonard Cohen – Closing Time Lyrics 15 years ago
"And my very close companion
gets me fumbling, gets me laughing,
She's a hundred but she's wearing something tight"... one of the funniest lines ever!! A good friend of mine believes that first line to be "And my varicose companion...", which I like even better.

T. Rex – Jeepster Lyrics 15 years ago
No one knows what a Jeepster is??!! Has anyone thought to Google it?

Bolan always had a thing for vehicles. Cadillacs, Mustangs, Jaguars, Jeepsters, etc. Metal Gurus, one and all. He even died in one!

T. Rex – Ballrooms Of Mars Lyrics 15 years ago
One of my faves, too, Child Star. T Rex was brilliant not in spite of, but because of, such enigmatic lyrics. One of the best bands ever!!

Wonder why someone would even bother to post about lyrics he hates? Eeyore may not be quite retarded, but he probably has an IQ of, oh maybe 90.

T. Rex – Metal Guru Lyrics 15 years ago
Maybe it's about a guy's expectation that having a car will reel in babes. I dunno. Seems most T Rex lyrics have miniminal "meaning", yet maximum impact. Lyrics as beautiful as they are enigmatic. Some people might accuse Bolan of style over substance, but I think that, in his case, style is substance. One of the best songwriters ever!!! Brilliant man, brilliant band.

Ramones – 53rd & 3rd Lyrics 15 years ago
Sounds like ya like mainly the big stars of metal and punk. But that's to be expected---you're 13. Delve into the early NY punk scene and listen to the Dead Boys, NY Dolls, Teenage Jesus + the Jerks, Suicide, Patti Smith, Television, Lou Reed. Some of it was this aggressive testosterone-fueled stuff you seem to like (and probably believe that that's what punk is all about), but most of it was not. In fact, you'd probably think much of the early stuff was "gay". And some of it actually was. But, just the fact that you like bands of the past tells me you have the right idea. Ya just have to look deeper than you are right now. But then, you're "only 13".

Wall Of Voodoo – Mexican Radio Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah, great song...too bad it was their only hit. Very underappreciated and underexposed band. I've never even seen their Dark Continent album available on CD.

New wave did become trashy (when it became all about dancing and flocks of haircut 100's), but Wall of Voodoo was not that. Check out their version of Ring of Fire.

The Cramps – Human Fly Lyrics 15 years ago
I think it's "I've got 96 tears and 96 eyes", and "Cause I'm a reborn maggot using germ warfare", and "I don't like the ride, so push that pest aside (or pesticide)".

Sparks – Bon Voyage Lyrics 15 years ago
Noah's Ark from the standpoint of the animals that couldn't get on board.

Sparks – Talent Is An Asset Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah, it's about smart children...but one in particular named Albert Einstein. Note the scientific references---hypothetical, parenthetical, relatives, non-relatives, speed of light.

Sparks – Here in Heaven Lyrics 15 years ago
Sparks songs may not be "serious", but never are they totally nonsensical. This IS about Romeo and Juliet if the ending was different and Juliet decided not to kill herself.

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