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Eminem – Not Afraid Lyrics 8 years ago
Great song and I can't wait for Recovery to come out... JUNE 18TH IN EUROPE!! 4 whole days of Recovery before North America!!

just a couple of corrections

To pull his dick from the dirt and fuck the **whole** universe

You couldn't lift a single shingle **on it**

Brett Dennen – Who do you Think You Are? Lyrics 8 years ago
Sorry, second verse, third line.. But I'm sure you figured that out.

Brett Dennen – Who do you Think You Are? Lyrics 8 years ago
I need some help..

I was the one who submitted these lyrics and know that there is a problem.

In the second verse, second line "Businessmen in suits taking millions over coffee trying to buy each other out"

I know he doesn't say coffee.

Other lyrics on other websites give this line:

"Businessmen in suits taking meetings over coffee trying to buy each other out"

I'm pretty sure its "millions" not "meeetings" - just makes more sense right? But I still am stumped on what he says after. Anyone got an idea??


Brett Dennen – Make the Most Lyrics 9 years ago
Thanks for the correction clickofalight.

Brett Dennen – Make the Most Lyrics 12 years ago
so basically this song explains itself. Live your life to its fullest potential and don't pause and think too long on your mistakes and regrets becasue life is too short for that. Brett Dennen is awesome

Jack Johnson – The Sharing Song Lyrics 12 years ago
Jack Johnson is probably the coolest musician alive. The new Curious George album is obliously for children but for some reason I beleive older fans like myself will enjoy it just as much , if not more than the kids!. Love the new album!

Jack Johnson – Holes To Heaven Lyrics 12 years ago
"And there were so many fewer questions when the stars were still just the holes to Heaven"

Wow can It be put any better than that. Such an amazing song! I love Jack!!!

Bedouin Soundclash – When The Night Feels My Song Lyrics 13 years ago
LyndiaXoXo finds this song damn annoying everyone. Thats too bad because this and all other Bedouin Soundclash songs are incredible. They are very talented musicians and are going far. And their Canadian! Yah Canada!!

Bedouin Soundclash – Gyasi Went Home Lyrics 13 years ago
uhh, the lyrics have quite a few mistakes in them. Just a heads up!

Jack Johnson – Better Together Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is beautiful!. I met a girl from Switzerland this year when she came on a student exchange. we are just perfect for eachother and shes been gone for two months now but we're still together. but when i hear this song i know that we truely are "better together" we both love Jack Johnson and this is our song. i know when i go to see her next summer everything will just be perfect because we are better together. , Jack Johnson songs are all amazing and find a way to bring meaning to some aspect of my life. I love him.

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