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Queen – Father To Son Lyrics 4 years ago
yes the song has a personal level; it is about brian's dad and his desire for brian's life and career to be more traditional. instead of finishing school and pursuing a more "conservative" field of work, brian left off school and became a rock musician! (although later in life, brian did finish his PhD and took a "real job" at university)

on another, more abstract level, the choice of words used in the lyrics evoke definite strains of british nationalism and history. Of course, Queen is THE quintessential "Hail Britannica" band; but you can really hear that symbolism in this song, One might see this song not only as a literal father to son relationship, but perhaps also the spirit of the British nation entreating its young generation.

Dire Straits – Walk Of Life Lyrics 8 years ago
neil diamond said when you got the blues you make a song and "sing them out" and then you feel better...and you just keep going in life. musicians take all these thing in life...good, bad, up and down and so on...and just play them. (and some of them make a pretty good living for themselves too at it...i shoulda learned to play them drums...)

The Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers Lyrics 13 years ago
OK Jumpy, maybe you are right. Keith Richards never really was a heroin user....that is all hype that he made up to help him sell his records. He never even drinks alocohol in real life. He drinks chocolate milk - I can prove it!

Keith has lived in reality a very nerdy, somewhat introverted life, and would never dream doing the risky kinds of things most rock stars are known for... No way.

Thats why this song is about after he gets dumped by a rich girl. She has the very best clothing - made of silk and so many other fine things in life - but all he has is his raggy clothes - so he goes down to his basement to lament his loss and fix up his clothes. Thats why he has a needle there - to do the sewing. And since Keith would never drink anything stronger than chocolate milk - he has a spoon there with him to mix up his nestle's quik while he is sewing his raggety clothing.

Absolutely, Jumpy...this is definitely the REAL meaning of the song after all...

Jethro Tull – Skating Away (On the Thin Ice of a New Day) Lyrics 13 years ago
Man's existence in modern times is accented by meaninglessness and alienation from the true, primordial purpose of life. In addition, many move through this life in cavalier disregard for the qualities of its inexorable brevity, allowing their attention and intents to be (dangerously) diverted by means of leisure and shallow entertainment, from finding that purpose.

The Rolling Stones – As Tears Go By Lyrics 13 years ago
robmille...there is a sadness experienced by some, over the loss of innocence, and the realization that old age, death and taxes are the only things that we can be sure of, for the remaining half-century of our lives - if we live out the average life span.

As Neil Young also points out, "you can't be 20 on sugar mountain."

The Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is Keith Richard's "ode to heroin."

"Little Susie" is a reference to the "brown-eyed susan" which is a metaphor for brown heroin, one of the more common forms of the opiate.

"Roses" is yet another flower which has been used as a metaphor or "street slang" for many years to allude to heroin.

"Dead Flowers" in general means "poppies which have been harvested and from which the opiate has been derived."

The power of heroin to kill pain is legendary -including the emotional pain from a broken relationship.

In the 1960's and 70's one way to deliver heroin was to place small amounts in a letter and use the US Postal System. Back then, before the days of technology to detect narcotics in the mail, and in the days when the American political system actually observed people's rights to 4th amendment privacy, heroin could be sent through the mail virtually risk-free to either the sender or the receiver.

Led Zeppelin – No Quarter Lyrics 13 years ago
"No Quarter" relates to the band's drive to succeed, as LED ZEPPELIN - all that the band stands for and communicates to the world.

They are driven... their resolve is unabated, unyeilding, relentless - enduring all hardships and overcoming all enemies of their dreams and aspirations - to which they will neither show, nor of which they will ask, "mercy."

Led Zeppelin – No Quarter Lyrics 13 years ago
Always thought the song described the personal struggles of the band itself - the difficulties of reaching success in the performing and recording industry and the perseverence it takes to succeed - expressed in allegory drawn from Norse and Celtic archtypes and symbolism.

Jethro Tull – Warchild Lyrics 13 years ago
The apparent beauty, civility, and comforts of modern society are served and sustained by suffering and sacrifice of human lives, in the propagation of a perpetual cycle of war among nations.

Jethro Tull – A Song For Jeffrey Lyrics 13 years ago
Would probably be a reference to Jeffery Hammond-Hammond, one of the members of the band, who at one point decided to leave the band, and go back to the study of art, which had actually been a his lifelong endeavor.

Jethro Tull – To Cry You A Song Lyrics 13 years ago
A simple song about a typical 60's or early 70's rocker who is also a bit of a "contrabandista."

I agree with Dan 0311, in that he has been touring and is coming home to his "sweeiie", in London. He is glad to be hiome. He will serenade her with a song he wrote on his travels; he has missed her and wishes to tell her many things that have passed since they last saw each other.

There is another theme inside this, however. He has smuggled some marijuana from wherever it is that he was travelling ....some foreign country, perhaps.

He obviously has also partaken of the marijuana himself, either during the flight or at some time just prior to the flight, and is paranoid at Heathrow when the customs officers are searching his suitcase (or guitar case, perhaps). Luckily they do not find anything because instead of putting the weed in his luggage, he carries it on his person in the clothing he is wearing. (this was back in the days before customs employed "dope-sniffing canines" at the airports, of course - wasn't it great back then!)

Anyway, he is very glad to be home where he will soon get to smoke some dope, relax, and sing to her - but he is still experiencing some residual paranoia from having evaded police, security personnel, and customs agents, etc. along the way.

His "sweetie" is expecting him when he finally gets home. He sees her "peeping out the window". (She must know that he is bringing home a stash of weed that they will soon be able to enjoy together....but she watching the street cautiously).

As he waits at the at the front door, for her to open the door, he is impatient and wants to get inside and off the street ASAP!

And from the look on her face at the end of the song, it is evident that soon after he has safely arrived, indeed they have enjoyed a smoke or two...LOL!


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