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Sum 41 – Pieces Lyrics 14 years ago
deffinatly about how someone tries to change to accomodate to other people or get a single person to like them better, but in the end it just isnt them and they realise this. Even though the others like them this way they realise that it wont work and so they just figure they are better off alone.

The Apex Theory – Apossibly Lyrics 14 years ago
Heh. I dunno, I really like the Tom Tom rythem at the start of this song. its very cool.

Bleeding Through – Love In Slow Motion Lyrics 14 years ago
I heard somewhere that this was inspired by Brandon Standing somewhere and his Ex walked over to him and he just wanted to kill her.

Disturbed – Devour Lyrics 14 years ago
You know, for ages I though it said:
"I will deflower you"

Monster Magnet – Bummer Lyrics 14 years ago
It seems to be about several things. Hypocrisy, Lashing out, Anger. All sorts.

Monster Magnet – Heads Explode Lyrics 14 years ago
Like alot of monster magnet, its about sex.

MC Frontalot – I Heart Fags Lyrics 14 years ago
Oh come on!
You cannot not comment on this. Its so good.
Again, with the piss taking about homophobes and stuff. Its great song.

Conquest of Steel – Bitch Of Steel Lyrics 14 years ago
Is it me, or do they mention steel at least 10 times in every song?
Its hilariouse.
And its pretty obviouse what this is abut.

Conquest of Steel – Only The Devil Can Stop Us Now Lyrics 14 years ago
I saw these guys at Subverse. They awere so fucking awesome.
True fucking Metal.

Silent Civilian – Lies in the House of Shame Lyrics 14 years ago
Bush the war etc.
But they did it alot better than anyone else.
SC are my fave band.

Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone Lyrics 14 years ago
I still think that the story behind this song is one of the best I have ever heard.

Dry Kill Logic – GOODNIGHT Lyrics 14 years ago
See, I fucking love Dry Kill Logic. Because alongside the kick ass music, the lyrics are actually pretty fucking awesome. I dont really know what it is about them, but there is a very truthfull kinda .... somthing about them that says it outloud but not so loudly as to make it discouraging.
Very cool.

Dry Kill Logic – Nightmare Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is so good to listen to when your pissed off. I love it, gives me a good feeling of power.

Lamb of God – Ruin Lyrics 14 years ago
You know what I cant understand?
How somthing so fucking amazing, and talented can get 20 comments. And then you go to taking back sunday or somthing and there is 400 comments on one song.

I think that ths song is generally about the state of mankind. We have built ourselves up to suc an extenet that its become ruinouse. its basically saying that we are all fucked because of our advancement which spreads and forms negativity and general rot.

Taking Back Sunday – You're So Last Summer Lyrics 14 years ago
Cool as this song is. How the fuck can somthing so "done" get 400 fucking comments when you got good bands like Dry Kill Logic or Lamb of God, with barly anything.
What the fuck is that about?

Entombed – Seeing Red Lyrics 14 years ago
Fucking love this ong. Fires me up well, makes me wanna go nuts and just tell everyone to fet out of my way or die.
Its basically the song is saying that The anger is driving thenm to improve things and its works alot alot better than depression "cosmetic tears".

Spineshank – Where We Fall Lyrics 15 years ago
I dunno what it is about this song. Butr it makes me feel immortal or somthing. Like I wanna go completely fucking nuts and kill everyone that i dislike and i'll be justfied in doing it. I love it. Gives me strength.

Spineshank – Smothered Lyrics 15 years ago
I think it is about just someone who is smothering you. In this case it looks like it is intentional smothering, and this person is smothering the person becuase of somthing that happened a long time. Like its some sort of retribution and they have gotten inside the person and just slowly killing them.

Spineshank – Mend Lyrics 15 years ago
I dunno, but I agree. I love the

Shame Stronger than
Pride Stronger than
Hate Stronger than

It is a very good song. I think its about turning someone into somthing slowly ver time. In this case it seems to be for the worse. And he is asking them if they could mend themselves and go back to what they were before he was there.

Spineshank – Stain (Start the Machine) (feat. Burton C. Bell) Lyrics 15 years ago
This about someone who maybe had a freindship or trust with someone else but they have screwed that trust over. So they are taking everything that person has said and burning it, erasing everything from their mind.
And i have no clue what the "start the machine" is about.

Ill Niño – No Murder Lyrics 15 years ago
Dunno what it is about this song, but it gives mne such a sense of madness and drive.
Its brilliant.

MC Frontalot – Braggadocio Lyrics 15 years ago
Same as he guy above me. Its just an utter pisstake of the "I'm da bomb" approach of alot of Rap lyrics. But Frontalot does it so well, and so damn funny!

Nasum – This Is... Lyrics 15 years ago
I dunno what this song is refering to. but i know thats its a fucking Kick arse song.
Gotta love Nasum.

Silent Civilian – Rebirth of the Temple Lyrics 15 years ago
Pretty much this song is saying that you shouldnt give up. Just keep fighting back whatever gets in your way and do things your way. Dont let people make your decisions do it yourself and keep going. Stay strong.

36 Crazyfists – Cure Eclipse Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm not entirley sure what this song is about, but it touches deep. and I love it to hell.

Adema – Let Go Lyrics 15 years ago
I have had this song banging aorund inside my head all fucking day. I really like it now.

Oasis – The Importance Of Being Idle Lyrics 15 years ago
I can really relate to the line " I cant get a life if my hearts not in it.".
apart from that, I really like this song. lessthanthree...

Lollipop Lust Kill – Murder House Of Love Lyrics 15 years ago
I fuckin love this song. nuff said.

Atreyu – You Eclipsed By Me Lyrics 15 years ago
basically i feel like this right now.
this song to me is about people who just continually put you down and fuck you around, keeping you at the bottom and trying to stop you from rising. so you feel like cutting them down, putting them in a grave and moving on. the shit they have put you through makes you stronger than they thought and you can kill them with it.

Spineshank – Stovebolt Lyrics 15 years ago
I fucking love this song.
I love the whole of the first album infact.

Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country Lyrics 15 years ago
I was kinda worried about the state of avenged sevenfold when I found out shadows couldnt scream anymore. which sucks but I'm surprised how fucking good their stuff is still. changed but still rocks like hell.

The Murderdolls – I Take Drugs Lyrics 15 years ago
just a huge joke.
taking the piss like.
and yeah drugs are bad, so stay away from them kiddies.

The Murderdolls – Twist My Sister Lyrics 15 years ago
how do you make such great music and manage to make it so hilariouse at the same time?
murderdolls are a miracle.

The Murderdolls – Let's Fuck Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is damn funny.

Eminem – Cleaning Out My Closet Lyrics 15 years ago
see, this what I like about eminem. me the true blue fuckin metal head, I think that the whooe rap scene got so much better whhen he turned up. why? cos he was talking about real life fucking shit, not shit like "oh ima gangsta ima killyall now fucking I cant do music to save my life". thats why I respect eminiem cos his songs actually have some fucking meaning rather than just one big self glorifying babble whch I see most of the rap, hip hop whatever scene has fucked off into. if I was ever gonna listen to rap I would listen to him cos he makes some fucking good sense and talks about reality, rather than about how many times someone tried to kill him.

Rhapsody – Emerald Sword Lyrics 15 years ago
pure, fucking powermetal.
nuff said.

Nickelback – Yanking Out My Heart Lyrics 15 years ago
actually, this song is on the special edition of "the long road".
I would know. i got it for £7 ...

DevilDriver – I Could Care Less Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is just generally about some one who is bitching at him with things that are meaningless or just generally pissing him off until he snaps and he is just telling strait that he doesnt give a fuck anymore.

Spineshank – Fallback Lyrics 15 years ago
holy fuck, how can you guys not post on this song. its awesome!
aah fuck I kinda have an idea about the meaning but I'm not very clear or good at explaining that so maybe if I get a better idea of what I think this is about I'll post.

Bleeding Through – Kill To Believe Lyrics 15 years ago
duck man, I just got the album today. its so goddmn good !

Lamb of God – Ruin Lyrics 15 years ago
I fucking love this song. lamb of god is the shit, and I find the chorus incredibaly catchy.

Saliva – Your Disease Lyrics 15 years ago
everytime I hear the start of this song I fucking crack up.


traditional rock star style entrance, so comical and good.
and apart from that I like this song alot, its very catchy and you have to kinda sing along to it.

Pantera – Domination Lyrics 15 years ago
aaah man, this song has a good memory to it.
I was at this club and there was this really shitty pop punky band that were getting a bunch of screming fan girls and that about it the metal heads sat and the bck and hurled insults at the band, the singer souded like a 12 year old who's voice was breaking and he had somthing wrong with his voice box. anyway, the show ended and the Dj put on Domination and all the metal heads jumped onto the floor and started headbanging like mental. it was soo good to have an outlet after such a shit band.

Pantera – This Love Lyrics 15 years ago
hehe, I fucking love this song, I always feeling like fucking screaming my guts out to the chorus but then I realise that phil anselmo's voice is one of a kind, its very individual. pantera just fucking own. no matter what anyone says.

Deftones – Headup Lyrics 15 years ago
this is the first song I hear by deftones and It got me into them so much, I then went and brought the around the fur album and still love it too this day. fucking deftonesa re amazing.

Deftones – 7 Words Lyrics 15 years ago
one thing is for sure. chino was PISSED OFF when he wrote this.

Deftones – Mascara Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this song is about true love,
"I feel soon I will sink into you" and even though there are imperfections and things you dont like you stay with them becuase thopse fualts dont matter anything becuase the love overrides that. "I hate your tattoes, you have weak wrists but I'll keep you"

Machine Head – Silver Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is amazing, but I have no idea about the meaning

Spineshank – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (feat. Amir Derakh) (The Beatles cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
damn fucking amazing. this cover is better than the original.
nuff fucking said.

DevilDriver – Swinging The Dead Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song.
when I first heard this song I thought the first lines were

get it up pick it up
thats the swinging sounds
of the rock and roll honkey

lol. I love mistakeing lyrics.
this song rocks, it is very "funky" I guess, is the only word to describe it acturatly. It kinda has a bounce to it. which I think is really cool.

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