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Tori Amos – Hey Jupiter Lyrics 15 years ago
I always took the line about the shower and the bath to be about not being able to choose between two men.

Tori Amos – Cooling Lyrics 16 years ago
It's Peggy.

Tori Amos – Mr. Zebra Lyrics 16 years ago
I found this quote from Tori, but for the life of me, I can't find the source to credit it.

"I refer to a 'Mrs. Crocodile' in that song. Sometimes I disguise the people I'm writing about with made-up characters, because they don't even know they're in the songs. And that's how it has to stay. So instead of calling them by their real name, because they have these certain [negative] traits. I'll call them something else, like a 'Mrs. Crocodile.'"

If that's not a reference to Courtney Love, then I don't know what is.

Tori Amos – Caught A Lite Sneeze Lyrics 16 years ago
I think that's the harpsichord.

Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug Lyrics 16 years ago
Watch this clip of Trent talking about the video.

Daddy Yankee – Gasolina Lyrics 16 years ago
Frenzy - The Mexican flag burning never happened. He said so himself.

Daddy Yankee Flag Incident Never Happened

HALO Communications - January 26, 2006 - “Recently, a malicious and false rumor has been spread with the only purpose of affecting my relationship with the Mexican community and jeopardizing my reputation as a serious and responsible artist. The rumor sustains that I allegedly burned a Mexican flag in a recent performance in this country.”

“This has never occurred. Under any circumstances, would I commit such a barbaric act, first, because I have great respect for the Mexican people and all nationalities of the World and I am incapable of showing a lack of respect by committing such a deplorable act. A country and its people are respected in the same manner that one respects God and family. Secondly, it is physically impossible for this to have occurred since I have not visited Mexico since March 2005, due to the demands of my work schedule, which has included among other things recording and launching of my latest album, Barrio Fino en Directo; the filming of my movie Straight From the Barrio, launching of my new line of clothing with Reebok and my radio program On Fuego.”

“I ask that the people of Mexico remain confident that such a despicable act never occurred and not allow such mean-founded individuals to affect the great affection we have for each other. In the near future, I will be visiting your beautiful country to share in your genuine hospitality. Thank you for you support and affection,” expressed reggaetón idol Daddy Yankee.

Nine Inch Nails – We're in This Together Lyrics 16 years ago
Kurt Loder of MTV once asked Trent if the "The Fragile" and "We're In This Together" tracks were love songs. His responce?

"There was a tragedy involved in all of them. I just read some early
reviews that We're In This Together was unusually positive
and I didn't write it thinking it was very positive. So I made a
video that is very, very ugly to make sure no one gets the wrong

Hole – Dying Lyrics 17 years ago
Courtney herself said she wrote this song about Trent Reznor.

Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie Lyrics 17 years ago
Apexrocks is correct, Maynard didn't cover this song. It was just labeled as such.

Soda Stereo – Te Para Tres Lyrics 17 years ago
Gustavo ha dicho que esta cancion es para su papá, fue escrita despues que fallecio. Los "tres" son su mamá, su hermana y el. Al parecer no siempre tuvo muy buena relacion con su papá, pues se divorcio de su mamá, pero el fue quien le compro su primera guitarra. Esta cancion as un "memorial" para el.

Tori Amos – Northern Lad Lyrics 17 years ago
Tori said there was one thing that has been kept out of the media, and she can only thank her girlfriends (and some boyfriends) that have been loyal to her. In between her Sylvia Plath and heavy classics and non-fiction, she used to have books like The Flames of Love, etc. Trashy romance novels. She felt ashamed, but was so hooked on them. But one day she was talking to Beenie and was reminded how she used to always read them but not anymore, and why was that? "Because I met this guy, he's no white knight, but I wrote this for him." and went into Northern Lad. After she finished, she told us, "I'm really not supposed to talk about him, see we made a deal; I married him."

At this point, there was a problem with one of the lights, so everything stopped while Kevyn gave Tori a "Lip Gloss Boost" and then asked if the person with the last question wanted to ask it now during the break. Chris stood up and told her back in '96, he was one of about 8 people at this radio station and she had played a new song, that is now Never Seen Blue. He wanted to know where it had come from. Tori was a bit surprised; "I did? I sang that? Oh shit. See, it's about the same guy that I'm not supposed to talk about about and I lied about Northern Lad and I don't have another lie." And she played it. So beautiful.
-- an account of VH1 Storytellers on October 24, 1998 by Beth Coulter via

Tori Amos – Agent Orange Lyrics 17 years ago
"There’s one called Agent Orange. Naturally, if we're talking about the boy/girl matrix, there's going to be a war zone at some point in our story...and we go into Agent Orange. If we're gonna have a war, we have to bring warfare in. I decided to make him a bodybuilder because that memory has to transmute also - the skin. To become like tango, the idea of tang, or the idea or orangina, an orange muscle secret agent who we long...that song, Agent Orange is the one o'clock cabaret moment, where you're had a couple of amarettos on the rock, and there's just a sadness. But you know that sadness when you know your relationship is over and you're still alive? You know you're not dead. You've got all your body parts. You're all there. You've got a date. He's got a new love...(long dreamy pause)..and you go on with it."
-- Tori; Musician, May 1996

"There's certain times when I wanted the listener to just lay there. With Agent Orange, I was hoping you could see this orange-bodied muscle man, and give yourself a giggle so that we'd transform this being from a mutilated skin person to Orangina. It's the idea of becoming Tang - transmuting the chemical effect. You can't forget that happened - you can't forget the warfare. So, of course there's that level. I just had to bring it in. I decided to bring it in as a muscle man."
-- Tori; Aquarian Weekly, 02/21/96

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