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Múm – We Have a Map of the Piano Lyrics 11 years ago
This song makes me think of slowly drifting through a fjord or some pretty place-no noise only this song playing...

Múm – Green Grass of Tunnel Lyrics 11 years ago
pritty song.

Samantha Mumba – Baby Come Over Lyrics 11 years ago
This is a good catchy little pop song.

Skip James – Devil Got my Woman Lyrics 11 years ago
Yeah, skip jame's was out of this world. He has the most beautiful voice ever. Whoever says christina aguilera and beyonce are good singers, are idiots. They are nothing compared to skip james who actually has so much feeling in his voice it almost sounds like he is weeping.

Skip James – Crow Jane Lyrics 11 years ago
I always got something a little differen't from this song than what the previous commentor stated. I never used to know the lyrics apart from the bit when he song "someday you you to lay down and die" That line is so powerful and sad. It reminds me of the futility that is felt in life, and skip james always portrayed this in his songs. His voice always represents how overwhelmingly fragile you can feel. His guitar, it cries, it weeps. All of his songs have a sense of "ultimately futility in the end". I love the name of this song too, Crow Jane, renders a sense of dark loneliness.

Emma Bunton – (Hey You) Free Up Your Mind Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't know why but I just like this song.

Emma Bunton – What Took You So Long Lyrics 12 years ago
Nice song to listen too, easy listening...yeah pretty sweet

VAST – I'm Dying Lyrics 12 years ago
Wow, when I first heard this song, at the start I was thinking ah here goes a real slow song...until he yells NOT ONE DAY GOES BY! Its a really powerful effect for the song. But yeah like I said wow.

To me this song is about the confusion of existence and the futility that humans can feel... I think this song can address the feelings and thoughts of this fundamental existential matter: death.

The way he yells some of the song makes me think of how the confusion and hurt can be overwhelming...and if he does believe in god he yells and is in a way, asking "what do you want from me? If you really exist, what more do you want? I am only human...what more can I do?"

This doesn't even have to be a religious has a lot of dimensions to it.

Cat Power – Cross Bones Style Lyrics 12 years ago
The first five lines of this song makes me think of depression. This song is awesome.

The Carpenters – Close to You Lyrics 12 years ago
This is the corniest song I ever did here...oh boy do I hate this song. ahahaa moondust in your hair?? wtf kind of lame shit is that?

Sufjan Stevens – Opie's Funeral Song Lyrics 12 years ago

Skip James – Devil Got my Woman Lyrics 12 years ago
nostalgia. errie nostalgia.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Catch You Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is groovy..just want to get up and dance! Sophie is beautiful...

Rihanna – Umbrella Lyrics 12 years ago
I like this song, but I still don't understand why she has to look like a hooker- she's a beautiful girl and she can sing pretty good, so why does she have to reveal her body parts just to appeal to people?

Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason Lyrics 12 years ago
What an amazing voice she has! Tracy Chapman is awesome.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car Lyrics 12 years ago
Bah! What can I say...., I love this song.

Atlas – Crawl Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song.

Skip James – Hard Time killing Floor Lyrics 12 years ago
This would have to be the saddest song I have ever brings me to tears... It is the only song I have ever actually felt something from, like the guitar and his voice creeps into you and surrounds your soul.

The first time I heard this song was actually the Chris Thomas King version which I would have to say is still good but it isn't the same. The guitar in his version is very haunting though.

Skip James has this eerie voice and he plays the guitar in a way that it seems to be weeping. His songs relate to existential things- You can feel his great sadness of his soul but he also has this hope or is hard to explain.


Harry McClintock – Big Rock Candy Mountain Lyrics 12 years ago
Hobo hardcore. This song is awesome. Nostalgia or something.

Natasha Bedingfield – I Wanna Have Your Babies Lyrics 12 years ago
I really hate this song. It just reinforces the stereotype that thats all females want or a good for...having little brats.

Sia – Moon Lyrics 12 years ago
Beautiful song.

Morcheeba – Trigger Hippie Lyrics 12 years ago
I can definitely feel the trip hop vibe in this song. I love Morcheeba and how they always have a message in their awesome songs.

Morcheeba – World Looking In Lyrics 12 years ago
What an awesome song.

Grits – Ooh Aah Lyrics 12 years ago
I am not religious, but this a really awesome song.

Ellie Lawson – Down With You Lyrics 12 years ago
when you feel sad, this is a good song to listen to because it is upbeat and a good tune

George – Truth Lyrics 12 years ago
wow, this song is so amazing, it puts everything in a great context and perspective to inspire and not oppose those people who may feel depressed and wonder why some poeple happy and they are not. It is because there are those who have found their way back to the truth by "following your own, which of course you need to do"

The Living End – Wake Up Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song has many meanings but to me it sounds like a song about the cult of materialism also known as modern society. And how from a young age we go to school "education" where they engrain the ideologies of modern society and how material things are the full extent of reality.

People need to wake up to this dilemma. It's the system, the system has fucked everyone. They tell us our ultimate goal in life is to have money, money to buy material things that mean nothing. They make us work like machines and then our time of is spent consuming material objects.

Our life cycle is to Work, Buy, Consume, and then Die.


Shaznay Lewis – Never Felt Like This Before Lyrics 13 years ago
This is a great melody. Shaznay has a distinctive voice and her song writing skills are great. Great song.

TLC – Creep Lyrics 13 years ago
Awesome song...t boz rules, her voice is just so good.

TLC – Waterfalls Lyrics 13 years ago
I grew up listening to tlc, I was about 5 when this came out and I have always loved this song. Damn, tlc are awesome. And T Boz has the most awesome voice ever....

Rihanna – SOS Lyrics 13 years ago
She'd be way more attractive and appealing if she wore more clothes... She doesn't need to be half naked to see she is very beautiful, but this video makes her look really slutty and worthless.

The Pussycat Dolls – Don't Cha Lyrics 13 years ago
They're nasty little whores.
Espicially when they bend over in the video, it is like they are welcoming the diseases....

Dr. Dre – Still D.R.E. Lyrics 13 years ago
I really like the beat....dr dre has awesome beats

Sufjan Stevens – For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti Lyrics 13 years ago
Oh man, I'm not a christian, but after hearing this song....brings me close to becoming one. I nearly cried....

M2M – Don't Say You Love Me Lyrics 13 years ago
great song! And I really love their girly voices.

And Then I Turned Seven – I Miss You Lyrics 13 years ago
man, this song is beautiful.

Electric President – Insomnia Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is awesome!!!

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't know what the hell this song is about, but it is a wonderful song none the less!

Massive Attack – Teardrop Lyrics 13 years ago
damn, I heard this song when it first came out and i was only a little kid then, and it it always stuck with me. It is such an indelible song. And it is halcyon too. This song and 'hide and seek' by imogen heap, and 'little things' by trinity roots are my three most favouritr songs ever.

Eminem – Stan Lyrics 13 years ago
this is by far eminem's greatest song.

Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew Lyrics 13 years ago
this is a mean as song. and i like the rahzel beatbox version too.

Blindside – Silence Lyrics 13 years ago
This is an amaing song.

The Wreckers – The Good Kind Lyrics 13 years ago
Those two are a great band. I love them seperate and I love them together.

Sum 41 – Pieces Lyrics 13 years ago
I can really relate so freaking much to this song. It's like they know what I've been thinking....

For me it relates to what I think about everything after all the situations and problems that have happened in my family. It's really personal.

I thought i'd try, "tried to be perfect", but nothing was worth it. Nothing is worth it anymore because nothing has ever worked for me. I'm not being real if I try anymore. For anyone. Because this is who I am.

And no one believes me when I said everything that I've ever said no matter how unbelievable it is, or how you'd never expect me to because I've been pretending and "trying to be perfect" for you.

"My thoughts are so tempting", I wish what I wished would come true, all the good things and all the terrible things that I think. "I don't know how it got so bad." And nothing can save me and my thoughts are the only thing I have because I'm alone, and I'm better off on my own. Away from everyone and everyones problems.

All I can say is all the words that I know and hope that you understand that that is all I can ever do, and I hope you understand that I really am better off on my own.

Michelle Branch – Sweet Misery Lyrics 13 years ago
This song has always reminded me of a drug addiction. I mean seriously, if you listen to it, it really fits. It's so beautiful and means more than one just tells so many just like all of here songs, she's an amazing lyricist.

Michelle Branch – All You Wanted Lyrics 13 years ago
When I listen to this this song it reminds me of someone wanting to be someone's friend. So they try to be like that person and "but I got swept away, i didn't know that it was so cold" means that that person wasn't being real and should just be themselves otherwise they'll always have a hard time.

And then "you needed someone to show you the way" is when the person just needs a real friend that will be there through everything, which of the rest of the song pregresses into.

That's just what I think.
P.s. I espicially love this song because I think it really clever how the lyrics are so simple but tell so many stories.

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