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Ayreon – The Sixth Extinction Lyrics 7 years ago
Also, the "Complete the Circle" segment has some of the best vocals ever recorded.. highlight to Anneke van Giersbergen.

The Human Abstract – Digital Veil Lyrics 8 years ago
Agreed with the above comment. It's just not subtle enough. Though I do love the flow of his scream in the line "Pull me from the gallows, of this fiber-optic nation".

Ayreon – The Sixth Extinction Lyrics 8 years ago
"The meaning of life is to give life meaning"

Best lyric ever.

Dream Theater – Lifting Shadows off a Dream Lyrics 8 years ago
Gotta agree with aniland and constantmotion. Perfect interpretation of the song. Such a great one. Dunno why they don't let Myung write anymore... they say his lyrics are too weird but sometimes they're just brilliant imo.

Chimaira – The Flame Lyrics 8 years ago
Honestly, there is no correct interpretation other than the one that coincides with it telling the story of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Watch the film, then read the lyrics. And as it was pointed out, the sample at the beginning is from the movie.

Misery Signals – The Failsafe Lyrics 8 years ago
I agree with this.. that's exactly what comes to mind when I listen to/read the lyrics. There was some sort of apocalypse, and this group of people are waiting for a sign from God. Even in these dire moments they still keep faith. I think it's almost a double meaning.. hope is a very powerful weapon for humanity, it can lead to blindness and not accepting a situation for what it is, but it can also push us to keep going and to survive when it seems like all is lost.

The End – And Always... Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is depressing as fuck. The meaning is pretty clear I think.

And is it just me, or is the line "You'll be pleased to know that miracles do occur" said in sarcasm? Because it just doesn't fit otherwise, and it's a VERY powerful line that way imo.

Billy Talent – Burn The Evidence Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm glad I'm not the only one who related the two songs.

This one almost sounds like a spiritual successor to River Below. Not exactly the same story or anything, they just share a few things. It seems like they're both about men living boring suburban lives.

Pain of Salvation – The Perfect Element Lyrics 9 years ago
The emotion conveyed through Daniel's vocals in this song are fucking flawless. Some of the best singing ever recorded.

Pain of Salvation – Idioglossia Lyrics 9 years ago
My God, his scream at 7:05 is fucking epic. Gildenlow is the best vocalist on the planet.

Between the Buried and Me – Naked by the Computer Lyrics 9 years ago

Muse – Uprising Lyrics 9 years ago
Maybe the "truth" he's talking about is about 9/11 conspiracy theories, which he's publicly stated that he's dumb enough to believe in, even having the gall to claim it's "obvious".

I mean it's soooo obvious that Osama bin Laden (who hated America long before Bush came along) wanted to help America invade his homeland. I have seen the truth, Matt!

Alexisonfire – Young Cardinals Lyrics 10 years ago
Crisis is still their best album.

I really don't like George's new gruff yelling. Like, he sounds okay but it's too close to Wade. All the vocal styles in Crisis were a perfect mix; George's high screaming, Dallas' perfect clean voice, and Wade's gruffer voice.

It seems like they're almost too concerned with the whole "screamo" thing (George said he wanted to put a knife in screamo). They shouldn't care if people call them screamo. First of all those people are dumbasses, secondly why should you give a shit what any person labels you? You should only care about making music you want and that sounds great. Those dumbasses are winning because you changed your whole sound to "kill" screamo. Ironically, they became worse by completely changing to a more structured punk sound.

Still a good album, just not their best. I also miss the less structured style. They had a few that were structured before but now every fucking song is the same damn style. Intro, Verse chorus, verse chorus, break, outro.

SikTh – Another Sinking Ship Lyrics 10 years ago
Absolutely incredible drumming in this song. I love how he intersperses those certain cymbals (I have no idea what they're called but they sound awesome) throughout this song.

Between the Buried and Me – The Man Land Lyrics 10 years ago
Oh my God, this song is fucking hilarious.


Between the Buried and Me – Informal Gluttony Lyrics 10 years ago
"it about being scared and eating "

You're really showing an insightful point of view. I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Rush – The Twilight Zone Lyrics 10 years ago
I love how in the second verse they have a whispered harmony behind the sung lyrics. It makes it sound a lot creepier.

Pain of Salvation – Kingdom of Loss Lyrics 11 years ago
While it is pretentious, I find it almost entirely true. It's blunt and to the point, a quality great for a song like this.

Pain of Salvation – Cribcaged Lyrics 11 years ago
Quite simply one of the best songs I've ever heard. Newt pretty much nailed the meaning.

Between the Buried and Me – Backwards Marathon Lyrics 11 years ago
"This song is so sick, the soft breakdown is unbelieveable. When Me and a Friend started singing it at football practice it started to rain. It was magical."

LOL that is amazing.

Lacuna Coil – Closer Lyrics 11 years ago
My quick analysis if this is indeed a song about religion (I'm still not even sure though). If they -are- against religion.. well I'm atheist so I might be able to show what they're trying to convey.

"Want to get closer, in too deep
Where there is something I wish for I’ll go through"

Might be saying want to belong to something, but got in too deep in the religion and can't escape it?

"Want to get closer into you
No hell to discover
I’ve got it all inside myself
Salvation you have preached is gone
No way, you can’t turn it around"

Might be saying there is no real hell to find, but it's up here and there is no salvation from it as religions promise.

"Looking for a higher ground
Searching for this something missed before
From a higher ground
Will I fall in a right direction?
(Higher, searching for more)"

Searching for a higher power, and hoping that they'll land on the right religion to obtain it. Basically saying religion is a crap shoot and there is no way to determine which is right.

"Falling apart
There’s nothing real
That will convince me to change but I’ll go through"

Saying there are no real facts and that religion falls apart when you look it logically, but people convert and follow it anyway based on 'faith".

Gallows – In the Belly of a Shark Lyrics 11 years ago
JGB and others who criticized jaiandrews are morons. Seriously, he was obviously joking. I almost pissed myself laughing at his post and orange's post saying Frank was traumatized as a kid by sharks.

Alexisonfire – Mailbox Arson Lyrics 11 years ago
LOL it was so funny reading people's dumb comments about how the song has some fucked up hidden meaning, then people come in who know what they're talking about and just go "It's just about lighting some fucking mailboxes on fire!"

Alexisonfire – Crisis Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree with rockstar. You are an idiot StopDanceGo, and I highly suspect you are an anti-Bush extreme liberal douche who thinks they are so "punk" for hating on oil companies.

Your car might be your death.. it's referencing the people who fucking DIED IN THE FUCKING BLIZZARD IN THEIR CARS so stop disrespecting that by making some bullshit hippy statement about oil consumption.

Tenacious D – The Metal Lyrics 11 years ago
"hm, didnt grunge actually kill metal? y'know... nirvana? i thought they killed hair metal."

Hair metal is a farce. I'm glad it's dead. He's talking about REAL heavy metal. Pantera and others didn't die when Nirvana came along because they were great metal bands, not flashy bullshit hair metal. And while grunge is now dead, metal still lives on.

I love how cheesy this song is and how it's backed by a classic heavy metal guitar riff. And its lyrics are very true. Metal has its down periods but always maintains a steady flow of underground fans to keep it alive. Long live metal!

Soulja Boy – Crank That (Soulja Boy) Lyrics 11 years ago
Ahahahahaha at some morons saying he's the best rapper ever. Wow.

This shit is so terrible. I bet most people just dance to it and don't even know what the lyrics mean. If they did maybe they'd see how fucking stupid it is. He's some 17 year old retard who made some blatantly offensive lyrics because he's immature, threw some crappy beat over it, repeated it 10 times, and people are eating it up. Really shows how idiotic people are these days. If this shit came out in the 80s or 90s, rap fans would fucking laugh this retard off the planet.

Anyone who likes this garbage (outside of liking it for how stupidly funny it is) is not a real music fan. Period.

Akira Yamaoka – I want Love Lyrics 12 years ago
Not just anyone's though, someone specific in her life.

I'm wondering how this song even relates to the game though. Heather mentions no love interest (unless she means her father but the song doesn't really convey a family kind of love >_>)

Dream Theater – Home Lyrics 12 years ago
""he's my brother, but I love her"


What are you "uhhhing" about? He's saying he doesn't want to betray his brother but he loves her so it is a tough choice.

Anyway does anyone know where that little gambling clip is from? I've heard the same clip in the song "Funky Dealer" on the Jet Set Radio Future video game soundtrack.

Alexisonfire – You Burn First Lyrics 12 years ago
There is nothing wrong with this song. Everyone is just hating on it because it's not traditional alexisonfire. It's one of my favourite songs on the album because it's such a nice departure from the rest and it's just really unexpected. I still love the traditional sound, I just like how they can add something totally different in there.

Dream Theater – Sacrificed Sons Lyrics 13 years ago
LaBrie doesn't write very often... I wonder what he does while the other guys write music? Anyway this is one of the few ones he wrote, and I think he did an awesome job, the message is good and he conveys it well in his lyrics..

Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away Lyrics 13 years ago
I've never actually heard this song and I never want to. But I'm laughing at the morons commenting saying it's great. OMG SHE SINGS ABOUT SEX! DAT'S KEWL! Seriously, you people are stupid.

Peaches – Shake Yer Dix Lyrics 13 years ago
These are the stupidest lyrics I've ever read.

Tool – Die Eier Von Satan Lyrics 13 years ago
Why the hell was everyone jumping on the people who referenced Hitler? It's legetimite considering it sounds like someone rallying or something with people cheering and such. It sounds very much like what we've all seen in history class. You all act like it's normal to yell and shit to cheering crowds about recipes for hash cakes or whatever.

Toby Keith – The Taliban Song Lyrics 13 years ago
"Dont you guys have a tree to go hug?
Liberals are all for supporting everyones agenda except the majority's agenda..
i'd write more but i think ill go throw another tire of my tire fire."

The majority of the world's opinion is that Americans are douchebags.

So Liberals in America are actually supporting the majority opinion.

Toby Keith – The Taliban Song Lyrics 13 years ago
Most people in the Middle East had a hard time changing their minds about the old ways. Like women all of a sudden getting all these freedoms. Like when an Afghani woman ran for her country in the Olympics in shorts, fellow Afghani women called her a whore and stuff.

So I'd say he is ignorant for thinking the people necessarily wanted this to happen their entire life.

Dream Theater – Beyond This Life Lyrics 13 years ago
The meaning of the song is pretty obvious.

When I saw the live version on the Budokan, I creamed my pants. The instrumental in the middle is fucking godly.

Dream Theater – Beyond This Life Lyrics 13 years ago
The meaning of the song is pretty obvious.

When I saw the live version on the Budokan, I creamed my pants. The instrumental in the middle is fucking godly.

Zao – Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears Lyrics 13 years ago
The meaning's alreayd been covered, I just wanted to say the intro rules. Especially the part where he goes "your eyes........... YOOOUUURRR EYYYYESSS!"

Underoath – Heart of Stone Lyrics 13 years ago
What I think it means is, some Christians are too extreme and look down on people who don't believe in Christianity, when a true Christian should accept everyone and try to show them the "truth" (I'm athiest so I don't believe that) rather than condemning their enemy to hell, because you shouldn't want someone to go to hell. Wasn't this what Jesus did? Anyway this is just my opinion on the meaning of the song.

Underoath – Burden in Your Hands Lyrics 13 years ago
I used to be pro-choice as well but the pro-lifers make very good points (this song shows examples of that) so I'm kind of undecided now. A lot of people abort just because they think it would make their life crappy instead of thinking about how the baby will turn into a child they will love unconditionally. I think if you abort, you better have a damn good reason to do so.

Underoath – Act of Depression Lyrics 13 years ago
woooo, they weren't all emo and crap before TOCS. They were an awesome metal band. Also, they're saying suicide ISN'T the right way to go. Read the lyrics more carefully and you will see that.

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