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The Phoenix Foundation – Damn the River Lyrics 11 years ago
One of my favourite songs, I'm surprised no one has commented about it before.
If only I can find the guitar tab for this...

The New Pornographers – Loose Translation Lyrics 12 years ago
Good to hear "pop" music that is also very intelligently made (intelligent design anyone? lol)
I agree with the previous two posters. It can either be that certain "education" may be a mistake and/or, that a sheltered education based on "loose translation" (i.e. fundamentalist interpretation of the bible) caused the girl much confusion with the real world.

Great song, catchy as hell.

The Phoenix Foundation – the posh tiger Lyrics 14 years ago
so simple, yet so good

The Phoenix Foundation – All In An Afternoon Lyrics 14 years ago
great song indeed

Akira Yamaoka – You're Not Here Lyrics 14 years ago
SM is great :) it even has this song!

New Order – Crystal Lyrics 14 years ago
touche, but we are talking about magical gangsta "honey" here, right? right?

Bernard Fanning – Songbird Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song as well. It's helping me to get through my breakup lol. Hopefully someone starts discussing the song.

The Kooks – Seaside Lyrics 15 years ago
"slight of hand" should be "sleight of hand". I like what endless drifter said : "I will never forget all those summer nights at the seaside. But I still wonder if it was the shoreline or the girl beside me I fell in love with."

Nada Surf – Always Love Lyrics 15 years ago
by sheslikeohsoemo on 04-18-2006 @ 10:49:25 PM

no, I believe the song means: don't dwell on hating someone because they brought you pain, but love them because it's difficult yet simple to get over it instead of making a mountain out of life.

The Magic Numbers – Forever Lost Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm not gonna listen to this band for a few while now :( , this entire album is my breakup music. My car setero was playing the album when I had to drive my ex home right after we broke up. It was a long drive from the beach house. I love the music, but right now it's just too depressing, it's like being very sad but trying to put on a happy face so one can look into the future

New Order – Sabotage Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree, I love New Order's thick trippy sound

New Order – Crystal Lyrics 15 years ago
Although I simply hate the verse "Here comes love, it's like honey / You can't buy it with money" due to its harsh simplicity, I still retain this song at the top of my New Order's favs. ///

in a sense it's true though. money can make everything seems nice and you can try to persuade youself that you love the person. but it does not the person anymore enjoyable. IMHO Money can buy you a relationship a marriage but not love. although lack of money can certainly kill a relationship and love.

New Order – Confusion Lyrics 15 years ago
yeh the remix is minimalism at its best :)

The Prodigy – Voodoo People Lyrics 15 years ago
Magic people?
sounds more like "Murder people, voodoo people"

Kitaro – Lady Of Dreams Lyrics 15 years ago
wonderful song. I remenber this song since I was little, my dad bought the CD and I knew no English (yeh still quite broken even these days) Jon Anderson (from Yes) 's voice was wonderful.
I'm not so much of a lyrical person, and funny what it mean now (lying naked beside me...) but it's still very beautiful.

PS: SquqAsyS missed out the line
Wanting and dreaming you
"Each time I think of you"

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