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The Paper Kites – Halcyon Lyrics 9 years ago
Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

I think that this song is about a relationship that is drawing to a close, and acknowledging the difficulty of letting go of a love that was once ideal. It seems to me to be to a homage to the beautiful tragedy of lost loves. The couple is not happy in love anymore and it's about recognizing that reality, but acknowledging the fact that they will always have those perfect moments in the past that made their love worthwhile. It's a very beautiful song.

Dan Mangan – Road Regrets Lyrics 11 years ago
I heard this for the first time yesterday. The fact that I specifically sought it out today speaks volumes.

Porcupine Tree – Drawing the Line Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this is about the person in the song being led on by someone they have feelings for, who obviously doesn't want the same thing but uses, and manipulates or leads them on. This is about the person in the song trying to get away from this poisonous relationship and their difficulties with it. The person who is doing the leading is tearing them up, he knows she acts the same way towards others and though he expressed his feelings she was cold and did not respond to him in the same way, so now instead of expressing his feelings he just writes them down etc. She was probably hurt and now just hurts other people instead of letting herself get hurt or feel something real. He put a lot of effort into trying to get reciprocal feelings from her but he knows it will not happen. He is now fed up and wants to put himself first, let go of the things he feels for her, and pull himself out of her grip.

Porcupine Tree – I Drive the Hearse Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it s about a man whose relationship has slipped into a different kind of love than it once was. This song is mainly about guilt, not only of cheating, but about not being able to feel the love that was once between he and his long-term partner, and the sadness of trying to convince himself that it is still "working" whilst knowing that it is not.

The first stanza I think refers to the cold sadness he feels and the temporary freedon that he may gain temporarily through his lover(s), but then he carries that burden with him afterwards as guilt permanently. I think When I'm lost I dig the dirt" refers to drinking and taking lovers when he is sad, thus digging the grave of his already dying relationship. When he fails to be loyal, he is afterwards reminded of his once pristine love and feels more guilty and sad thinking about it.

I think the chorus mainly refers to him torturing himself mentally thinking about his long-term and he short-term relationship(s) and how he and his long-term love can't communicate properly anymore.

I think the bridge refers to him trying to maintain and repair his relationship but knowing in his heart that is it not functional anymore and he is unhappy in it.

The next stanza I think refers to the mundane cycle of his relationship and how he becomes mentally clouded by it and doesn't want to hurt the feelings of the person he is in a relationship with because he cares about her but still feels trapped. I think that "When she cries I take the blame" refers to him thinking about telling her of his infedelity, perhaps in the past, that they have tried to work through, but it just makes him feel like the reason the love between them is gone is his fault. This makes him feel worse and leaves him living with his own mental demons, because he knows they already do not communicate and he doesn't see the merit in trying to communicate properly with, or admit his infedelities to her anymore because he knows nothing will change and they will both just feel worse for it.

I think the very last part refers him knowing they are both feeling trapped by their relationship, not in love, and he tries to feel justified in his actions by convincing himself that he deserves to feel love etc. They both stay in the relationship knowing about their mutual unhappiness, but try to deny it to themselves.

It mkakes him feel like he is dying on the inside becasue he believes this is the way the rest of his life will be lived.

Hopefully someone sees some sense in this response.
I think that DTFANIAM makes a good point.

Tracy Chapman – Devotion Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree, I love this song. It's such a beautiful sound to represent the feeling it portrays.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Can't Let It Go Lyrics 14 years ago
For the line "half the world is begging while the other half steals" I think he is talking about how the dynamics of our society leave everyone wanting in some way, and because we don't know how to change the infrastructure of our relation to the world we have to beg, borrow or steal from one another just to fufill our basic emotional needs. I think he is using the analogy of begging and stealing from eachother to show the internal struggle in our society caused by social status ladders. It also shows how confused and uncomfortable we are knowing this and not being able to change the fact that inequality is abundant ("where did everything go wrong?").

For the line "half the world is sleeping while the other half dreams" I think he is enforcing the views he expressed in the first verse. People are "sleeping" as in people who are complete products of this society and don't recognise this constant struggle, therefore are unable to question it. While others are 'dreaming' as in they recognise the problem but feel insignificant and unable to do anything productive about it so they just wish it away (either turning a blind eye or expressing their frustration through their artwork, haha)

This is a large scale observation of these lyrics, but it can be brought down to smaller, related terms. For instance people in relationships (of many kinds) playing "tit for tat" and miscommunicating.

Silverstein – My Heroine Lyrics 15 years ago
I think it is about a realtionship with a woman and i think he uses heroine as a metaphor to show how he feels trapped in the relationship. He knows he doesn't want to be in this relationships at all but just fells like he can't escape. He's telling himself that he should have the strength to get out, and he knows he will eventually.

Sheepshirts, if I followed your most instructive example I would do nothing but hipocritically bash people for bashing people. Just so you know its not about knowing the answers its about having your own opinions on the song's meaning (s).

opinion A + opinion B = discussion & debate (naturally)

xogivinguponmeox, you need to fully develop an opinion, notice the box says "What does this song mean to you" Most everything has multiple meanings, we want to know what it means to you!

Emery – The Note From Which A Chord Is Built Lyrics 15 years ago
It is not absurd for a Chrsitian band to write a song about God, what is absurd is to assume that everyone interprets the song that way. Afterall, the site says "what does this song mean to you?"

Emery – Listening To Freddy Mercury Lyrics 15 years ago
I have to say kudos to coldcomfort for that last line, it's true it's not anyone's job to make anyone else to believe in God. It certainly dosen't help me to believe in God when people who claim to follow christian principles are harrassing me. To each his own I say, You can follow "the light" all you want, just don't drag me into it!

Eve 6 – Inside Out Lyrics 15 years ago
Woah lugubrious5! Music is definitly art! I almost choked when I read that comment. And as for blueowl92 your "intimidating comment" was laughable to say the least! As for the rest of you who are here to acctually share intelligent opinions, these lyrics are definitly tee-shirt worthy!

Shakira – Hips Don't Lie Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah, I consulted my Mexican friend about the lyircs, llioop is right. I also agree with alphachimera, although the main theme of the song is dancing, I believe its is also about cultural tensions. I love the part when they both say "why the CIA wanna watch us?" I think it sounds really good.

Wyclef Jean – Dance Like This (feat. Claudette Ortiz) Lyrics 15 years ago
I like the version he does with Shakira (hips don't lie)

Shakira – Hips Don't Lie Lyrics 15 years ago
hey I just heard this song for the first time on MTV last night and I instantly liked it, I don't listen to much of her stuff, but maybe I should try it out! lol I'm no spanish teacher or anything but I think 'como se llama bonita me casa su casa' means something like 'as they say, beautiful, my house is your house' I love the orange skirt she is wearing in the video, why can never find nice skirts like that!?

The Goo Goo Dolls – Hate This Place Lyrics 15 years ago
I, however, DO think that this song refers to a relationship. I think the 'place' he is talking about is where he is mentally. My interpretation is he is in love with someone who is just a friend and has so much trouble reading her (hence her being a charade), or they had a relationship, but she considered it less serious than he did and now they are 'just frineds' and he dosen't know how to let her know how he feels. I think the lyrics "hold on dreamaway, you're my sweet charade" are depicting his confusion. I think its like he is trying to keep himslef in check but just can't stop thinking about her and he just deals with the dreams because he knows they will never be a reality.
I love the Goo Goo Dolls.

Coheed and Cambria – Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial) Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow, there are a lot of lyrical mistakes here, as an obsessive Co&Ca fan I am alomst insulted, you know if you listen to the song you can hear what he is really saying..or am I the only one?

Ten speed if I must then I must!

Silverstein – Call It Karma Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree with kails123...definitly reminds me of my last relationship god I love Silverstien, seeing them play in a few with TLU!!

Mad At Gravity – Walk Away Lyrics 15 years ago
I also agree this song is about a failing relationship.
I think he feels like he loves her more than she does him. To him it feels like she is totally ignorant of the things he tries to do for her. He knows the end is near and feels like she dosen't care. As much as he wants it to work, he knows it just isn't going to no matter how much he tries.
I love this band's style.

Mad At Gravity – In Vain Lyrics 15 years ago
These guys are inspiring. To me this feels bitter and void, it seems he feels like he is falling apart, and feels regretful. Great band for sure!

Silverstein – Red Light Pledge Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this song could be interpreted a few ways there are two situations i think of when i hear it either the person cheated one someone who they really cared about and are tearing themselves up about how they wish they could say somehing but it would ruin everything so they are just living with a guilty concious until thier lover found out about it from someone else and everything was ruined or two people liked eachother but one wouldn't confess it possibly because of some social influence and then once they get themselves together they realise it is too late because the other person has moved on and they are left to regret not listening to thier feelings when it mattered. The first situation is decribed by the song better, but i like the second one. anyway i love everything by silverstein!!

Silverstein – Smile In Your Sleep Lyrics 16 years ago
I LOVE SILVERSTEIN!! they rock, thier new album is just as good as the first, and they are wicked in person!

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