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Todd Rundgren – Love Is The Answer Lyrics 17 years ago
Many people missed the Christian element in Todd's lyrics. "Light of the world" is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the one who told us to "love one another," not as a command to serve others only, but as a way of rising above our circumstances and finding a life that matters above what we would otherwise choose for ourselves.

Christ brings us freedom from our binding sin, and it is only when we are free from it that we can truly love others with no concern for ourselves; unconditional love.

The references to the dying planet and being homeless are pointed at the way Christians refer to being sojourners of this world while awaiting their return to the Kingdom of Heaven where they have eternal citizenship.

The "man in your heart" is the Holy Spirit who lives in the hearts of all believers.

Todd Rundgren did a lot of writing of lyrics for Utopia and they had several songs that refer to Christ's love (Rock Love, Love is the Answer) and even mention Satan in one song, quoting Christ, "get thee behind me, Satan."

Peter Gabriel and U2 are two other artists that used Christ's message as the basis of their lyrical messages of love, peace, and spiritual freedom. They get the fact that Christ did not come to create religion, as people have done so poorly, but He came to invite us into a relationship with Him that feeds us love, grace, forgiveness, healing, joy, peace, and a truly great life. Don't follow other people's ideas, ask the One who came back from the grave - ask Him directly to show Himself to you and see what happens. Todd, Peter, and Bono know what He says.

Mark Knopfler – Speedway At Nazareth Lyrics 17 years ago
I appreciate Glenn1963 clearing up the whole NASCAR/Earnhardt confusion. This song is about the 2001 CART racing season. It is fictional though. No one ran at Long Beach with "three cracked vertebrae" that year, or any year that I could find in extensive research. But, I do believe Mark Knopfler did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the CART driver mindset. The season is a grind, with mishaps and blown motors ruining your run when all else seems to be going well.

The championship chase is largely a survival and endurance ordeal for the mid to lower-echelon car/driver teams.

The reverence for Indy is right on target. There is so much to learn from every veteran you can corner for a beer or coffee, and every practice lap. Try going 230mph and make a nano mistake - you are toast.

Scott Dixon ran in the CART races in 2001, but his victory at Nazareth came in early May (6th), before Indy. He finished on the lead lap at Toronto and Mid-Ohio, so he must not have hit the wall hard enough to make it hurt.

But, as a fan of open-wheel racing, I must congratulate Mark on giving me a glimpse of the grind that drivers feel as they go through a season. Just to keep at it and take away the one time you made no mistake as the shining moment, that is why so few can do what these guys do. (Sorry, Danika).

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