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U2 – Beautiful Day Lyrics 10 years ago
Amen to that!

America – Sister Golden Hair Lyrics 10 years ago
I've enjoyed reading all your comments on the meaning of this delightlful diddy. Some very insightful stuff here, but to me it's pretty straight-forward. Here goes:

This guy is madly in love with a girl who is very religious, hence the endearment "sister" which Christians use all the time ("brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus"). He knows that to win her love, he will have to show up at Church on Sunday and at least "pretend" that he's a believing Christian. He TRIED to do it, but after getting dressed up for Church on Sunday he realized that he couldn't "fake it". So he "got undressed", that is he changed out of his Church clothes and decided to stay home. He will see her at work or school on Monday instead. He loves her dearly, but he just can't bring himself to play the Christian "game" (as he sees it). Because he doesn't go to see her at Church, he doesn't talk to her much and he is "too, too hard to find". He wants her to meet him "in the middle", that is "please let me date you and THEN you will see what a wonderful guy I am and how much I love you... but for God's sake DON'T expect me to do the Church thing to win you over".

In short, he LOVES her virtues, but HATES her pretentious piety. And that's it.

Jethro Tull – Living In The Past Lyrics 11 years ago
Beautiful piece of music; love the 5/4 time signature. As for the lyrics, this was written in 1969 during the height of the Vietnam War...and for this reason it immediately became a war protest song. Two portions of the lyrics stand out to me; the first is right at the beginning:

Happy and I'm smiling,
walk a mile to drink your water.
You know I'd love to love you,
and above you there's no other.

These lines remind me of the Woman at the Well in the gospels, who discovers that Jesus Christ is the TRUE, LIVING water of LIFE. Jesus Christ is God incarnate, and nobody is "above" Him! Hence, the lyrics immediately tell us that the Way of Peace and Love is ABOVE all else.

The second part that stands out to me is:

Once I used to join in
every boy and girl was my friend.
Now there's revolution, but they don't know
what they're fighting.

In other words, "I once just went along with the crowd, but NOW I follow Christ...because the (war protesters) crowd has NO IDEA who they are actually fighting (no, not just Nixon, but actually Satan himself). If they knew just how HUGE this battle was, they'd realize that victory against the madness of war can ONLY be won through JESUS CHRIST".

Unfortunately (as Tull points out), the hippie war protesters of yesterday did NOT (for the most part) follow Christ. They eventually became the materialistic Yuppies and NeoCons who have perpetuated conflicts all over the world since then. Meet the new boss...same as the old boss.

The ANSWER is to go back to the well in ancient Canaan where Jesus is still preaching. The LIVING water of LIFE. And THAT'S what "Living in the Past" means to me!

The Yardbirds – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Lyrics 11 years ago
Actually, when I first heard this song as a teeny-bopper (not many years after it was recorded) I thought it was rather innocent. I think that's the spirit it was written in AT THAT TIME. Now however, I have to admit it DOES sound rather perverse. Rather sad, actually...that the world has lost its innocence.

The Cowboy Junkies – Hold on to me Lyrics 11 years ago
This is a BEAUTIFUL song, softly and expertly sung by Margo Timmins. It's about getting the most out of EVERY moment of your life by taking the time to properly observe and appreciate all that is around you. Most of us rush through life like cars speeding down a highway, ignoring what is on the left and right and focusing ONLY on our present destination. The line "Hold on to me" is equivalent to "take time to smell the roses". Listen to your partner, to those around you. Take the TIME to really HEAR THEM. Breathe deep, soak in the stuff of LIFE. Life is NOT about "getting things" or "going somewhere"; it's about EXPERIENCING all that it means to be ALIVE. This way of living is "slippery as it is rare" because we all experience it only BRIEFLY from time to time (Sunday afternoons?). So sad, but so true.

The Cowboy Junkies – Bread And Wine Lyrics 12 years ago
Waking up on the morning after your wedding day is a terrible time to suddenly realize that, deep down, you really wanted to be a Nun.

The Cowboy Junkies – Musical key Lyrics 12 years ago
Some poetry describes a perfect ideal, and does it perfectly. This is a shining example. And, to top it all off, it's expertly sung by Margo Timmins. Her soft, exquisite voice expresses the thought perfectly... when I hear her sing that very last line it sounds like the voice of an angel. For a brief second or two, I am actually in heaven. One of my favourite Junkies tracks.

The Cowboy Junkies – Angel mine Lyrics 12 years ago
A very beautiful song about enduring love. The Junkies at their best.

The Cowboy Junkies – A common disaster Lyrics 12 years ago
A very poetic comment on the fact that most relationships fail. For one reason or another, they all end up being "Common Disasters". Especially these days. That being said, we should all bear in mind that it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. So... "Won't you share a common disaster... share with me a common disaster?" Well, as long as it's Margo Timmins who's asking... SURE! You can count me in!

Traffic – John Barleycorn Lyrics 12 years ago
Yes, superficially it IS about making beer. But the process is tied to the parable of Christ. "Unless a grain of wheat (or barley!) dies, it just remains a single grain. But IF it dies, it gives rise to thousands more just like it". So the process of making spirits (like beer) is paralleled with the process of being reborn in the spirit! As Benjamin Franklin once said "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!". Amen!

Renaissance – Carpet Of The Sun Lyrics 12 years ago
This is a beautiful song about the beauty of life. YOU are ONE with your surroundings... what part do you CHOOSE to play? The music is first-rate, and expertly played. Annie Haslam sings the lyric with such joyful feeling! It's the PERFECT tune to start your perfect day.

Blackmore's Night – World of Stone Lyrics 12 years ago
First post? Sincere thanks to Lizziely for posting this lovely ballad. One of my favourites by Blackmore's Night. Candice Night wrote and sings these inspirational lyrics, and Ritchie Blackmore painted the perfect musical canvas to accompany them. The song clearly speaks deeply to what Lincoln called "the better angels of our nature" and asks us to fight the good fight for what is right and true in this darkening world. The medieval tone is rich, and this song could easily have been used on the sound track for the Lord of the Rings movie... with spectacular effect. Stand tall in the face of evil!

U2 – Breathe Lyrics 12 years ago
Theresa1, I'm not even sure if Bono was targeting JW's in particular... but now that you've raised the subject, let's take a look shall we?

The JW's Watchtower Society has been selling GLOOM & DOOM for over a HUNDRED YEARS now. And what's their prophecy record? ZERO PERCENT! They predicted Armageddon would take place in 1914. Didn't happen. Then again in 1925. Didn't happen. In 1938 they said Armageddon was "too close for child bearing". Didn't happen. In 1942 they said Armageddon was "immediately before us". Didn't happen. In 1968 they said Armageddon would happen "with certainty" in 1975. Didn't happen. In 1984, they said there were "many indications" that "the end" would happen before the end of the twentieth century. Didn't happen. So, pray tell, what date are they giving us now? Forget it; I don't need to know... and neither does Bono. (And YOU have the nerve to rant about false prophets?!)

U2 – Get On Your Boots Lyrics 12 years ago
What? No comments yet from Theresa1? Thanks be to God!!! (Oh, yeah... the song... well the album needed a frivolous track, and this one is it. It's got my daughter shakin' her ass anyway...)

U2 – Breathe Lyrics 12 years ago
Theresa1... Please listen, sister. Please. I've been where you are now. A few years ago I almost became a JW. But this Easter, by the grace of God, I will officially received into the Catholic church. Please listen to me, sister. You have a demon that I once had... before the love of Christ cast it out of me. Please listen sister. When God first made this world, he called it GOOD. So you must realize that there are TWO sides to every coin. Please STOP looking ONLY at what's WRONG, and what's EVIL. Start looking to the GOOD in EVERYTHING... because that's where you will find Him. Take a walk through the Stations of the Cross, sister. Why? Because when you can still see past the evil of men's actions on that fateful day, yo will FULLY understand why we call it GOOD FRIDAY.

Stop being a Pharisee. Look WITHIN. Be a Christian.

U2 – Moment Of Surrender Lyrics 13 years ago
For me, the crux of the meaning of this track occurs at:

"I was punching in the numbers at the ATM machine
I could see in the reflection
A face staring back at me
At the moment of surrender
Of vision over visibility..."

Vision over visibility. Visually there's nothing special here... unless you are aware of the VISION of prophecy about this event. Almost 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ revealed to His favourite disciple, St. John, that a day would come when nobody in this world would be able to buy or sell without first receiving a mark or number:

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." - Rev. 13:16-17

I think about this every time I use an ATM. The first thing I do is insert my "number" (on my card) with my RIGHT HAND. But this alone isn't enough. I still cannot make a financial transaction until I enter another NUMBER... my PIN (Personal Identification Number), which only exists in one place... in MY FOREHEAD. It sends chills down my spin every time I do it, because it makes me realize that Jesus KNEW this 2000 years ago... JESUS IS GOD. My moment of surrender.

U2 – Stand Up Comedy Lyrics 13 years ago
Oh, almost forgot to talk about the MUSIC. I love this tune, because the rhythm and time changes make you want to get up, jump and shout for joy! It MOVES. There are many great tracks on "No LIne on the Horizon", but this one is rapidly becoming my favourite!

U2 – Stand Up Comedy Lyrics 13 years ago
historybuff... I think you nailed it. Well said! This song isn't anti-christian at all, it's just telling us to LIVE our faith rather than spending endless amounts of time trying to analyze it. Get over certainty... God is LOVE. Start LIVING it! (And by the way Theresa1, I have nothing against those who feel close to God in your particular church my sister... but you'll win more souls over to God through ACTION than you will through books, words and debates... and THAT'S what this tune is all about!)

U2 – No Line On The Horizon Lyrics 13 years ago
"No Line On the Horizon" is an expression which indicates that a journey is far from completion. Which journey? THE journey. The journey of LIFE, both individually and collectively. The "sea" is our collective consciousness. The surface waves are conscious thoughts, the underlying depths are the collective subconsciousness. Bono is a Catholic, and therefore he sees this consciousness as a woman, namely MARY. It's MARY that allows him to see the entire universe in proper perspective ("Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is WITH THEE..."). Acting with this world view, Bono has allowed his persona to be used as a social "traffic cop", constantly applying religion to politics. Hatching "plots and schemes" to address the rulers and leaders of the world, and to bring them to social justice. But the world's so messed up... he often feels that HE is the one who wants to run away from it all...

U2 – White As Snow Lyrics 13 years ago
That comment about Bono saying it's the thoughts of a soldier dying in Afghanistan is very interesting. In any case, we all have to remember that Bono is Catholic... so to unlock the lyrics to any U2 song, we need to use the Keys of Peter. Here goes: The "Lamb as white as snow" is Jesus Christ. When "the land was flat" and the "highway was straight and wide" life was easy. I think this reflects a care-free youth. But, as we grow older, the roads of life become more difficult. The ways to sin become uncountable, and before we realize it... we have strayed far, far away from the life God had in mind for us. The "dry ground bears no fruit at all". So, how do we get back to the life that God intended for us? We must be washed "white as snow in the blood of the Lamb" (Rev. 7:14) which is the forgiveness that ONLY comes through Jesus Christ. It's not only what Afghanistan needs, it's what the WHOLE WORLD needs!

U2 – Unknown Caller Lyrics 13 years ago
Okay Stillwater, how about this interpretation:

"Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth." - Psalm 46:10

Concise enough for you?

U2 – Breathe Lyrics 13 years ago
This track is about ignoring all the "gloom and doom" hype in the media and in the sales pitches that are thrown at us every day. Fear is the weapon that enemy uses against those who do not yet know the love of Jesus Christ. "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." - 1 John 4:18

U2 – Magnificent Lyrics 13 years ago
A big "Thank You" to Charloch (above) for clearly expressing the meaning to this beautiful track. Yes, if you are a Christian who walks in the faith, there are things your ears hear that others simply cannot. Bono is a Catholic, and he KNOWS that this universe was created by a being of pure LOVE... and that this love was manifested to the world in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. MAGNIFICENT!

Cream – Politician Lyrics 13 years ago
The perfect Cream tune for North American airwaves this Fall... given that there are elections to be decided in both the U.S. and Canada. The message is simple: Politicians are ALL crooks and they only serve THEMSELVES!

jumperdancer: Bruce was playing near my home in August too... but I MISSED IT. I'm glad to hear he's STILL sounding great. Rock on Jack!!!!

Chicago – Make Me Smile Lyrics 13 years ago
I absolutely LOVE this track! Whenever it comes over the car radio I crank it up to full volume... because IT MAKES ME SMILE!

I think it's about a man who misses the woman he loves because she has died. When he feels lonely and sad he closes his eyes to think of her intently. As the trials of life continue to plague him, this is his only remaining source of joy. Living and thinking in this world (like the children he's watching are doing) just doesn't do anything for him anymore. But when he closes his eyes and recalls how much he loved her... how much she loved him, he is lifted emotionally and spiritually to a higher plane of existence and he can "cry sweet tears of joy... touch the sky!". It's Heaven!

Neil Young – Harvest Moon Lyrics 13 years ago
My wife LOVES to dance to this tune... and I have to admit I do too. We've been married 23 years, and I think it's become OUR song. The sound is so INCREDIBLE, the lyric is so honest and simple... it exudes ROMANCE. Definitely one of Neil's best!

Neil Young – Rockin' in the Free World Lyrics 13 years ago
The theme of this song? "Freedom" and "responsiblity" are two side of the SAME coin; you can't have one without the other. The more we crap all over our freedom and abuse it, the more the government has to enact new laws, rules and regulations to keep us in line. We all lose.

What I love about Neil is that he's a very sensible man with a head on his shoulders. He's very quick to point out injustice, but he doesn't wade into the political theatre to promote himself. He's outspoken (against Nixon, the KKK or Bush for example), but humble. Like I said, a very wise man.

The Animals – Sky Pilot Lyrics 13 years ago
Now in Sept. 2008, when I hear this song I can't help but think of Presidential Candidate John McCain (a former Vietnam War pilot)!!!

I remember hearing this song on the radio when I was a kid and the Vietnam War was still on. Yes, I think it's an anti-war song, but it also pokes fun at those who feel that God leads America into battle. My only defense for those who may think that way is that the Bible (in the original Hebrew) clearly says "Thou shalt not MURDER". Killing to defend one's self, or to defend one's nation from attack is not only permitted, but is sometimes actually commanded by God in the Bible. So The Animals anti-war "bullet" has missed the mark! Oh, well... it's still a fun song to listen to!

Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi Lyrics 13 years ago
My favourite line is:

"They took all the trees
Put 'em in a tree museum
And they charged all the people
A dollar and a half just to see 'em!"

...because that's a VERY CANADIAN view of the dangers of raw, unbridled capitalism! Joni, you're a genius!!!

Okay everyone, there's a KEY to understanding part of this song that you will not get unless you lived in Toronto, Canada (like I did) back in the 1970's. The POLICE CARS at that time in Toronto were YELLOW (with a single cherry red light on top). This is the "BIG YELLOW TAXI" that Joni is referring to in the song (Joni has explained this). The conclusion? Her boyfriend didn't just take off... he was ARRESTED by the Police. Who knows, maybe it was following an environmental protest of some sort...

Spirit – Nature's Way Lyrics 13 years ago
This song was written when the environmental movement was in its infancy. Back in the 1960's we were still dumping raw sewage and industrial waste straight into the Great Lakes, etc. This song is an environmental protest song... akin to Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" (they paved paradise and put up a parking lot!).

Spirit – Mr. Skin Lyrics 13 years ago
This is gonna sound really weird but whenever I've heard this song over the (many, many) years I've always thought "Mr. Skin is a PENIS". Read it over again... makes sense, doesn't it!?

Spirit – I Got A Line On You Lyrics 13 years ago
I remember back in the 60's when my older brother brought this album home from the store... "Spirit: The Family that Plays Together". And this track "I Got A Line On You" was the opening number... ah, yes... I remember jumping around the livingroom to this very spirited, upbeat sound wave many times. I remember thinking they were like a cross between the Beach Boys and the Beatles.

The weird thing is, I've heard this track again being played in the background very recently... once in an episode of "Two and Half Men", and the other time in a bar scene near the beginning of the movie "21".

True talent never dies...

The Yardbirds – Train Kept A Rollin' Lyrics 13 years ago
Yes livelongconrad, I read that too. It WAS the very first song Led Zeppelin ever played together. Their first scheduled jam was at Jimmy Page's place, and naturally he started in on some of his Yardbirds repertoire... he started playing the opening riff and, the song being very well known at the time, the others just jumped right in! Seems the "train kept a rollin" for some 12 years after that!!!

The Yardbirds – Dazed and Confused Lyrics 13 years ago
Mr. No Name has it correct, lyrics and all. I have the original recording on vinyl and it's called "I'm Confused". Sort of a "Dazed and Confused" prototype... high on creativity, but low on production!

The Yardbirds – Evil Hearted You Lyrics 13 years ago
Remember that beautiful gem that got dropped into the ocean in the movie "Titanic"? That's what this track reminds me of... an incredibly beautiful GEM that tragically got lost in the shuffle! It has a haunting rhythm to it, and the backing vocals sound like mystic chanting from another age. A first-class production to be sure.

The meaning? Every guy gets it, I'm sure. Here's the part that says it all:

You kept
Kidding me along
With your phoney smile
And with
Your siren song
Smiling, beguiling
You lead me on 'til all hope's gone
Persuading, degrading
On my knees I try to please

Yes, there are some girls who are so captivatingly sexy, they can MAKE you a virtual slave to their hypnotic power... and even though you KNOW they're no good (down right EVIL in fact), you're helplessly in love (well, undying lust anyway!).

The Yardbirds – Over, Under, Sideways, Down Lyrics 13 years ago
This was the title track to one of their best albums (which I happen to have an original copy of in near-mint condition!). A very well written piece that literally makes you want to jump around over, under, sideways and down! The cover features all "five" Yardbirds (for some reason the manager insisted on FIVE) the line up which includes BOTH Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. The thing is Page DOES NOT appear on the recording. He had just joined the band after the recording was "in the can", but before the release date... hence he made the cover only. He's wearing a black sport jacket with an embroidered symbol of Neptune on the lapel. If you know anything about Neptune's influence on art, just apply it to the Yardbirds and... Voila! Led Zeppelin!

The Yardbirds – Shapes Of Things Lyrics 13 years ago
A real ripper. This is one of those rare gems that STILL sounds GREAT over 40 years later! Jeff Beck is superb on guitar here, pushing the heavy rock envelope and taking the Yardbirds to places they'd never been before...

I had always thought the line went:

Now the trees are almost green,
But will they still be seen
Where diamonds might have been?

Instead of "When time and tide have been"... oh well, I suppose I've been singing it wrong all these years!!! In any case the meaning is clear: Will I grow up to change the world for the better, or am I just going to toe the line and let things continue to get worse?

Bob Dylan – Gotta Serve Somebody Lyrics 13 years ago
Dylan's mind is crystal clear genius, and when he chose to apply it to Christianity he truly wrote some amazing stuff. Cavern (above) mentioned John Lennon's parody "Serve Yourself!". As big a Beatle's fan as I am, even I have to say that's where Lennon loses me. Sure, I believe in the anti-war message, and the world's-too-small-for-hate message... but as a Christian I believe that ONLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST can save us from ourselves! Lennon's atheism was (and is) a dead end road. Besides, the Bible teaches us that Satan represents the love of the SELF... so what Lennon really said was SERVE SATAN. I agree with Dylan here... it's either THE LORD or SATAN; there's NO middle road. We flip our allegiance back and forth from one thought to the next each and every day. It's an on-going battle! To master life is to slowly train one's mind to ALWAYS think thoughts that SERVE THE LORD... "Thy will be done..."

Bob Dylan – Trouble Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this heavy blues tune. The endless marching 4/4 beat sounds like trouble ready to trample you down! The grinding guitar riff is overlayed with another moaning, wailing guitar for spectacular effect. Written during Dylan's "Christian" phase, this tune is about a world breaking down without God.

Bob Dylan – Every Grain of Sand Lyrics 13 years ago
I can't believe how few people have commented on this BEAUTIFUL song. This is a Dylan MASTERPIECE, and exceeds almost anything else he's done, including Knocking on Heaven's Door and such. The lyrics are brilliant, the solemn blues beat is melodic, and the harmonica is (in true Dylan style) lazily simple, effortless... and PERFECT! This is a great tune to listen to at the end of a busy day when you want to unwind. The ONLY reason ore people haven't heard it is because it was released on the "Shot of Love" album during Dylan's "Christian" phase... a time when die-hard fans abandoned him, and "real" Christians didn't dare climb on board. So sad... and too bad... because it's Dylan AT HIS FINEST. Period.

Cat Stevens – But I Might Die Tonight Lyrics 13 years ago
Another superb track on the "Tea For the Tillerman" album. This song is NOT a rejection of religion. It's a rejection of materialism, and the 20th century American "gotta get a slice of the pie" materialist work ethic. It's about growing up SPIRITUALLY and realizing that life is so much more than just "doing time" at a hard job in order to be able to "get stuff". I was about 13 when this album came out and I used to play this track over and over again at full volume. The result? I'm a responsible husband and father of two who spends BALANCED time between work and family. Thanks Cat!

Cat Stevens – Moonshadow Lyrics 13 years ago
I actually remember singing this tune in grade school music class not long after it first came out! Back then, I simply thought it was simply a weird way to look at unfortunate circumstances. Now that I'm much older, my mind overanalyzes it to death... NOW I think being "followed by a moon shadow" is a clear reference to Cat Stevens silently contemplating a conversion to Islam. Although I'm a commited Christian myself, I have to say I LOVE Cat Stevens' songs and I have tremendous respect for him as a musician. I once heard that he was turned down as a candidate for Cleveland's Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame simply because he's a Muslim now and no longer in the music biz! What a shame! Elvis isn't in the music biz anymore and they'd never think of getting rid of him... which can ONLY mean that Cat was turned down simply because he's a Muslim! Well, he's in my Hall of Fame, that's for sure!

Bob Dylan – In the Summertime Lyrics 13 years ago
I really like this song. It's got a lullabye feel to it and the vocals are great. The lyrics are pretty obvious; Dylan is equating the season of Summer with the presence of Christ in his life. (This also explains why nobody has bothered to comment on it yet; the rockers think Dylan's dabbling in Christianity is so "NOT cool", and the Christians think Dylan's "conversion" is so "NOT real". As for me... I just focus on the ART. I like SOME of Dylan's stuff, and this is one of them!)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) (Looking Glass cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
Haven't heard the Chili Peppers cover yet, but I LOVE the original version by Looking Glass. It was written and sung by the guitarist, Elliot Lurie, and the character "Brandy" is loosely based on a girl he knew with a similar sounding name. To me, "Brandy" is a beautiful but sad story of a "fine girl" who is in love with a man who can't put her first in his own life. Nevertheless, he's an "honest man" who always tells the truth. The paradox is that as soon as this guy gives up his career for her, he ceases to be the man she fell in love with! So, instead, she decides to see him whenever she can and just love him in her memory the rest of the time. A poetic tragedy.

Led Zeppelin – Nobody's Fault but Mine Lyrics 14 years ago
Did Zeppelin get their inspiration from Blind Willie Johnson? Perhaps, but so what? No man is an island. The old blues masters like Johnson, Willie Dixon (whom I've seen perform), Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, etc. ALL received their inspiration from the old Negro spirituals sung in the cotton fields during the days of slavery. And THOSE men got THEIR inspiration from church hymns written by evangelical reformers like John Wesley and others back in the late 1700's and early 1800's. And THEY got their inspiration from the Bible, which is the Word of God as dictated by the Holy Spirit. So Zeppelin didn't rip off anybody... at lest no more than anybody else did. Besides, THEIR version is as different from BWJ's as red is from orange.

Lastly, I STILL INSIST that the guitar riff is meant to imitate the sound of a whip, and Plant's cry is meant to be the sound of someone being whipped. How so? Because the connection is found in Jimmy Page's fascination with the occultist Aleister Crowley. Back in the 1930's, Crowley ran a cult commune in Sicily where members were FORBIDDEN from uttering the words "I", "me" or "mine". All conversation between members could only occur with reference to "we" and "us". Initiates who continued to use the words "I", "me" or "mine" were horse whipped by Crowley. That's what Page and Plant are doing in the song, and the whipping doesn't stop until Plant leaves out the word "mine"... thus ending the song by saying only "nobody's fault!".

Led Zeppelin – Royal Orleans Lyrics 14 years ago
Relax everybody! Yes,it WAS Jonesy who picked up the transvestite... but it was a MISTAKE. Hence the lyric "Be careful how you choose it".

Led Zeppelin – For Your Life Lyrics 14 years ago
One of my favourite tracks from "Presence"... I knew it was about coke but I was never able to pin down the exact lyrics (Plant was singing whilst in a wheelchair when the album was being recorded). A thank you to kevin for spelling it all out... it makes perfect sense now. Zeppelin first played this tune live at the Dec. 10/07 reunion concert at the O2 in London... and NAILED IT. I always find it amazing how Page can make one guitar sound like two on the bridge! Can you say "Magick"?

Cream – Mother's Lament Lyrics 14 years ago
A marvelous little ditty that captures the rich humour and witt of English culture, adding a final, flavourful touch to a brilliant album (Disraeli Gears). "C'mon lads, bring your pints over to the piano here for a bit'ova sing-song!" It's genius! I used to sing this song to my kids when they were bathing in the tub, and they'd laugh themselves silly. No doubt they'll pass it on to the next generation...

Cream – Dance The Night Away Lyrics 14 years ago
Well the meaning of the lyrics is quite plain (I think that first word is "Gonna", not "Goner") but nobody's commented on the music yet... so I will. The ethereal guitar bursts here are superb and extremely innovative for their time (1967). You literally get the feeling of soaring high up through the clouds when you here this tune. It's one of the album's (Disraeli Gears) better tracks, and that's really saying something!

Cream – Blue Condition Lyrics 14 years ago
Ginger Baker's lyrics are usually way out there, but this sensible little tune is pretty straight forward. The message is simple: Life is what YOU CHOOSE to make it... so if you're feeling blue, examine YOURSELF.

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