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Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is from Highlander...
Highlander is about a person who cannot die (until he gets is head chopped off ). He has to watch his wife die of old age - yet he still looks young as he did when he first met her many years before. Its all about how short a time you have with other people that you love when you get to live forever - and whats the point if you live forever but they can't, so why would you want to?

Queen – The Invisible Man (12" version) Lyrics 16 years ago
it also sounds llike they are saying freddy krueger... not freddie mercury :)

Queen – Rain Must Fall Lyrics 16 years ago
The song is about no matter how perfect someones life is - things can go wrong. (and the lyrics written there are wrong - it says Flo Jo aka Florence Joiner - the runner who won races at the olypics then died suspiciouly - not Flow John)

Queen – Princes Of The Universe Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is great! I listened to it before every exam at uni - and now I listen to it before job interviews - or any other time I need a confidence boost. Its all about being better than everybody else, and being a winner (so great to sing to if you need to build your confidence up).

Queen – Keep Yourself Alive Lyrics 16 years ago
I like this song... it just means that no matter what you do, it doesn't really matter anyway, so just do what you want. It's a "what's the point?" kind of song.

Queen – Don't Loose Your Head Lyrics 16 years ago
The song's written for the movie Highlander - the way to win is to not lose your head...

Queen – Sail Away Sweet Sister Lyrics 16 years ago
I reckon this song is about someone who is probably a pretty close friend of the person singing. Most likely someone they grew up with and so is like a sister to them (but not an actual sister). The 'sister' is most probably a few years younger, and the singer grew up and fell in love with her, but she grew up and he never told her, though it looks like she probably fell in love with someone else, then she left.

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