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Eagles of Death Metal – San Berdoo Sunburn Lyrics 12 years ago
anyone else reminded of the liqour-store-robbing couple from the beginning of Pulp Fiction?

Pop Will Eat Itself – Ich Bin Ein Auslander Lyrics 12 years ago
after the voice says "you call us", half of the time that voice says something else that overlaps the singer. i'm pretty sure it's "monsters", which makes sense.

by the way, i can't decide whether this song is horrible or fantastic.

Atmosphere – Watch Out Lyrics 12 years ago
oh DAMN! best dis-rap i've ever heard.

Murder by Death – The Devil Drives Lyrics 12 years ago
i love how this song closes the album with a message of hope. it just confirms that this is one of the best albums ever to listen to all at once.

Murder by Death – Organ Grinder Lyrics 13 years ago
i consider this an anthem for the less fortunate. they get a bad lot in life, but for one night, they get to be on top. something like that.

They Might Be Giants – Mammal Lyrics 13 years ago
no comments? on the best song ever? my god, you should be ashamed of yourselfs.
anyway, this song gives me the feel of a wes anderson movie. brilliant all around.

Murder by Death – Raw Deal Lyrics 13 years ago
if i had to guess, i would say this song's about the slaghter of the native americans. some of them native americans, the song's narrators, sold out the rest and are now paying the price.

Murder by Death – Shiola Lyrics 13 years ago
i agree with the dead-famliy thing, but did anyone else notice the creaking at the end, indicating (to me at least) that
he hung himself.

The 69 Eyes – Lost Boys Lyrics 13 years ago
man, i just heard this on sirius, and i was blown away! great fusion of modern rock and classic 80's cheesyness. great movie too.

Mortiis – Smell The Witch Lyrics 13 years ago
wow. y'know, i like Mortiis, and this song has some great music, but these lyrics my be the worst i have ever heard. ever. i mean, it's not just the lyrics, but he sings them in such a irrrelivant fashion that it butchers anything good in the words. his voice is good, but maybe this song should have waited for the next album when he could get some lyrics that don't suck.

Rob Zombie – Dead Girl Superstar Lyrics 13 years ago
the bits of dialoge in the song are from the Issac Hayes film "Truck Turner" (i hope i'm getting this right)

Thursday – Division St. Lyrics 13 years ago
i got a different feel from this song.
before i knew the real lyrics, this song told me a very, very sad story.
i heard the acoustic version off of the Masters of Horror soundtrack, and i took from it (for some reason) a story about a young man in ww2 britan visiting his girlfriend, who he just broke up with. however, as he rushes to her house (on division st.) the sirens signaling a bombing raid go off. in ww2 britan, when a plane may have been about to attack, everyone would shut off all of their lights to make themselves less of a target. so as the boy runs up to her door, the sirens go off, the lights all shut off, and the bombs come, killing everyone living in division st. of course, if the boy wasn't visting his girlfriend, he wouldn't have died.
now i see that couldn't be farther from the truth, but its still a nice story.

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