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Led Zeppelin – Since I've Been Loving You Lyrics 14 years ago
Wow I'm amazed this song still continues to "touch" those who need it the most. This song is the culmination of what Led Zeppelin the band represents. This is music was created to express the band's torments,but instead it has projected the bands music talents at its fullest.

Led Zeppelin – Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Lyrics 14 years ago
This was one of our first song that completely contrasted with our other songs. Some of you are correct in seeing the connections between slave folk music and this song. At first it was just a Blues Medley, but then we decided to try something different. It was then we found the potential in empowering the acoustic guitar.

Led Zeppelin – Achilles Last Stand Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm impressed with what everyone thought about this song. It was by far my personal favorite to play in concert. For fun, we would take up the tempo a tad bit . Robert really loved that song as did Bonzo.

Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song Lyrics 14 years ago
I like the way this one turned out.We hit a couple of rough spots with criticism, but we manged to do what we enjoy doing making beautiful music to those who need it.

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