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Jimmy Fallon – Idiot Boyfriend Lyrics 20 years ago
this is the best and he is cute and very funnie :-D

Lifer – Breathless Lyrics 20 years ago
they are really big in my hometown cuz that*s where they are from..which is cool b/c this is the 1st band i no of that i have heard b4 they were famous..the DJ of the station i listen to loves this band so they are on there all the time..whcih is awesome

John Mellencamp – Jack and Diane Lyrics 20 years ago
i think it*s about treasuring when you*re young b/c one day you will grow up and wish you did more when you were young. and that you should hang on to your relationships when you are young.

2Gether – Before We Say Goodbye Lyrics 20 years ago
my fave 2GE+HER song and i luv them all they are my fave band and i would do anything to have met michael b4 he died

The Supremes – Stop! In the Name of Love Lyrics 20 years ago
i luv this song

Blink-182 – M+M's Lyrics 20 years ago
i luv this song...and i luv blink

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