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KT Tunstall – False Alarm Lyrics 16 years ago
"put this thing to bed" - maternal imagery. "drugged it in its sleep" - suggestions of abortion, particularly from the reference to sleep, contrasting with the word "drugged" to make the process seem more humane and peaceful. "Expecting you to send for me" points at an ended relationship. Other baby/pregnancy lines, "it hasnt got a name", the vain hope that it is a "false alarm", and "comfortable to keep it". perhaps the man wants to keep it, lady doesnt, hence the confusion in the lyrics and the fact that they dont seem to be together any more.

KT Tunstall – Black Horse and the Cherry Tree Lyrics 16 years ago
i agree mighty moose. in a lot of spanish literature the horse represents supressed sexual desire, so you may be right. not that this song is spanish. but maybe it should be?!

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