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Crossfade – Invincible Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this song is about falling in love. Before her he was a mess. Would drink a lot, just do things that made him feel good. Till this girl comes along and changes that.."If you only knew that's not like me to follow through" Bur he loves for her and changes all that..and his scared of love..blah blah though thats just me. At first i thought it was about a girl he couldnt get over, and his been trying to hide it from her..

Finger Eleven – Falling On Lyrics 13 years ago
Song is awesome, and i think its about a normal bestfriend loves bestfriend, and bestfriend doesnt see it, but his telling her no matter what she can fall on him..he'll be there.

Crossfade – Everything's Wrong Lyrics 13 years ago
Great, song. I disgree a little bit here. I believe it's about a guy who made a mistake in his relationship and he keeps trying to make it up to this girl, but she doesnt want to forgive him, and nothing feels right that there not together but, he feels alright when they are not together. His finally giving up and giving into his anger, pissed off cause she isnt fighting like he is for her..

Godsmack – Livin' in Sin Lyrics 15 years ago
what does the guy and little girl say in the beginng og the song? I know it's a prey just which ones?

UnLoco – Failure Lyrics 15 years ago
No one really knows of this band! So hard to believe

Godsmack – I Am Lyrics 15 years ago
Like it or not GodSmack is one of the best bands out there. I mean a lot of the chart toppers are hip hop and rap. OR that pop punk crap. Sully brings his emotion in a great way. With the talent of the rest of the band

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