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Pedro the Lion – Big Trucks Lyrics 5 years ago
As I hear it, it's not explicitly about Christianity, but it definitely has a Christian message (and seeing the son:dad as a person:God works, I think).

The son wants to lash out at anyone who thinks is being rude or inconveniencing him, and he sees the dad as a wimp for not "standing up for himself" in the son's opinion. The dad just explains that everyone is doing their best and dealing with their own problems and burdens, so you should treat them with patience. It's funny because the song has such a simple, kind of corny message that's immediately clear on the first listen, but it's also so true and powerful.

Pedro the Lion – A Simple Plan Lyrics 6 years ago
I feel most of the comments here are overanalyzing the song and it's very straightforward. The man has taken part in a revolution to create a perfect society, but ends up being suicidal after accomplishing that. It's not because there's necessarily anything wrong with the society that was created, it's because of the type of person he is. I've known some people who are depressed and have low self esteem, but are doing something really important--activism, raising a child--and are driven solely by the importance of that task. Losing the task would be wrenching, even if the task is over because you succeeded.

The first verse describes the new society; the second verse describes the work that went into it and how it defined the man's life. Now that the goal is achieved and he's no longer needed, he feels like he has no reason to live. He can't talk himself out of suicide with the idea that he needs to work to support his family, which is apparently what he's done in the past.

I get the feeling he always wanted to die on some level, but talked himself out of it with his obligations to society and his family. Now that the obligations are gone he has no reason not to.

Pedro the Lion – When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run Lyrics 8 years ago
I think this song is not critical of women who remove their hair, but guys who expect women to look a certain way without wanting to acknowledge the effort involved. There are guys who would never date a woman who isn't conventionally beautiful, but then make fun of women for spending too much time in the bathroom; they say they like a "natural look" when what they actually like is natural-looking makeup. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to feminine women, but it's pretty ridiculous if you then get mad at them for being feminine.

"What makes you think that it won't grow back in a day or two?" = Men who are used to women with shaved legs barely think about the fact that it's something that has to be attended to every few days. They may not even realize how hairy women can be when they don't shave.

"Husbands in winter, they know the truth" = Husbands know that when no one's looking at them, their wives just want to chill out and not worry about shaving. "But what can they do?" = you could interpret this as the husbands wanting to defend their wives against beauty standards, or wanting to warn other men about how gross and hairy women are in the winter. I would lean toward the second interpretation because of the context.

"I don't like girls the way they are, so shave their legs and make them look like movie stars, then we can pretend it's natural" = shows the unfairness of what the speaker expects. He wants a fake version of women, but doesn't want to admit it.

The second verse is about how when girls are in junior high, their leg hair has already started growing back darker and thicker from shaving. Darker/thicker hair is associated with being older so it's like they've had to lose their innocence at a young age. The beauty queen wears her tiara even though it's painful.

"I'm starting to think that I'm kind of shy or at least I'd like to be" = The guy tries to hide his attitude toward women by presenting himself as sweet and sensitive, like a Nice Guy.

"Winter legs give me heart attacks" = He doesn't just find hairy legs unattractive, he's actually frightened of them--trying to make himself seem like a victim whose needs should be taken care of, not a bossy guy dictating what women should look like.

"Take it off with laser so it never comes back, then we can pretend it's natural" = Since women shaving and waxing their legs isn't enough for him (he still has to think about the fact that they're putting effort into the way they look), he now demands that they have laser hair removal so he never has to think about leg hair again.

(The chorus and title of the song are more broadly about faking, although "when they really get to know you they will run" makes me think of the husband who's horrified by his wife's winter legs.)

It's a great song; the identity of the speaker is unclear, but I prefer to think it's David Bazan realizing that some of his preferences are unfair and exaggerating them to criticize himself.

Eisley – The Valley Lyrics 11 years ago
The way I think of it is just that the speaker has had her heart broken and is going through a really terrible time, and she's so upset she can't sleep and goes for walks all night in the valley--and just her different feelings as she goes through this period of her life. Obviously everything is really bad, but she "doesn't see everything as wrong" because she can't bring herself to think that way. "How'd you get there, to be there, it must be great for you" could be directed at the person who broke her heart, or someone else who she feels is judging her for her situation.

Now that I write this out it sounds bland, but the feeling the song gives me is so complicated. I guess it's a simple idea but it feels so specific and intense.

Emmy the Great – Dylan Lyrics 12 years ago
this is such a great song! it's about a guy who is a hipster/snob who takes himself really seriously and thinks he's too cool to have a genuine connection with the girl who likes him. even though he probably likes her and they could have a meaningful connection, he just alienates her by making a big deal out of how smart he supposedly is. I think Dylan is definitely Bob Dylan, this guy is the kind of guy who calls Dylan by his last name and acts like he's the only person who listens to him.

Belle & Sebastian – Judy and the Dream of Horses Lyrics 13 years ago
I feel like a lot of these interpretations are reaching too far--I don't think the parrot represents wanting to be popular, and I don't really see anything to indicate that Judy was abused and is now a prostitute.

basically, it's kind of like Expectations in that it's a guy observing his female friend, who he is in love with unrequitedly, and who is a bit of a loner or an outcast. except this song is a little different--Jduy isn't necessarily bullied like the girl in Expectations, but she feels different from the other girls because she's really smart and she applies that intelligence to sex. From doing a lot of research she gets an idea of what a woman could experience sexually, but she can't seem to find that with the guys she experiments with in real life. She's open to the idea of being with girls, and maybe that is the solution, but she can't find a woman to experiment with.

I think the last few lines ("walking the streets from morning till night") just refer to the fact that Judy is searching alone for happiness. I think of the star and the parrot as being the guy's belief or wish that Judy is so great she will be guided and protected in her search. He wants the best for her even though he knows it won't be with him.

Pearl Jam – Jeremy Lyrics 13 years ago
yeah, I kind of agree, sandlansd. That might be the way it comes across in the video but the lyrics definitely imply that Jeremy has made his mark.

I really identified with this song when I was 13 or 14--I'm 20 now, and can hardly remember what it felt like to be so powerless. I was made fun of constantly in school and created my own imaginary world. I would get really angry and miserable about the way people treated me at school, but other kids had so little respect for me that they always saw my reactions as funny. I would imagine hurting people a lot because I desperately wanted them to recognize that I mattered. That's what I think of when I hear the lyrics "Try to forget this, try to erase this from the blackboard." Jeremy finally has an emotional impact on his school, by killing himself. The little scene recounted by the narrator also goes with this--the kid who is seen as "harmless," easy to victimize, erupts with rage and manages to hurt people. The big accomplishment is just making a mark rather than being seen as impotent.

If anyone who is in high school or middle school feels like this, don't be hopeless. Life gets so much better you won't believe it.

An Horse – Camp Out Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm so glad other people feel this way too.

Black Kids – I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You Lyrics 13 years ago
well...the fact that the singer says "he's got two left feet and he bites my moves" makes it sound to me like the singer is dancing with the guy to teach him, and is criticizing his dancing from a girl's perspective. And maybe also implying he would be a bad boyfriend.

And I know the big problem is that there's a boyfriend, but the fact that the singer says "the second I do I know we're gonna be through" implies that there's a really big obvious reason why the girl would prefer her boyfriend.

Black Kids – I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't get why people are so resistant to the idea that it's a lesbian song. So he wrote a song from a perspective that wasn't his own, so what?

Besides, it makes a lot more sense if it's a lesbian song because there's a general feeling of hopelessness--the lesbian knows that the other girl is straight and she can't really compete with a guy. The least she can do is refuse to teach him to dance, because she doesn't really have any likelihood of getting the girl.

The Magnetic Fields – My Only Friend Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't even listen to Billie Holiday but this song still moves the hell out of me.

Eisley – The Escaping Song Lyrics 13 years ago
it's not on an album, they've only played it live. I think there's a live recording on an EP that's only available on iTunes--I think it might be the Golly Sandra EP.

here are two pretty good live videos if you haven't heard it:

The Mountain Goats – Dance Music Lyrics 13 years ago
This is the first time I've ever heard this song, so maybe I'm wrong, but I'm thinking maybe he hangs himself at the end?

Suzanne Vega – Edith Wharton's Figurines Lyrics 13 years ago
I used to be really into Suzanne Vega in ninth and tenth grade (I'm in my second year of college now) and I saw her do this song live. I should really buy the album because I really thought the song was beautiful and I haven't heard it since.

Anyway, I forget Olivia's last name, but SV said that she was a writer who wrote a book about accepting herself, but she died getting a face lift.

Nellie McKay – Sari Lyrics 13 years ago
oh, but this isn't what's on the album, is it? Doesn't she say something about Janet Reno?

Nellie McKay – Sari Lyrics 13 years ago
this is such a great song. I always get told that I apologize too much and this song made me think about it more. And I think it's not such a big deal that I apologize, and the only reason people criticize me for it is that most people assume they're right all the time and they think there must be something wrong with me because I don't do that.

The Blow – My Heart Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't know if this about being gay/bi (I don't know if KM is gay or bi) but it reminds me of how I felt about being gay in high school. I was really ashamed of having sexual/romantic feelings so when I did have them they were very intense and surreptitious and I never told anyone--like the part about the heart going underground to gorge. So I like to think the end of the song is about not being ashamed of/compartmentalizing your sexuality.

VNV Nation – Illusion Lyrics 13 years ago
they dedicated it to her, but they obviously didn't write it for her because she died in August 2007.

El Perro del Mar – Candy Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is actually really touching.

Kimya Dawson – I Like Giants Lyrics 14 years ago
I think some of her songs are really dumb but this is really good.

Belle & Sebastian – She's Losing It Lyrics 14 years ago
Sometimes I think this song is about lesbian separatism, like having lesbian relationships for political reasons (which I think is a terrible idea). Lisa decides to be with Chelsea because it seems like making such a big change to her life will be really daring and make her happier, but it doesn't really work. I think "she's losing it" means either she's realizing that she can't really be attracted to a woman, or she can't have the anger at society that Chelsea has.

Eisley – Seeing As How I Worry You Lyrics 14 years ago
Oh man, could I maybe have this? I didn't know anyone had this!

I'm pretty sure I don't have anything most people don't have, but I have Hummingbirds, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, A Kiss From Mars, Mastermind, Robe Caves and Winter, Mile Away, Homeschool, Hooks, Lanterns, Quaking Earth, Sudden Sound, We Had Voices, Write Well, Just Believe Me, Savin Lives, Lion's Mane, Wings and Windows, Aristicats, Before, Causing a Scene, Lady Get Away, Marsh King's Daughter demo, My Cup of Tea, Ten Cent Blues demo, The Mainframe, and Bugs That Bite.

Spring Awakening – My Junk Lyrics 14 years ago
that's not true, the girls don't masturbate during this song. In fact, only one of the characters masturbates in this song, and it's a guy.

Excuse 17 – Carson Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this song is about a person who either tries to be attracted to only one sex when they are bisexual, or tries to be straight when they are homosexual.
The fire, the terror, the hottest part of the match all refer to the person's attraction to someone that they're trying to repress because they decided they can't be attracted to people of that sex. It's really a powerful depiction of repression, and really sad--the beautiful intense feelings that just go unrealized because they seem inappropriate to the person.

Camera Obscura – Books Written for Girls Lyrics 14 years ago
I love the lines "You probably thought I had more upstairs/I disappoint you." For some reason Traceyanne's really restrained singing style make those lyrics sound really badass. Like, the guy judges her as stupid or shallow but she's aware of that, and she talks about it so calmly that she comes out sounding like the winner.
So I guess it's that the guy thinks he's really sensitive and understands women, but he actually is sexist even though he thinks of himself as being so feminist. The lines I mention above make me think of when guys criticize a girl's intelligence or talent or something, and they're judging her more harshly than they would judge a guy but they pretend it has nothing to do with gender. So it makes me think Traceyanne didn't do what the guy wanted her to do, and his response was to tell her that she wasn't smart/intellectual enough.

Bright Eyes – At the Bottom of Everything Lyrics 14 years ago
I think when the guy says "we're going to a birthday party" that isn't happening in real life. I think it means that the woman is in heaven. Since the song later describes death as going back to God, then it makes sense that death would be called a birthday party--because at your birth you are leaving God and at death you are going back to Him so it's two sides of the same coin. And it's also like going to your birthday party where everyone loves you because God loves you more than anyone.
I can see how all the verys could sound sarcastic but I don't think that's necessarily true. I might say something like "happy birthday, darling! We love you very very very very very very very much!" to my dogs or one of my friends when I'm being silly but I sort of mean it at the same time even though I'm being silly and I certainly don't mean the opposite is true.
I think different people will have different reactions to the story in terms of taking it seriously--it is definitely a silly and creepy story in that it portrays death as being awesome. I think a person's reaction to the story has to do with their religious beliefs and how easy it is for them to see something that is disturbing as beautiful and touching at the same time.
I've only heard the song a few times, but the contradictions in the lyrics could just be because the song is describing life. The right way to live life is just to throw yourself into it whether you're doing good things like watering plants and singing into the ears of anarchists who don't dream and plunging into the caverns of the future, or bad things like taking too much medicine and trying to become rich and powerful.
(Incidentally, it actually didn't occur to me until I read other people's comments that the choir thing sounds negative because I love choral singing.)

Spring Awakening – And Then There Were None Lyrics 14 years ago
do you not know the plot? it's explained on wikipedia how the plot relates to the songs I think.

Basically, Moritz is this really anxious, stressed-out kid who has failed out of school and when his best friend's mom, the only adult he trusts, refuses to give him money, he despairs and decides to kill himself. I think the main point of the song is that he has been trying to be strong, but he can't bear to be let down again.

In the first few verses he's saying he should never have even asked for help because nothing ever works out for him anyway, and he's saying that Mrs. Gabor doesn't care about him, even though she really does, he just can't see that.

"They're not my home, not anymore/Not like they so were before" is about his parents, who he doesn't think really loved him even before he failed out of school. He's saying he doesn't care what they think anymore, they'll never approve of him.

Several times he makes reference to trying to hang on to life when you're miserable--"you tell your soul just kill some time," "you'll still go on, well, for a bit." I think the title line means "and then there were no more days of utter shit." He doesn't see the point of slogging through life anymore.

Spring Awakening – My Junk Lyrics 14 years ago
well I think Thea's lines at the end (which are identified here as Anna's lines) could be interpreted as being about a sexual fantasy.
I think that would be really cool, but it's hard to believe because the songs seem to really ignore girls' sexuality. All the guys get solos that are explicitly about masturbation/lust and the girls don't.

Neutral Milk Hotel – Oh Comely Lyrics 14 years ago
I think I have an overly religious interpretation of this song but I interpret a lot of the song as God talking to a person or people.
Basically, in the first verse God is telling this guy that what the guy thinks is important, this time when he had sex with this girl, is totally unimportant. But at the same time it isn't totally awful because God is saying "I will be with you when you lose your breath." The person's whole life may be meaningless but at least God will always love him.
The next verse is similar, God is telling the guy that none of his friends really care about him.
Then the lines "He's only my enemy/I'll crush him with everything I own" describes people's tendency to forget that they shouldn't hate anyone because their enemies are humans too, not "only" their enemies. Then I think "moving your mouth to pull out all your miracles away for me" might be God telling people that they destroy their "miracles" in His name: killing and rejecting people on the basis of religion, seeing sexuality as dirty, repressing their homosexuality if they're gay. If Jeff is singing as God, the way he sings "for meeeeee" sounds really anguished, like God is anguished that people are behaving this way.
Then He describes this really sad life that someone has, living in the trailer park (I don't think it's the guy from before since ovaries are mentioned). I think God is saying that this girl should comfort herself with music (and sex, since the end of that part implies sex); I think "pluck all your silly strings and bend all your notes for me" is meant to contrast with "moving your mouth to pull out all your miracles away for me," and show that enjoying music and sex are what you should actually do for God, instead of hating people and repressing sexuality. Maybe the fact that these are "silly strings," "soft silly music," and "fat fleshy fingers" is saying, things that some people might call frivolous and unimportant, like music and sex, are really extremely important.
Then clearly the second-to-last part is Jeff talking about Anne Frank, and "we know who our enemies are" is meant to conradict "he's only my enemy, I'll crush him with everything I own" because that's what the Nazis thought about the Jews, but the Jews weren't only their enemies, they were real people like Anne Frank who didn't deserve to be "crushed."
Then everyone knows what the end is.

Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 Lyrics 14 years ago
no, Peter was killed in the Holocaust too.

Belle & Sebastian – Seeing Other People Lyrics 14 years ago
the straight thing makes zero sense because then the guy is saying "at least they know where to put it" about lesbianism which...think about it, man, that's nonsensical.

I made up a story about this song and it makes me happy and sad whenever I think about it. I think it's about these two guys who realized they were gay by kissing each other when they were in their early teens and have remained friends. One of them has really thrown himself into dating but he doesn't really fit into gay culture and the other guy (the speaker) feels bad for him. I also think the speaker might be in love with the other guy, but the other guy doesn't realize it and is just mooning over these guys who don't appreciate him.

"could we please be objective 'cause the other boys are queuing up behind us"=the OG was always sure that he was going to date a lot of guys and kissing TS didn't mean anything from the beginning.
"a hand over my mouth"=obviously this might refer to keeping their experiments a secret because they don't want people to know they're gay, but I think it could also mean that TS has to hide his feelings for OG to keep their friends-with-benefits relationship or to keep OG from being uncomfortable around him.
"we're seeing other people at least that's what we say we are doing" actually only OG is seeing other people, TS is just pretending to.

the next part is TS comforting OG because he's having a hard time with guys. OG is having casual sex and he pretends to himself it's what he wants but really it makes him feel disconnected and used.

"you're kissing your elbow"=OG is thinking how it would be easier to be a girl so he could be straight
"you're kissing your reflection and you don't understand how the other boys are going for the new tall elegant rich kids"=maybe OG is really good-looking and knows it but he still isn't the type of guy most of the gay guys are attracted to. or I don't know, "kissing your reflection" might not mean that he thinks he's good-looking, it might refer to how he doesn't think of kissing TS as being anything important.
"if they don't see the quality" TS is reassuring OG that he is attractive (maybe with a hint of sadness since TS actually likes OG)
"you're going to have to change or you're going to have to go with least they know where to put it" OG is going to have to become the kind of guy the other gay guys are attracted to, or (this is more a joke) become straight which might be better anyway because it's more acceptable to society

actually I just realized you guys have the lyrics as "at least they know what they're doing" not "at least they know where to put it"..I might be wrong but I think it's know where to put it. I could have just imagined that though.

also, while I was writing this I realized it could possibly be from the perspective of a straight girl who's in love with her gay friend.

The Magnetic Fields – Acoustic Guitar Lyrics 14 years ago
you mean it would ruin it because of the rhyme? I think it would still be okay meaning-wise. Although it is kind of awesome how the girl comes off as such a stereotypical lesbian who's really oversensitive and into folk.

Amanda Palmer – The Point of It All Lyrics 14 years ago
thanks for posting interpretations, everyone. I knew this song was really moving but I didn't really understand what it meant.

Eisley – Ten Cent Blues Lyrics 14 years ago
wait, shankill, what leaked emails? I always thought the Stacy/Chad stuff was just made up.

The Blow – Parentheses Lyrics 14 years ago
it is about a girl.

MJ: Another beautifully sad lyric on that record is the one that goes, “If something in the deli aisle makes you cry…”

KM: What’s funny is that I made that up in my head around you.

MJ: Really?

KM: Yeah, we were in the Whole Foods, when I was visiting you in Portland one time, and I was staring at the overwhelming mass of all the food, kind of personal but really so impersonal. I had that really overwhelmed feeling; just wanting someone to come up and see that, and see me, and see that they should walk me outside.

MJ: Right, but I guess I didn’t walk you outside, did I? That’s not the punch line: you were waiting and then I walked you out? You probably didn’t even tell me.

KM: I don’t think I would have taken the risk to expect that from you at that point. I think my eyes were a little watery, and I was like, “Do you ever want someone to walk you out the door? Just put their arm around you and walk you out?”

MJ: I was probably like, “Get it together, Khaela!”

KM: You were just like, “We need food.”

MJ: That’s so funny, because I’ve imagined those two women in the deli aisle. So just say the lyrics so we have it.

KM: [in a normal speaking voice] If there’s something in the deli aisle that makes you cry / You know I’ll put my arm around you and walk you outside / through the sliding doors / Why would I mind?

MJ: OK, but you sing it much less flip. I love the “why would I mind?” part. It implies that someone else is saying “Do you mind doing this for me? Is this OK?” That’s the part that breaks my heart, because it’s very female to feel like that’s too much to ask.

KM: Yeah, yeah, totally.

MJ: Even in your fantasies there’s an implicit apology. That’s the extra part that you probably don’t even think about, I’m guessing. I don’t, when I’m writing. When people ask me, “Is there a female point of view in your work?” I’m always like, I don’t know. I’m just me, and am I even human? But when I heard that line, I was like, Oh, no guy would have that fantasy of someone saying, “Why would I mind?”

KM: It seems like a lot to ask.

MJ: Yeah, it’s so much to ask! [Both laugh]

The Blow – Gravity (Pauline's Response to Amy 1) Lyrics 14 years ago
can someone explain which songs are Blue Sky vs. Night Sky and what they mean in the story?

Amanda Palmer – The Point of It All Lyrics 14 years ago
I have no idea what this is about but the saddest thing ever is just the little pause in "you've got the needle-I guess that's the point of it all"

Sleater-Kinney – Living In Exile Lyrics 14 years ago
me neither.

Sleater-Kinney – Memorize Your Lines Lyrics 14 years ago
I love the structure of this song.

Eisley – Ten Cent Blues Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah, I definitely think you're right because the first lyrics written were:

But who could blame
a fraction of her being?
She is cheesy, she is scrawny,
with her uncanny styling.
I'm teasing. She is pleasing.
She just has no wit,

and I'm sorry I don't have her face,
and I'm probably gonna lose this race.
There is no doubt she's such a mouse
with such an abstract grace.

Oh, whoa...
There is no cure, I am sure, for these ten cent blues.

so I think that's the main point of the song. again, could someone tell me how to edit the lyrics so they're correct?

Eisley – I Could Be There for You Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it just means she's in pain.

Eisley – Ten Cent Blues Lyrics 14 years ago
amazingly, I don't know how to edit this. what do I do?

Rilo Kiley – The Good That Won't Come Out Lyrics 14 years ago
well (sorry if I'm stating the obvious) "tell you quick" means that she knows she needs to tell someone something, but she's too lazy/scared, so she doesn't, an example of "the good that won't come out." (what a fucking amazing song title)
I would guess that the "you" is the person she talks about whose warm embrace she shouldn't be lying in, and that she knows she should break up with them, but is just staying in this relationship. If you wanted (I don't know if I do) you could read everything as the song as being a reference to the boring, sad relationship: that the couple have all these useless friends that they sit around being useless with, they have depressing useless conversations where the guy tells Jenny she chooses sadness and she's like "oh yeah, I guess" and doesn't change her attitude at all. I don't know about the old suits part though, that makes me think of death.
The mouth turning to dust just means that if she keeps not doing what she should, she probably never will. I can't put into words what the frozen lake thing means exactly, but I think it's just meant to suggest the good that won't come out: like water is trapped inside the ice, the good is trapped inside her.

Team Dresch – Growing Up in Springfield Lyrics 14 years ago
I wonder what Springfield she grew up in. My random guess is Missouri.

Rilo Kiley – The Moneymaker Lyrics 14 years ago
I was writing a huge post in response saying how disappointed I am by this song and I LOST it. misery.
well I should post it later. because I am. and it's not even about the lyrics being "deep" exactly. Some of the songs on More Adventurous probably are more deep than TOAL and TEOAL but I prefer the first two albums. They were really quirky and fantastic and I feel like RK are taking themselves more and more seriously and I'm very sad.

Eisley – Wings and Windows Lyrics 14 years ago
good, you should post your cover!

Eisley – Manbirds Lyrics 14 years ago
what's this from?

Eisley – My Cup of Tea Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah, it's not going to be on it because reviews of it have listed all the songs. I'm super sad.

although I don't think they ever said what the two bonus UK tracks were going to be. Everyone says it's Like the Actors and Marsh King's Daughter but maybe this could be one.

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's – Talking In Code Lyrics 14 years ago
the hook of this song reminds me of that overplayed pop song, the one that goes "you and me and all of the people." this song is 400 times better than that one.

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's – Barfight Revolution, Power Violence Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah so recently I was listening to this song and being all orgasm orgasm...but then I started thinking about what it's about which is distinctly nonorgasmic. I think it's about a woman whose lover abuses and controls her.

so I think the first bit means the girl is a high school dropout and has a job like a lunch line lady? I'm just guessing on that since the lyrics are so hard to understand. But I think it means that the girl doesn't have a lot of financial power or education. "Her brittle bones are cracking faintly"=she is weak.

The choruses are what the guy says when the girl tries to leave him. First he acts all pathetic and begs her not to leave "turn back honey, c'mon, come darling, c'mon," but he always ends up bossing her around and wanting her to "turn herself into mush." I'm not sure if "prance around in the nude when I'm talking to you" is a command or him accusing her of cheating on him/not respecting him enough.

"She was coming up from everything he ever taught her"=she started to question how he taught her to submit to him and wanted to leave. "Only try to talk when spoken to" is what he tells her to do, "believe it's now or never" is him telling her that no one else would want her so she has to stay with him. "Your folded money" means she was trying to save up money to leave him, and he found it.

Then I think the last verse is about how they have a fight, maybe because they have a kid now. This is just my guess, but I think maybe the woman "dug her teeth in" more than usual because it was her kid, and the father wanted to do some tough-love thing ("walk himself home") that he thought was good for the kid, but the mom doesn't approve.

the last 2 choruses kind of sum up the whole theme, because the first chorus is really gentle and pathetic like the guy's trying to win her back, and then the second chorus is loud and fierce again like he really is.

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