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Daïtro – La Substance Et La Matiere (Substance and Material) Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is crushingly good

Dangers – My Wonder Years Never Got Cancelled Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is ridiculously good, and dangers are arguably the best hardcore band around at the minute.

meaningwise, this song is pretty much anger wrapped up in musical form, and Al is pretty much screaming about how jaded he is with growing up.

Poison the Well – The Notches That Create Your Headboard Lyrics 15 years ago
The obvious theme here would be someone cheating without regret. Unless there are any deeper meanings people can see.

Saosin – Bury Your Head Lyrics 16 years ago
Did they really need to change the chorus lyrics? The new 'Your eyes have changed' line just sounds forced.

I Would Set Myself on Fire for You – The First Word That Comes To Mind Lyrics 16 years ago
im pretty sure the songs with numbers as names correspond to the order in which the band wrote the songs. This was on of the first, and is song 'Three,' while song 'Eleven' is about to be released on the new 7"

Some of the older songs I also remember being 'Five' and 'Two' (Chinese Freeze Tag)

Trophy Scars – Alligator. Alligators. Lyrics 16 years ago
'Elliott Smith was right when he said
"nobody broke 'my' heart", yeah I broke my own
Cause I can't finish what I start'

Best line on the album.

One of Jerrys favourite songs is 'Bankrupt on Selling' by Modest Mouse, anyone notice the similarities? Still both brilliant songs though

Circa Survive – House Of Leaves Lyrics 16 years ago
House of Leaves.

It's pretty much the scenario of Truant in his room, with all the thoughts running around his head.

Really, really good book. Makes you think as well

Thrice – Paper Tigers Lyrics 17 years ago
'They Preach To The Choir'

Basically saying how they rally out their ideals to those who are already converted whilst ignoring the others (Bush Administration? The religious part could just be a metaphor...)

The 'permanent daylight' could mean they believe they are shined upon by those who rule over us, possibly God. They say that they are on the side of God, when really they end up 'Lighting The World On Fire.'

For some reason the ideals behind this song remind me of 'Image Of the invisible...' (and 'Hoods On Peregrine') I find those songs as rallying calls against a media manipulating institution.

Thrice – Between the End and Where We Lie Lyrics 17 years ago
This song could have loads of different reasons depending on the listener.

From Dustins point of view I think it's definately based on his religion - the whole Vheissu album seems to be focused on the ideas of spirituality and discovering the real you.

Even through Dustins eyes, 'Daylight' could mean a variety of things - it could be the finding of oneself, reaching a goal or discovering your spirituality. In my opinion, after a few listens I thought it was about 'the end,' with 'Daylight' being the light at the end of the tunnel as we die and being enlightened on what happens once we leave.

But yeah, I've listened a bit more and the 'Daylight' seems to be the discovering of an ideology - the way that other people 'tempt him with a kiss' of their beliefs and try to draw him away from his true calling. Yeahhhhh mofo

Trophy Scars – Eyes Baptized in Mercury Lyrics 17 years ago
Yeah man, I'll agree with you there, this is the best Trophy Scars song imo.

The end of this song resembles a letter to Rachel. The song that follows this on the album, Baby Eskimo Kisses, is a ballad about a girl called Rachel and how he loves her, whilst singing about a breakup. So I assume this song is based on the actual breakup itself, with 'Someone get me out of here alive' showing how he wants to escape the relationship, and how she has 'taken' his eyes and 'cauterized his heart'.

Theres a bunch of metaphors like that going on in this song

Funeral for a Friend – Alvarez Lyrics 17 years ago
Parts of this song remind me of 'Lazarus' and how Matt wrote about the dying Emocore scene.

'So disgusted with it
And you took your sweet time
So lets get out of this town
So lets get out of this town
Start this day all over and over again'

This bit sums up his ideals on the scene these days, being swamped by below-par scenesters, and how the band have tried to re-invent the music and escape 'emo' before it dies out, as does this section :

'Just like the good old days
You wipe the stains from off your face
And forget her, just forget her'

Leaving the old scene behind, forgetting it and moving on. The 'Too much of a good thing' line could also apply to this. Matt and the band love the genre, but these days it is overplayed and overtly fashionable.

The song could also refer to the above ideas of suicide, but this could be one of the other metaphors going on.

Funeral for a Friend – Sonny Lyrics 17 years ago
This song could have so many different meanings, I imagine when Matt wrote it he was aiming to hit a spot in everyone, the whole song is just so open.

Finch – The Casket of Roderic Usher Lyrics 17 years ago
Hmmm yeah I read that the other day, fits right in with this song.

A lot of the new Finch stuff uses dark imagery like this, probably metaphorically. Although I can't see this Poe story being used in that way

Finch – Bitemarks and Bloodstains (Album Version) Lyrics 17 years ago
Its either about rape. The 'This is forever' (reminds me of At The Drive-In) bit could stick with that idea, since rape can mentally scar those involved for life. Either that or it's something nastier.

But it's probably using this as a metaphor for something deeper.

Trophy Scars – Lesson 3 Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this song is about depression from a personal view, and that Jerry is singing about things in a hypocritical way, if that makes sense. It's all ironic.

Sometimes I think the style of the song reflects Schizophrenia, with the screaming lines and contrasting singing. 'You should practice these things by yourself' gives it a darker's like another person (or another side of him) showing their disgust at his actions.

He speaks of himself as an Alchemist, meaning he tries to change things, even if he doesn't. He could be stating how he's tried to change something in his life, possibly through lying (Nostalgia dies everytime we lie') He's trying to make a mask for his own actions.

I'm probably wrong, but even the back of the E.p says the last three songs are about 'Self - Loathing', so I assume it's something along thesee lines. Yeahhh

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