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The Showdown – Hell Can't Stop Us Now Lyrics 15 years ago
It's good to see Christianity in Metal, most metal "musicians" are annoying Satanists.

Joni Mitchell – The Fiddle And The Drum Lyrics 15 years ago
The lyrics are genius!

Opeth – White Cluster Lyrics 15 years ago
They wear white for me
Seemingly jaded and lost
I forge myself into your dreams
And here I am your life

Didn't people usally wear black to hangings?

Opeth – The Moor Lyrics 15 years ago
Still Life is about the romantic life of an African Slave and our mystery lady Melinda who I feel has some relations with the KKK.

Opeth – In My Time of Need Lyrics 16 years ago
It's about drug abuse...

Opeth – For Absent Friends Lyrics 16 years ago
This piece of music invokes anger and comfort in me. I believe the absent friends are the apostles who weren't at Christ's cruxifiction.

Opeth – The Drapery Falls Lyrics 16 years ago
The Drapery Falls has many parallels with Edgar Allens Poe's "The Raven".

Opeth – Harvest Lyrics 16 years ago
Beautiful acoustic harmony. I think it's about the rapture.

Opeth – Moonlapse Vertigo Lyrics 16 years ago
I must commend Martin Lopez for his excellent percussion on this song. Moonlaspe Vertigo falls into the concept of a forbidden plight between a white woman and an African slave. Take the first verse into consideration.

Kept warm by the light of the lantern
Lost sight of everything tonight
My presence blackens their pattern
A pock in the healthy and calm

Why do you think his presence blackens their pattern? Maybe because of the pigmentation of his skin.

Opeth – Godhead's Lament Lyrics 16 years ago
Godhead's Lament is one of the greatist compositions I've heard. Still Life's seems to have literary contrastion such as:

White hands grasping for straws

or in White Cluster:

They wear White for me.

I belive the people want him dead because he is a African slave. Don't people usally wear black to hangings? Not unless a slave was caught with a young white woman.

Opeth – By the Pain I See In Others Lyrics 16 years ago
Definetly one of my favorites fron Opeth. I originally thought Necroscope however Deliverance's other lyrics seem to describe the life of Jesus Christ. In relation, By the Pain I See in Other's seems to be philosophical of human nature. All human's are sinners and shall rot away, so why not rot with the Lord? See this is the nature of Mikael's poetic genius. These lyrics may seem grim yet they seem to have a holy alternitave meaning.

Opeth – Master's Apprentices Lyrics 16 years ago
These lyrics are the most Bibical and obivious! The Master in this song is anoited by etheral light then teaches his great wisdom unto his apprentices. He must do it fast because he is awaiting his death. Therefore I conclude that the Master is Christ and the apprentices are his apostles.

Opeth – A Fair Judgement Lyrics 16 years ago
Again, this song is about Jesus's trial before Pilate.

Opeth – Deliverance Lyrics 16 years ago
Form nothing to a life code means to concieve a "virgin" child. Hence the one being slandered by the devil Jesus. Deliverance seems to be about Jesus's temptation and quarrels with Satan, however Mikael's lyrics have more than one meaning. see my other comments for on other Deliverance tracks fore more Jesus referrances.

Opeth – Wreath Lyrics 16 years ago
"Deliverance" is as past Opeth albums. "Still Life" and "My Arms Your Hearse" are concept albums with innertwined lyrics. I also have observed that Mikael's lyrics have more than one meaning. In this case I agrre the title "Wreath" is metaphorical in it's own context, however according to the theme the Wreath refers to Jesus's crown of thorns. The someone is definetly proceesding through a painful predicament such as cruxifiction. But he is not afraid of his demise and he promises to return in the coming of the morning.

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