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Hole – Olympia Lyrics 16 years ago
Listen to the Nirvana song "School."

It's the same concept. That song comments on how the lifestyle of Olympia was like high school.

Courtney, in this song, is making fun of how happy, healthy, soft, squishy and drug-free Olympia was, especially here:
"I went to school with Calvin"
that's a shot at K Records. Calvin hated her and she made fun of him all the time anyway.

"And what do you do with a revolution"
Bikini Kill reference, anyone?

Hole – One Dollar For Every 62 Cents Lyrics 16 years ago
A woman got payed, on average, 62 cents for every dollar a man made. She's saying, burn me like a witch, call me a bitch, but you have to pay me a dollar for every 62 cents HE makes. She's reclaiming it.

Hole – She Walks On Me Lyrics 16 years ago
Cough, Kat Bjelland, cough. It's Bruise Violet-esque.

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