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Rush – The Pass Lyrics 16 years ago
The foremost thing needed to be understood about this song is that it is /figurative/. It is not about suicide. It is, as was said above, about struggling with difficult emotional issues that arose due to poor judgement.

I am almost certain that the speaker and the person being spoken to are in fact the same person. It is someone speaking to himself or herself.

They are saying (to themselves), "Look. You started out with a poor idea of what the world was like, and made some bad decisions as a result. Now look where you are. And you just want to lie down and not do anything about it? This happens to everyone once-in-a-while; what seperates the successful from the unsuccessful is what you make of the situation. Will you tremble in fear and inaction when the time comes to act? Or will you apply your mind and improve the situation? Not to act is /ethical/ suicide. Don't turn your back on yourself.

Rush – Something For Nothing Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is a statement that you must work to earn that which you desire, or you will not receive it.

The first two verses describe that which is done commonly. "Waiting for the winds of change/ To sweep the clouds away, etc...." Most people wait for good fortune to come to them, they are looking for an open door.

Well, the chorus is an answer to this outlook; no matter what it is you want, you won't get it without some kind of effort. Put up or shut up. TANSTAAFL!

Rush – Red Sector A Lyrics 16 years ago
I do not think this song is just about the Holocaust. I think it is about all of these types of forced imprisonment at subhuman standards of living. I think it also was intended to be a warning about the outcome of collectivist political philosophy, be it tribal or statist.

Rush – Jacob's Ladder Lyrics 16 years ago
I absolutely love this song.

It evokes so much mood with the music - the drumrolls, the ever-changing time signature, the arpeggiated chords.

It also is a great piece of philosophical poetry. The first section represents the philosophical darkness of the past. Clouds are something that are very ethereal and shapeless. They grow darker and darker until they begin to release their energy violently.

And suddenly, someone understands. The philosophies of old fall impotent before this comprehension. "Light streams down in bright unbroken beams." And the result? The dreams of men are finally able to be acheived.

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