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Matthew Good Band – Indestructible Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song.
I also think he is singing about no matter what happens to him, how bad he is, she sticks around. He is the more unstable one in the relationship, and everyday "we start again. And im thinking by "We wont say a thing, while you give your life away" means he thinks she is waisting her time with him, yet still staying. Because of the strong love/bond mentioned before.
So basically, he thinks, maybe she thinks, and maybe everyone else thinks he is the worst out of the two.
Awesome song.

Coldplay – Swallowed in the Sea Lyrics 15 years ago
This song will play at my wedding.

D'Angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel) Lyrics 15 years ago
If you have the 7 minute version..... you'd know this song is meant to be 7 minutes. And I wonder why he made it 7 minutes? I think I can guess. Amazing, I love it.

Theory of a Deadman – Better Off Lyrics 15 years ago
Yet another great song delivered to us by our Canadian pals Theory of a Deadman.
Its clear this guy is in a shitty relationship he has bin wanting to get out, and putting it off. Its just bin 'far to long' and he doesnt feel he needs to go into further explanation..... and thats it.
Such a great song in just 2:51 seconds.

Knapsack – The Shape Of Fear Lyrics 15 years ago
I found Knapsack out of nowhere really, just one of those bands. No one told me about them, I kinda just downloaded a song, loved it and kept going.
This is reminds me of good times, along with alot of their other stuff.

Knapsack – Courage Was Confused Lyrics 15 years ago

Oasis – Morning Glory Lyrics 15 years ago
I do believe it is about drugs.
"Need a little time to wake up," meaning perhaps that he needs time to sober, or needs time to get his life together and he will stop doing the drugs.
"Walking to the sound of my favourite tune," walking through life while on drugs to his favourite tune, being high.
And Lastly "All your dreams are made, when your chained to a mirror and the razor blade," pretty much explains itself. All your dreams are made when on the drug, as in the drug controls you, you dont control the drug.
Its an amazing song, it was the opening one for their concert my sister told me, and I can only imagine how incredible that was.

Dallas Green – Hello, I'm in Delaware Lyrics 15 years ago
Woah, Harry Manback...thats awesome! He seems really down to earth in interveiws, I love stars like that, unfortunatly there arent enough!
This song is newly discovered by me, and its amazing. Its such a beautiful song.
You can tell what he's writing about, but he left it open, so people can still relate.

The Watchmen – Stereo Lyrics 15 years ago
Holy Shit, not enough people have commented on this song.
This is an amazingly good song....I love it.
This song definatly has an underlying meaning behind it. "One of a Million" I think means, one of a million people who feel the way he does, or are trapped in this. Stuffs going wrong, and he's relating it to the new world of technology.... he doesnt like it.
I dont know, its cool, and I think anyone who listens to the song gets an automatic understanding of it... I do. Just hard to describe.

Bender – Isolate Lyrics 15 years ago
Awesome song, I agree with Brookelynn. Sounds religious. I think maybe by "And if you ever have to leave, leave yourself outside the door," he means if you are going to leave a religion (or something religiousy), do it because you beleive in what your doing, do it for yourself and not others. And maybe by "Lost your way back and they cut off my prayers," he is saying if you are questioning, or getting lost in what religion is they'll cut you off from prayers and such things. I dont really know, this song is really hard to make sense of. For all I know, it could be the total opposite, and its not about him leaving religion but starting a relgion.....or not about a religion at all?
Ah well, I tried.

Ashlee Simpson – Eyes Wide Open Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song.... I totally see the ghost thing too. Thats all it could be.

Ashlee Simpson – Better Off Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree with Makingmemoriesofus, this song really does make you feel good. Its not about a break up, its about her being happy and having something great in her life. Its so uplifting, and just an overall great song. Typical of Ashlee Simpson, "but so what?"
I love her voice even, cause its right on the same level as mine, haha. I'm learning it on the guitar I love it that much.
Surprised there weren't more posts for this song, its amazing.

The Trews – So She's Leaving Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song, its great.
The meaning is pretty clear. His girl couldnt take being alone while he was on the road, he obviously felt different, but he seems to understand.

Tegan and Sara – Living Room Lyrics 15 years ago
Awesome song... chorus mostly. Not big on the old country sound at roughly the 1:45 minute line.

I'm thinking she was watching someone from her apartment? Haha.... perhaps she seen that he was hurt, and didnt want to find out who broke his heart.... or she'd 'lose her mind'

The Shins – Caring Is Creepy Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this song is about thinking too much. Like the magority of the posts I have read. It just makes sense....
"Far above our heads are the icy heights that contain all reason" - Meaning no matter how much we try to figure out whatever, its far beyond us. In a way...its about life itself and everything you encounter.... no matter what, we'll never come up with a complete accurate answer.... its "far above our heads"
"It's a luscious mix of words and tricks
That let us bet when you know we should fold" - This world is FULL of a mix of ideas, and tricks.... everyone saying shit to you, making you beleive whatever until you fold under pressure. Which pretty much leads us into...
"Never betray the way you've always known it is." - Dont let people change your mind about something, because nothing in this world is accurate and no one is 100% sure.
"All these squawking birds won't quit.
Building nothing, laying bricks." - Im thinking the squaking birds are people who think they always know what their talking about..... building nothing but lies and tricks.... building nothing/bullshit.
Im gunna move back up to:
"Hold your glass up, hold it in" - The glass is your pride... your ideas, your take on everything. Hold it up, and be proud... dont let anyone change your mind.
Meh, could go on.... but its late.
Thats my two cents.
This song rules.

Backstreet Boys – Just Want You to Know Lyrics 15 years ago
Hey hey now.. great song. Great guys... glad they came back. They didnt change drastically musically and I like that.
Melm4402 shouldnt be posting here. Why would you go all the way out of your way to type Backstreet Boys, click on the song, and read peoples posts, just to bash the song, and what people have to say about it. Get outta here.

Wide Mouth Mason – Companion (lay Me Down) Lyrics 15 years ago
I get the feeling he's looking back, and remembering good times.
Or saying how great it was, but how the relationship with this person didnt last because of him. Hense the "But it was me who was really sinking"
Not quite sure.

Foo Fighters – Stacked Actors Lyrics 15 years ago
"One more for hire, a wonderful liar
I think it's time we all should come clean"

Clearly means not what Bethan said (though good interpretation) it means that all the stars are liars, they're good at it... they should all come clean with the shit they've done, start acting like themselves. They're all fake with their 'blonde' hair and such.

Coldplay – Swallowed in the Sea Lyrics 15 years ago
"You belong with me" really stands out with me. Same with the "Not swallowed in the sea," just cause that part has a beautiful melody to it.

This album is like no other. Their music really makes me feel like im flying. And because of this makes me want to fly. I feel thats the only place I should be listening to it, and really enjoying it. When i'm flying. Or maybe in an airplane. Its so relaxing, and you feel like you want to dance around like he is in the "speed of sound" video.

Foo Fighters – No Way Back Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree with Childe.... great song for a kind of intro after-intro. Gets me pumped!
It's appairent this song is about him warning this women he's just beginning a relationship with for whatever could come.

Ashlee Simpson – Endless Summer Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow... I dont think Ashlee went that far into detail with that song there "og tool" ....are you kidding?
Its simply what it is. She writes about her and her break-ups. Her and her feelings about a relationship. Beautiful song really.

Hot Hot Heat – Middle of Nowhere Lyrics 15 years ago
This is one of those songs I could have the Chorus stuck in my head forever and ever, singing it over and over again, and not get tired of it.
Great song.

Foo Fighters – DOA Lyrics 15 years ago
Foo Fighters August 5th baby! Can't wait.
This song is going to be amazing live, I love it....first one on the entire CD I knew I had to go back to and listen to again. (Thats when you know its good)
Could be about a relationship ending, I could see it being about life, and dieing though... I prefer thinking about it that way.

Kasabian – L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) Lyrics 15 years ago
What does he mean by "Ahh, we got our backs to the wall"
Actually, can anyone explain more thoroughly what this song means? Haha.

Rhymes With Orange – She'sthe One Lyrics 15 years ago
Haha, great song.
Where's all their other stuff? Great band, only one song under their name. :(

The Stills – Let's Roll Lyrics 15 years ago
This is great man! Such a good chillin, getting high too song....very laid back. I love it.

The Tea Party – Stargazer Lyrics 15 years ago
"Can you still find the time in the signs to look around"
Basically asking "can you still find the time to get with it?" like, can you find the time to stop being so blinded.
This hole song I think is about him asking this question.... What do you see in this guy?
"And you place your faith in a mountain But what you don't understand Is that the man is The same old rock" ....he's saying this guy is dull, boring...theres nothing really great about him, he's a rock. What do you see in him?
"Tell me why your eyes weep, I really wanna know"
He's saying, its clear your unhappy, so why are you still with him?

This is a shot in the dark here kids, i'm really not positive. Kick ass track, a true band. The beginning of song is amazing.

Velvet Revolver – Big Machine Lyrics 15 years ago
The jist of the song I think basically means the hole world is livin in a big machine, he's livin in one... everyone is. 'Big Machine' refering to the Tv, radio...any kind of media shuving sh*t into your head. At least thats what he's probably trying to get across in the song, dont let them con you into thinking you need a big house, or you are a faggot cause you dont wear this and that, so on and so forth.

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