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Three Days Grace – Never Too Late Lyrics 15 years ago
I really love this song. It's one of my favorites off their album.

My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song so much!!! It's so Awesome!! It rocks my socks!!!

The Spill Canvas – Natalie Marie and 1cc Lyrics 15 years ago
It almost sounds like he really loved this girl but he was never able to tell her cause she died. and now he just can't except it.

This Providence – Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song! It's awesome!

Moments in Grace – My Dying Day Lyrics 15 years ago
but yeah, out of all their songs, I like this one the best.

Moments in Grace – My Dying Day Lyrics 15 years ago
It sound like he gave this girl everything, but she didnt respond to his kindness. In fact, it sounds like she went the other way...and she did everything to hurt him.

October Fall – I'll Find You Again Lyrics 15 years ago
Love it a lot!!! It's awesome!

"so start a fire, and watch it burn
change the season, the leaves all turn into the colors
when we fell into each other
the time is winding, but we're both hiding
from whatever we’ll become
so take a breath, from an empty chest
cuz we’ve fallen out of love"

It's just so tragic and yet so true. They're both hiding cause they don't want their relationship to be over but it's too late.

A Heartwell Ending – all along Lyrics 15 years ago
Aww..if only you could get back together with someone you love in real life. I'd give anything for that! But yeah, this song is great!

Death in December – Redefiniton of a Love Song Lyrics 15 years ago
This really hits home for me right now. Breaking up after having someone there all those months..and making all those memories. You really feel like you're falling apart without the person. I love this song!

Junction 18 – Wrong Way Out Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song so much!! It's my favorite song of theirs! Maybe it's about his girlfriend left him and he's trying to make the best of it. I don't know!!! But I luv it!!!

Bring Back Tomorrow – Everything I Meant To Say Lyrics 16 years ago
It sounds to me like this his girlfriend commited suicide and he can't except it yet...cause he says "in my mind you're still alive"

October Fall – 88 Keys and Broken Strings Lyrics 16 years ago
"We've built a grudge that won't let us down"
That sounds to me like they used to be in a relationship but then one of them did something and now they can't forgive each other. And he wants it back but then he doesn't. It's but that's my take on it.

Hawthorne Heights – Decembers Lyrics 16 years ago
it seems to me that it could be about breaking up with someone..and then you regret it.

Unwritten Law – Seein' Red Lyrics 16 years ago
This song makes me think about my ex-boyfriend. He let me go, but I know he didn't mean it. He's just mad at me and he's being proud. He needs to swallow his pride like the song says.
And what you said now
Can't stop the words from running through my head
And what I do to get through to you
But you'd only do it again

This song breaks my heart!

The Click Five – Just The Girl Lyrics 16 years ago
It's such a cute song. I can't wait until their album comes out. It is really popish, but you have to love it. Everything in the song is so true..Like "And the more she ignores me the more I adore her." The song is pretty much self-explanatory...The girl ignores the guy that loves her the most. LOL.. Sounds like what I did...and now he's my boyfriend.

Breaking Benjamin – Rain Lyrics 16 years ago
This song came at the perfect time. My boyfriend and myself have this little inside..not a joke,but it's just something between the two of us. It has to do with raining and we don't like when it rains now. So, it's cool how it says "rain rain go away", cause that's exactly what we want. I'm not a big fan of Breaking Benjamin, but it's a really great song! I'll have to listen to some more of their songs.

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