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Weezer – Ruling Me Lyrics 11 years ago
he used the word "ocular". That right there is awesome.

Glen Phillips – The Hole Lyrics 11 years ago
years later.. i fixed the lyrics. Glen rocks.

Glen Phillips – The Next Day Lyrics 15 years ago
I think at first this song comes across as very sarcastic and condescending; but the more i listen to it, the more uplifting it seems. there will always be a tomorrow.

ahhhh. procrastination

Pixies – Dig For Fire Lyrics 15 years ago
incoming two cents.

I'll admit right now that I not very religious, but I think this song may be about a passion for God or Salvation..

The singer comes across a woman kneeling in a hole.. she's praying alone. He asked her if she's looking for the mother lode and her reply reveals that she's not looking for anything substantial.. she's looking for passion (which I agree is a pretty good meaning for "fire" in this song)

This affects the singer.. it opens his eyes..

and when he's older.. he is the old man on the beach.. I think this because he alludes to it being the future in the town he is going to live..

He's slept all his life.. because he was never religious.. but now he too.. is digging for fire.. or that passion that many people take with their faith..

like I said.. just my interpretation, though I really get the picture that the singer is screwing with the passage of time in the song and means for himself to be the old man.

Fountains of Wayne – All Kinds Of Time Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a great song about how even though this quarterback may be thinking about the game at hand and short term success, he's got the whole world before him. To me, its saying that his family is healthy and proud of him and its a celebration of just how his life is only beginning.

Veruca Salt – With David Bowie Lyrics 16 years ago
not Breeders.. Veruca Salt..

I ALWAYS screw that up.

Veruca Salt – With David Bowie Lyrics 16 years ago
I don't know much about the Breeders inspirations but this seems to nail David Bowie as her one main inspiration to become a musician. The references to music as medication and listening to a walkman as "being followed home by the band" are just awesome.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – That Bug Bit Me Lyrics 16 years ago
but the comparison between being an addict and having no control over yourself and being in love and having that same lack of control is illustrated quite nicely by this song.

Sugar Ray – Mean Machine Lyrics 16 years ago
The line "My daddy says son you're gone drive me to drinking" is a bit of an homage to the song "Hot Rod Lincoln" (or Hot Rod Race) which has been released by about three bands over the years..

The entire lyric is:
"My daddy said son you're gonna drive me to drinking, if you don't stop driving that hot rod lincoln"

just in case anyone was wondering.

MxPx – Don't Walk Away Lyrics 16 years ago
"you are.. my heart's first aid"

I like that line. corny, but not too sappy.

Cibo Matto – Spoon Lyrics 16 years ago

not sure if I like listening to these poppy songs about food when they have such logical deep meanings...

it scare me.

The Suicide Machines – Extraordinary Lyrics 16 years ago
the chorus makes more sense if it's

"That I can't put my finger on or figure HOW it's funny"

but not sure if that's the actual lyric or not.

The Suicide Machines – Sometimes I Don't Mind Lyrics 16 years ago
wait.. he sings about cats and "when you smell like shit" and people still thought it was about a guy/girl?

thats great.

the chorus is still applicable to a relationship though. and kinda sweet... which is kinda twisted... which makes this a great song.

Caesars – Paper Tigers Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is all about Hope.

We are all Paper Tigers, despite strong outward appearances we are all in fact fragile on the inside, but we all have hope for something better.

Caesars – Out There Lyrics 16 years ago
another caesars song that is strangely uplifting, despite lyrics that read as negative.

Bloodhound Gang – Ralph Wiggum Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah.. i would have died if such classics as

"I look like cable tv"

"it tastes like burning"

made it into the song. maybe even the whole "soliloquoy" he utters after he sees Skinner ands Krabapple in the closet together..

Apartment 26 – Give Me More Lyrics 16 years ago
a great song that would seem to be about robbery and blackmail on the surface.. but its just vague enough to be interpreted many ways

The Presidents of the United States of America – Shreds of Boa Lyrics 16 years ago
i think this song is just an homage to a great party, and how afterward.. nothing remains.

MxPx – Here With Me Lyrics 16 years ago
this song reminds me of Mega Man.

MxPx – Let It Happen Lyrics 16 years ago
She turns my world around, and I let it happen everytime.

wow, thats awesome. She makes me a sucker everytime and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

What a sucker.

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Brother Lyrics 16 years ago
On the "Welcome Home: Live at the Arlington Theatre" cd, it should be noted that instead of "So Bright" he says "So Soft".

It's kinda hard to figure out, but it defnlee helps to sing it right when you sing along in your car... uhm.. right?

[insert bashful smiley here]

Semisonic – Act Naturally Lyrics 16 years ago
To me this song is one of two things. A man is singing to his lover to keep their relationship in the dark til he can sort out whats going on, even though its quite obvious to everyone else he's completely lost for her. She may be his mistress which would explain a lot.

Or, his girlfriend is pregnant and they don't want anyone to know about it yet. "it's gonna keep on showing more with everyday"

Pixies – Gigantic Lyrics 16 years ago
as much as i can understand other meanings explained for this song.. i still think its about BBC. It's like the only way she can come out and admit to this "special" relationship is in third person. It seems to me like its almost an addiction for her. Like he just leads her somewhere and they "have a ball"

I almost feel sorry for the poor Paul guy.. she only wants him for his big big love.

it's good when a song makes you snicker.

Self – Kill The Barflies Lyrics 16 years ago
This song seems to me a complaint against guys who haven't got a clue on what women want. They're either to caught up with their cultural references or they're "scheming up a way to get women into bed"

neither of which is really gonna get a girl interested. Of course, it would seem the singer's animosity towards these "men" is based on the fact that it works and he's sick of it.

song's got a nice flow... shame the chorus was left out of the lyrics though ("They're scheming on a way to get you into bed")

Stabbing Westward – The Thing I Hate Lyrics 16 years ago
Listening to this song on an I-pod and having it immediately followed by David Bowir "Let's Dance" is really absurd.

as much as this song is about a woman.. i think the chorus is so appropriate in so many other settings when you just can't stand someone and feel like walking away and being the better person just won't be as fulfilling as sinking to their level.

NOFX – Franco Un-American Lyrics 16 years ago
So the idea of refusing to eat breath-mints because they are made from de-hoofed horses is NOT ridiculous? come on. Don't protest something just because you read about it or because everyone else. Learn about it yourself

and yes travelling will open your eyes. Don't hate America before you spend some time all over this country.. (just not NJ... heh.)

If people want to resent America, power to them. They got plenty of reasons to. I ain't gonna resent them for it.

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Throw It All Away Lyrics 16 years ago
This is a great song about being able to start over and let all the pointless things in life that bog you down go.

How much time do we waste on what's not important?

Blur – Caravan Lyrics 16 years ago
To me, there's a whole level of the song talking about falling in love. Being cynical and lost, and yet when you fall, you'll feel the weight of it.

And yeah, it's easy. You won't have to do anything for it.

The Presidents of the United States of America – Volcano Lyrics 16 years ago
like most Presidents' songs it seems real silly on the outside but opens itself up to many a perverted interpretation.. I think there's deftly an undercurrent of sex going on here. The impending eruption of a volcano makes for a good comparison to the tension and anticipation of "getting it on"

although it does bug me that words like magma, tectonics, and stereophonic aren't spelled right. argh. fix 'em!!! (please?)

Helmet – Smart Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is all about convincing a girl to give you head.

Self – Marathon Shirt Lyrics 16 years ago
And I never realized I felt that way about my own marathon shirt until Self put my feelings into words.

Although, I would venture to guess that the follow-up single, "Marathon Under-roos" is not destined to have the same vibe and appreciation as this one. It would also be kinda disgusting.

but seriously, this is a great song. about a t-shirt.

Vertical Horizon – Echo Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it speaks more to a failed relationship.. a lamentation of a love that just faded away..

Clutch – Careful With That Mic Lyrics 16 years ago
I've always wanted to hear this song mixed in with Shootyz Groove's "Put down the mic".. Both are pretty much messages to bad bands (or DJ's) to stop what they are doing..

I think it would be neat.. although Neil would definitely take the cake on original lyrics.. lactose intolerant? australopithecus?

that's just awesome.

The Presidents of the United States of America – Bath Of Fire Lyrics 16 years ago
Man. thats a powerful statement. top ten maybe. Shreds of Boa and Naked & Famous easily beat this song in my book.

Although i really have no clue what he's singing about..

311 – Give Me A Call Lyrics 16 years ago
been listening to this song a lot lately. It seems like the singer is just totally into this girl. He wants to know how she feels but he doesn't want to be the one to initiate anymore.

"No more bluffing, it's cards on the table time" - He doesn't want anymore games.

"No loves a hard lesson" - If she won't call him, she's not interested and he knows its gonna hurt but he has to know.

Semisonic – Across The Great Divide Lyrics 16 years ago
to me, this song is all about starting over, with all its fears and wonders as to what lays ahead.

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Little Man, Big Man Lyrics 16 years ago
The main thing I take away from this song is that you'll never know whats inside until you're faced with the dilemma or decision. It's just one more in the long line of songs by Glen Phillips that is amazing in its depth and meaning.

Bloodhound Gang – Farting With A Walkman On Lyrics 16 years ago
This song could also just be directed towards a person. Everyone can tell they are just so full of crap but they don't realize because.. well.. if you fart while wearing a walkman.. you might think no one hears it but you'll never know..

Unwritten Law – Evolution Lyrics 16 years ago
For some reason... I keep thinking "Josh Ruffneck" is some big old flappy headed muppet.. (maybe a record exec as well?) and this song is all about thre band ripping him a new one for demanding they be something they aren't.. it'd make a great video.. especially the part where the lead singer laughs at the "muppet" (Young punk! Remember, Josh Ruffneck! HEHEHEH)..

all around great song.

The Presidents of the United States of America – Old Man Lyrics 17 years ago
some of the lyrics here all struck me as just describing the equipment they have on stage to play their songs..

"got twenty little worms, ALL PLUGGED into amplification" always made me think of wires crisscrossing the stage every which way..

so it just seems to me a very simple song about the good life and just paying your music..

and make me think when they use animals in their other songs (froggie pops up a lot).. its a specific reference to something or someone... it'd be a neat theme to their music.. gut i doubt its really holds any water..

The Presidents of the United States of America – Some Postman Lyrics 17 years ago
I like how the entire time he's singing this song, I don't know if he's blaming the postman for him not recieving any letters.. or he's making excuses to his girl for why she doesn't get any of the letters he prolly never sent her.. like he's blaming the postman because she doesn't get any letters he nevcer actually sends..

Sugar Ray – Iron Mic Lyrics 17 years ago
It's also called "Iron Mic", but whatever.. I'm glad someone posted these lyrics.. old school Sugar Ray is pretty gosh darn cool.

Sponge – Wax Ecstatic (to Sell Angelina) Lyrics 17 years ago
I don't think it needs to be that cliche. Hence the beginning verse about shaving.

This song is merely baout being able to purchase something to make your life better. Call it a slap in the face to consumerism then. Cuz you can always buy beauty products, drusg or whatever.. to make yourself better and happy.. in a mockingly rock and roll sort of way.

Sugar Ray – Chasin' You Around Lyrics 17 years ago
I've heard that too. Although I still picture these guys chasing around their dogs, since the album features pictures of the band member's dogs.

but then, the song would get kind of creepy in places. You can love your pets, just don't LOVE your pets.

Gorillaz – Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this song is about war. It has so many possibilities though.. The lines about little town USA and "where were you when it all came down on me?" kinda makes me think about typical small town minds and how far removed they are from where the US wages its wars.

Of course, the strangefolk stealing our souls while we are blind to what they are doing could be almost anything.. from cable TV to McDonalds..

you can take the message in this song anyway you want.. Either way.. Wake up to the reality around you or the Monkey will destroy all..

Gorillaz – White Light Lyrics 17 years ago
I think "White Light" is also a reference to the white logic that John Barleycorn gives to you when you're inebriated.

John Barleycorn is a book by Jack London that protrays the epitomy of alcoholism as a persona known as John Barleycorn.. and the white logic is that queer way that bad ideas start to make perfect sense when you're under the influence.. most notably to lead you to your doom.

Anyway.. I heard this song and White Light representing both the white logic of alcoholism and also the white light of dying and going to heaven seemed to click. Plus, this whole album seems to give rise to sins and immoral actions having personalities.. so the person John Barleycorn would fit right in.

Gorillaz – Last Living Souls Lyrics 17 years ago
in the beginning of the song they ask if they are indeed the last living souls... and by the end of the song.. the seem to confirm that they are the "last living souls"

I take it as a means of giving up and escape from those around you that have no soul (well maybe morally bankrupt is less damning).

"Sing a song that doesn't sin" is a favorite line of mine.. it's like telling one to live a life that doesn't lie

Blur – Country House Lyrics 17 years ago
just a thought here... but that rhyming slang stuff plays up pop-culture right?.. so Jackanory could be the tv programme.. and it would rhyme with Hunky-Dory as in Everything's going Hunky-dory?

Or am I the only one who uses hunky-dory as okey-dokey?

oh well.

Caesars – It's Not the Fall That Hurts Lyrics 17 years ago
for some reason i find this song uplifing.. but when i look at the lyrics.. there's nothing really uplifting about them.. weird.

Glen Phillips – Easier Lyrics 17 years ago
I personally think the lines:

"And if you said you were going away
I would run on the tarmac
And I would lay down in front of the plane
Just to get you to stay"

are the best.. such a good song.

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