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Green Jelly – Carnage Rules Lyrics 13 years ago
Correct lyrics...

Carnage rules!
Rockin' and rollin' my way through town,
Yeah, baby, I get around,
Make mine murder, make the town bleed,
Squash any spider hanging by a thread

You can't run, I'm having too much,
Listen all you fools, don't you know that carnage rules?
Told you once, I won't tell you twice, heed my warning and pay my price.

All day long I'm completely insane,
Crashin' and smashin' like a hurricane,
Cruisin' all my ride,
You best step aside,
First on my list,
Crushin' bugs with my fist,
My blade's all red,
Hear what I said?
Listen all you fools, don't you know that carnage rules?
Told you once, I won't tell you twice, heed my warning and pay my price.

I'm out of my mind, no time to waste,
It helps me unwind, I love the chase,
This wasting, dude, is nothing but rude,
There's no stoppin' all this toppin',

No matter what your size, crushin' spiders like flys,
Listen all you fools, don't you know carnage rules?
Told you once, I won't tell you twice, heed my warning and pay my price.

Trocadero – Superhero Lyrics 13 years ago
actually, the lead singer has said on the official site that this song is about the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore...several lines from it are taken directly from the character Rorshac's journals in that piece of literature. If you havent read it, I strongly suggest it. I don't think it has anything to do with video games, seeing as in the book something happened to Rorshac in the year 1964 that changed him dramatically.

Misfits – Dig Up Her Bones Lyrics 13 years ago
So you're saying if all of a sudden all the current Misfits members left, and were replaced by Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Eminem, doing gagsta rap under the Misfits name, you'd still love it because the band members don't matter? I love the new Misfits, but that's just retard logic right there.

Misfits – Day Of The Dead Lyrics 13 years ago
Also some refferences to the original Dawn Of The Dead with the hell is full line.

Misfits – Dust To Dust Lyrics 13 years ago
Yup, the last scene of Bride Of Frankenstein specifically, when the monster throws the electrical switch that kills him (well, until the next movie anyway), Dr. Frankenstein, and the female monster that was to be the monsters bride. The second song they did about that movie too, btw.

Misfits – Saturday Night Lyrics 13 years ago
He was going out with Amy, and killed her. Then he tried to go out with Julie, and killed her.

I think he loved Amy because he killed her, or more precisely, her reaction when he killed her. That's where the line "Julie doesn't scream as well" comes in, because he tried to get that same feeling he got when Amy was screaming by killing Julie, but she didn't do it as well.

He went in and tried to confess to the cops, but they either didn't believe him, or weren't even paying attention.

The last verse of it is him reminiscing on when he killed her, with a full moon out, and she went "violently and quietly" while he sat there and watched her die, they were in a bedroom at the time.

James Marsters – Angel Lyrics 13 years ago
Like Dangerous, another one actually by Ghost Of The Robot

James Marsters – Dangerous Lyrics 13 years ago
this is actually by his band Ghost Of The Robot, who broke up in 2004

Puscifer – Rev 22:20 Lyrics 13 years ago
according to a shirt they sell on, the line rev 22:20 is "surely I come quickly"

Bobaflex – Midnight Nation Lyrics 13 years ago
I saw them live, and they explained how this song was about how a guy they knew went on a huge meth binge and ended up killing his parents.

Nickelback – Figured You Out Lyrics 13 years ago
It seems to me like it's about a guy who meets a wild chick who's already doing coke, and going to big parties, and he loves it. Then as he gets past the great sex, and wild times, he realizes that the whole scene they're involved in is f**ked up beyond belief and starts to hate the girl for getting him involved with it in the first place.

Nickelback – Animals Lyrics 13 years ago
Is it just me, or does Kroger only seem to write songs like this about underage chicks? Another example would be Learn The Hard Way.

Nickelback – Side of a Bullet Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about Dimebag Darrel, of Pantera and Damageplan, who got shot on stage by a "fan."

He hit the stage so full of rage

His brother watched you do it

Those 2 lines give it away to me. Cause of the stage refference, and Vinnie was also shot, but survived.

Hawthorne Heights – Silver bullet Lyrics 14 years ago
In the bookelt of the Deluxe Edition CD with the DVD, he says it's not about a girl, but about how he wanted to stop being in a band for a period of time because he thought it was going nowhere. He also says he's now very glad he kept going with it.

Skywynd – Sunny Day Believer Lyrics 14 years ago
First off, nice to see I'm not the only one on this site to know of these guys. One of the best Minnesota-based bands IMHO.

Anyways, to tell you the truth I'm not 100% on what this is about, but nicn64's idea seems to be on the right track.

It also seems that the person this song is about seems to be quite a self-loving ass too. "Sexed up sin man" and a few other lines seem to sum that up.

The "got my life inside a theater" line seems to be saying that he's picturing his life as a movie instead of something real, and he sees himself as sort of the hero of it, when he really isn't anything of the sort.

It's a kick ass song though, and one of my favorites by the band, along with Sunshine, Everything, and Empty Eyes.

The Servant – Cells Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's a combination of both the meanings that have been previously posted myself. He's living a boring, monotaneous life, where he has only 2 things that interset him at all. Video games and his significant other.

Rob Zombie – Dead Girl Superstar Lyrics 14 years ago
Living Dead Girl, Pt. 2...Especialy the "fistful of dollars to eat" which is a direct refference to Living Dead Girl.

Rob Zombie – The Man Without Fear Lyrics 14 years ago
Yup, about Daredevil, who Rob has said he's a fan of (especially Gene Colan' artwork) in the past.

Rob Zombie – Meet The Creeper Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah. White Zombie broke up cause no one in the band got along anymore. Hell, you try being in a band with your ex-gilfriend and see how long it lasts.

Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl Lyrics 14 years ago
Living Dead Girl is also the name of a foreign (I want to say Italian, but I'm not sure that's right) horror movie from the 70's or 80's, about a girl who dies and is (surprisingly) brought back to life as a zombie for some reason or another and brutally kills a bunch of people who come to her house afterwards. I can't remember details because I haven't seen it in a long time, but that's where the title came from.

BTW, since when is every Rob Zombie song about necrophilia? I mean really, almost every song that has 3 or more comments has at least one saying it's about necrophilia. It's like how over on the APC and Tool boards apparently every song they've ever done is about drugs.

Rob Zombie – How To Make A Monster Lyrics 14 years ago
I actually wouldn't be surprised if the wolf she got taken down by was an actual werewolf, knowing Rob. I think you're reading way too much into it myself, but that's just my opinion.

Rob Zombie – Pussy Liquor Lyrics 14 years ago
Some of this song doesn't even work anymore though. In Devil's Rejects we find out Earle wasn't even Baby's father, Captain Spaulding is. And Otis isn't even a blood member of the family, according to the bio they have on the website for him. I guess Mother Firefly is the mother of both Tiny and Baby, but they have different fathers. Tiny is Earle's son, and Baby is Spaulding's daughter. It would make sense too cause she was a prostitute and all. Grampa was probably either Earle, Spaulding, or Mother Firefly's father. And Otis is just a kindred spirit that they all consider part of the family. And who the hell knows what any of their relationship to Dr. Satan was, although I wouldn't be surprised if he was related to Earle somehow, seeing as they're both insane surgeons.

Rob Zombie – Everybody Scream Lyrics 14 years ago
It's about Dr. Wolfenstein, the TV horrorshow host that Rob made up for House Of 1000 Corpses. Think someone like Vampira, or The Crypt Keeper, but with a mad scientist who happens to also be a werewolf gimmick.

Rob Zombie – Dragula Lyrics 14 years ago
Jesus H. Christ. First off, you people need to learn grammer, because it's your friend. Secondly, half of this thread is "this is a good song!!!omgwtfbbq!!!!" Yeah, we get it, you like the song. Unless you're a troll, you wouldn't be here if you didn't like the song. This is, not But I digress.

As a few of the more intelligent posters pointed out already, it's loosley about Grampa Munsters hot-rod. The car in the video is the family car, The Munster-Mobile, because for some reason or another Rob couldn't find/use the Dragula. I think the rest of the song is just him describing the on-stage persona he uses.

P.S.- Wiccans should be killed, for being so god damn pretentious. Stupid, whiney, goth pricks.

Rob Zombie – The Great American Nightmare Lyrics 14 years ago
What exactly did Howard Stern do on this song? It says featuring him, but I don't hear him singing, unless he sounds just like Rob...

Rob Zombie – Two-Lane Blacktop Lyrics 14 years ago
the lyrics are wrong's actually...

Mechanic don't walk
The driver don't talk

in the movie, the driver was mute, and the mechanic was a cripple

Megadeth – Looking Down the Cross Lyrics 14 years ago
It's not a cover.

Megadeth – Holy Wars... The Punishment Due Lyrics 14 years ago
As was said, it's about The Punisher, and the detail in the song shows that Dave is probably a big fan of the comics. The line "Some people risk to employ me" reffers to the Punisher's first appearance, where he was actually hired to kill Spider-Man, whom he was duped into believing was a criminal. The "hired by the alliance, so slay all the giants" line reffers to the storyline Circle Of Blood, where an alliance of other people who had lost someone to crime employed Frank to take down the Kingpin, the head of organized crime. On a side note, Killing Is My Buisness is also about The Punisher, but in a way that's much more vauge about it all.

Megadeth – I Know Jack Lyrics 14 years ago
Actually it's a quote. In 1988 Dan Quayle, George Bush Part 1's vice-president, compared himself to Jack Kennedy. Lloyd Bensen, who was running with Dukakis, said that about what Quayle had just said. It's one of the most famous political lines ever.

Megadeth – Use The Man Lyrics 14 years ago
it's monkey...when you're addicted to something it's reffered to as having a monkey on your back, so it's saying that his addiction only lies

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