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Amon Amarth – Siegreicher Marsch (Victorious March) Lyrics 5 years ago

Amon Amarth – Slaves Of Fear Lyrics 5 years ago
All the judeo-christian religions are nothing more then branches from the same rotten tree and this is Johan's reflection of that.

Amon Amarth – For Victory Or Death Lyrics 5 years ago
"On a personal note, this album has made me realize how heavily anti-christian Amon Amarth is. Not that this is a negative thing as this is an amazing song, album and band. "
That is a VERY POSITIVE thing, if you don't see it that way, stop listening to Amon Amarth.

Amon Amarth – A Beast Am I Lyrics 5 years ago
Very bluntly put, but true nonetheless.

Bathory – Under The Runes Lyrics 8 years ago
Chard121, you are a proper halfwit and, if I might add, a "Untermenschen".

¿What does your pathetic brain-washed little brains thinks that the "SS" letters representing the "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" or as you morons call it "nazi" were?. Probably something they invented up, considering the level of stupidity I see in your reply above. I will tell you, so maybe you will learn to think for yourself for the first time in your miserable life:

The "S" is the Sieg Rune, the VICTORY Rune, you retarded cunt.

And I am sure that you idiot, do not know the meaning of the word "Viking" either.

P.D.: Tomas Forsberg (Quorthon) admitted that he became a sympathiser of the National-Socialism.

Amon Amarth – The Sound Of Eight Hooves Lyrics 8 years ago
"This is a song about how my forefathers used to hang preachers... because they would not shut up" -Johan Hegg

Amon Amarth – Where Is Your God? Lyrics 8 years ago
Stop posting your Emo's feelings on AA's song, half-wit.

Amon Amarth – The Hero Lyrics 8 years ago
¿Since when AA makes lyrics for Emo's? You got this all wrong. Go listen go Slipknt.
This this a mockery about how some Christians prudes judged those Vikings that became mercenaries afterwards.

Amon Amarth – Abandoned Lyrics 8 years ago
Aniland... haha

Is about those treacherous scum, that betrayed their heritage, their blood brothers, their own essence by converting to Judeo-Christianity.

Amon Amarth – Bleed For Ancient Gods Lyrics 8 years ago
The Altar; The Battlefield.
The Sacrifice (to make sacred): Them.

Meaning that, we, Friends of the Suncross, we don't "sacrifice" (in the judeo-christian way) ourselfs but our foes, that is our offering to the Æsir, not our money or our fear/piousness.

Amon Amarth – A Fury Divine Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is what the word "Asatru" basically means.

Amon Amarth – Once Sealed In Blood Lyrics 8 years ago
Read "buds" as Blood Brothers :)

Bathory – One Rode To Asa Bay Lyrics 10 years ago
¿Why do you keep fucking saying "R.I.P."? Don't you know that's a fucking judeo-christian saying, you imbecils!

Amon Amarth – Where Silent Gods Stand Guard Lyrics 11 years ago
Is confusing to peksy judeo-christians like you, rjenman!

Amon Amarth – Cry of The Black Birds Lyrics 11 years ago
Pesky Judeo-Christians! This song is meant for Asatruars only!

Bound for Glory – WARRIOR'S GLORY Lyrics 11 years ago
Heinke, what do YOU know about the Norse Culture?
In the Viking Era the word "white" as we know it now, did not existed. So you are just babbling.

And the Vikings had very estrict racial laws. In case you were wondering.

Amon Amarth – Victorious March Lyrics 11 years ago

Amon Amarth – The Last With Pagan Blood Lyrics 11 years ago
This is is about restoring the righfull place of Asatru as the TRUE FAITH, you sons of filth!!!!


Amon Amarth – Gods of War Arise Lyrics 11 years ago
all of you are of some semitic religion? or agnostics? hahaha, punks

Amon Amarth – Where Silent Gods Stand Guard Lyrics 11 years ago
Dressed2Depress you are a fool. "I'm a wolf in human shape" is an aplogoy to the "berserkergang", the furor of Öd. And he making sacrifices for Wotan!

Amon Amarth – Amon Amarth Lyrics 11 years ago
Amon Amarth is not an elfish word, is an NORDIC word, the great master Tolkien inspired himself 99% in Nordic sagas and so on. Just clearing that up.

Staind – Black (Pearl Jam cover) Lyrics 13 years ago
okay, i just downloaded and liseng to the original black song, of the MTV unpluged, and tho im a big fan of staind, and not so much of Pearl Jam, the song of pearl jam is more light... not so much feelings into it, that i still consider the Aaron version diferent, but in a better way, i think that this Eddie should sing this song like Aaron did, then the pearl jam version can be better. but until then, thre Aaron version is better. Pearl jam fans need to acept that.

and for those gits that say that pearl jam is better then Staind, frist they are to totaly diferent bands, so you can't really compared them, but in the scnece that they are diferent, for me, staind is better, in there own kind of music.

Staind – Sober (Tool cover) Lyrics 13 years ago
hmm this cover is fine, is not the best cover of staind, but it dosen't suck, personaly i prefer the acustic version. that version is good.

Slipknot – Vermilion Lyrics 13 years ago
Can anybody be so kind to explain me the video of this song, please. I'm to dumb to understand it by my self. Thanks.

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