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Dogwood – In The Line Of Fire Lyrics 14 years ago
did you know that 76.532% of statistics were made up on the spot? And for a different, more cynical angle, read Freakonomics. The author makes a compelling argument that Roe vs. Wade actually lowered crime because many unwanted babies are poorly treated, underprivileged, and as such become criminals. The world is overpopulated as it is, guys.

Manu Chao – Malegria Lyrics 14 years ago

la malegria: "una tristeza que se combate con la risa"


Manu Chao – Clandestino Lyrics 14 years ago
jimguk... marroquino ilegal would make a lot of sense, but i doubt thats what it is for a couple of reasons: i believe that the word for a morrocan native is just "marroquin," with an accent on the i, and furthermore, manu chao is so into slang that i think hed probably use the more common (if less politically correct) 'morro.'

Manu Chao – Me Gustas Tú Lyrics 14 years ago
casta~na means chestnut, just to add to ard up there.

Manu Chao – Desaparecido Lyrics 14 years ago
"They call me 'The Dissappeared'
When he arrives, he's already gone
Flying I come, flying I go
Hurry, hurry on a lost path
When they look for me I'm never there
When the find me I am not
The one who's out front because
I went running over there

They call me 'The Disappeared'
A ghost that's never here
They say to me 'The Disgraced'
But that's not the truth
I carry in my body a pain
That won't let me breath
I carry in my body a chain
That always makes me walk

They call me . . .

I carry in my body a motor
That never stops turning
I carry in my soul a path
Destined to never arrive

They call me...

Lost in the century...
The 20th century...
Headed towards the 21st."

Kansas – The Wall Lyrics 15 years ago
an epic song.

Elvis Costello – (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea Lyrics 15 years ago
this song has such a great beat.

Elvis Costello – Alison Lyrics 15 years ago
by Compuwiz19 on 03-16-2003 @ 11:34:56 AM
Hey, at least you weren't named after the song Casey Jones... by the Grateful Dead... I hate my life...


i wish i was named after the dead... as it was, i got a grandmother and a great-aunt. i turned 80 years old as soon as i was named.

on another note, this song is very pretty.

Sufjan Stevens – For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti Lyrics 15 years ago
see, greeley, this is where youre dumb. i happen to not believe in christain traditions. in person, i would mock your entire belief system. nothing personal, but organized religions, (especially religions that were traditionally used to control people rather than to better tham [check out what the catholic church was up to around the dark ages... they were promoting illiteracy because they didnt want people to interpret the bible for themselves]) really just are rather primitive and annoying.

sure, jesus was a fine philosopher. no, he was not the son of god. and no, he did not die for me. get the fuck out of my face.

Manu Chao – Homens Lyrics 15 years ago
how many languages does this man speak???

Sufjan Stevens – For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti Lyrics 15 years ago
i like stranded and the dude with the fucked up user name above me

Sufjan Stevens – For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti Lyrics 15 years ago

this song is unspeakably beautiful.

Dogwood – In The Line Of Fire Lyrics 15 years ago
"But, what is important to realize, is they never say its not the woman's right to choose, just that they think its wrong. They never insult, bash or condem the mother in anyway. They basically just want people to own up to their actions, Abortion is cheating life. I do agree its a woman's choice, but its also her choice to keep her legs closed." -fixxpanel


those people outside abortion clinics all but attack the women! are incest, rape, and genetic defects not valid reasons for you?

keep their legs closed... that is such bullshit.

Dogwood – In The Line Of Fire Lyrics 15 years ago
i have never heard this song. i have never listened to this band. (sidenote: im sure both suck.)

dont be vocally pro-life until youre in the position of carrying a baby you know will have tay-sachs (and die before the age of five), or before you get pregnant by your rapist.

neither a fetus nor an embyo is a child. god is dead. see you in hell.

La Oreja De Van Gogh – Deseo de Cosas Imposibles Lyrics 16 years ago
haha i forgot that i submitted this. hahaha.

La Oreja De Van Gogh – Deseo de Cosas Imposibles Lyrics 16 years ago
for some reason, i actually like this song. its catchy. and fun to translate. we listened to it in spanish class.

O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei Lyrics 16 years ago
i hope everyone has seen the i-tunes video of this song. the fucking funniets thing ever. bar none. they shimmy, open shirted, down the middle of a plane, totally serious. they DANCE ON THE WING OF AN AIRPLAINE. fucking ridiculous. i literally almost died the first time i saw it; i honestly couldnt breathe. amazing.

Juanes – Que Pasa? Lyrics 16 years ago
i just reread my translation; a lot of places, it makes more sense to say 'is happening' instead of 'happens.' its not as distinct a difference in spanish. and i realize that the word happen is really redundant. but thats the song, not the translation.

if anyone has corrections, tell me!

Juanes – Que Pasa? Lyrics 16 years ago
'what happened?' I ask
I ask 'what happened in the world today'
In all the papers, I read the same horrifying news
Lives that fall without reason (1)

Why will it be that there is so much war
Why will it be that there is so much sadness
What will it be, what will it be, I ask
What will it be, I ask
I ask what it will be since there is no love
And that instead of embracing eachother, we make (2) canyons
And we foget love

Why will it be that there is so much war
Why will it be that there is so much sadness
What will it be, what will it be, I ask
The people are killing eachother, the people are dying
And I here I am, following without understanding
What happens with the world is so filthy,
What happens, I ask, what happens, I ask
I ask, what happens today in the world

It's so absurd that it's sad
What happens that nothing good happens to us
And that peace never passes here
What happens that only war happens
What is it that happens, I ask

(1)- 'without reason' can also mean 'without right' or 'injustly'
(2)- 'we make' is literally translated as 'we give' [from present 'we' of v. dar]

yeah, spanish. this was one of the many songs we listened to in spanish class this year.

Grateful Dead – Brokedown Palace Lyrics 16 years ago
ripple and brokedown palace are two of my favorate songs.

i have told everyone i trust that this song needs to be played at my funeral.

Grateful Dead – Touch Of Grey Lyrics 16 years ago
for some reason, that link doesnt work, even if you copy-paste. its one of my favorate websites, so:

i hope that ones better

Grateful Dead – Touch Of Grey Lyrics 16 years ago
im going to defer to the annotated Dead lyrics on the ACB's parts. (the URL is Great website.

Anyway, Able and Baker are the first two words in that ridiculous military alphabet (old version). You know the one, or if you don't, watch Meet the Parents again. Delta is the new international 'd' in the phoneitc alphabet.

There are other random place and situations where Able and Baker appear together.

On a not-assuming-I-know-shit note, this is just an amazing song. Whenever I have a shitty day, I listen to this song over and over again. I love the places 'touch of grey' is inserted in the song. People who don't know me well say that I'm too morbid; "Oh, well, a touch of grey kind of suits you anyway" always comes to my mind.

And every silver lining does, in fact, have a Touch of Grey

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cotton Fields Lyrics 16 years ago
hydrobomb- was this a cover? who wrote it?

i love this song so much, the harmonies are just amazing.

Dar Williams – Northern Cross Lyrics 16 years ago
i think she sang this with 'cry, cry, cry'

Dar Williams – Playing To the Firmament Lyrics 16 years ago
my mom is a weslyan alum (several years before dar), and my great uncle is a prof. there. somehow, through some alumni feature, my mom started listening to dar. and, at about 6, i loved my mom, so i did too. i first heard this song at one of my moms reunions where dar played- i remember it because it was the only song i didnt know. since then, ive seen her maybe 3 times at ravinia and such? i have a picture of me with her when i was like 8.

for the longest time, i didnt listen to any of her songs, and then recently, i started again. and i thought, 'wow, i listened to this so many years ago and i missed so much meaning, etc. thats kind of cool.'

i love this song; i love the rain

The Dresden Dolls – The Time Has Come Lyrics 16 years ago
saint, that's exactly what i thought and i think thats probably correct. the poem's from through the looking-glass, though. ah, they're of the same though.

Dar Williams – Dangling Conversation Lyrics 16 years ago
paul simon and art garfunkle wrote this. its a good song.

Dar Williams – I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono Lyrics 16 years ago
'fame will come and vanish later, transcendental love is greater' is one of my favorite song lyrics.

Billy Joel – Only The Good Die Young Lyrics 16 years ago
i would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.

The Shins – One By One All Day Lyrics 16 years ago
i love this song and the way everything ties together. while not all children are gentle and reverent, this really pulls together the image of a careful, innocent child.

Paul Simon – The Coast Lyrics 16 years ago
i love the line "summer skies and stars are falling all along the injured coast."

for me, that really illustrates the conflict between natural beauty and man-made destruction.

Paul Simon – The Obvious Child Lyrics 16 years ago
i love the rhythms throughout this album and on this song especially.

NOFX – The Idiots Are Taking Over Lyrics 16 years ago
i love the line "the industrial revolution has flipped the bitch on evolution."

and its really true. a lot of people shouldnt exist. im not advocating ethnic cleansing or anything (my european family 'got genocided' in the holocaust), but there are these people of all races, ages, and religions that really define the societal decline. ironically, these are the people that feel the most entitlement and think that theyre better than everyone else.

anyways, thanks to modern inventions, natural selection is dead.

Cat Stevens – But I Might Die Tonight Lyrics 16 years ago
i love this song. so much of life is preparing for some unfathomable, unspecified and probably unattainable goal.

even though this song is really short, it captures that sentiment perfectly.

Cat Stevens – Novim's Nightmare Lyrics 16 years ago
this has been up here for more than 3 yrs with no comments, so i doubt anyone will answer, but does anyone know what he means by 'the nine?'

Streetlight Manifesto – We Are The Few Lyrics 16 years ago
the last part is off in this- at the end, 'we are the few' is only sung once with "but they gave it to me so i might as well be proud of it/ and i know ive done something wrong/ all i know now is ive gotta do something . . . right?" as the ending.

great song.

Don McLean – Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Lyrics 16 years ago
this is perhaps my favorate song of all time. van gough is my favorate painter- the only other close is dahli- and his life in general was just really tragic. this song puts it together so beautifully.

-this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you

Streetlight Manifesto – Failing, Flailing Lyrics 16 years ago
i agree with eddo- i like the 2nd half much more, but i think the contrast is good.

NOFX – Total Bummer Lyrics 16 years ago
i hate the sun.

great song.

Mustard Plug – Suburban Homesick Blues Lyrics 16 years ago
i always think of the title as being a play on bob dylan's "subterranean homesick blues"
good song.

NOFX – Vincent Lyrics 16 years ago
i love the original and this version . . . a bunch of other people have tried to cover it and majorly fucked up. nofx's version is so different than don mclean's, i think its really interesting that they manajed to make a decent cover.

Sonic Youth – I Love You Golden Blue Lyrics 16 years ago
i love that last verse . . . its so universal yet personal. ha to me at least.

Cat Stevens – Oh Very Young Lyrics 16 years ago
"whatever it means to you satisfies me because it's frickin awesome"

I wholly agree.

I did drawings based on the words of this song.

I love it.

Cat Stevens – Tuesday's Dead Lyrics 16 years ago
JME, that point is mute and ridiculous.

If he had not converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusaf Islam, you would have never made that connection.

In addition, while it took much planning to kill civilians by flying planes into buildings, I doubt the framework was out there when the song was written . . . about 30 years ago.

Sorry, but I love Cat Stevens and this is one of my favorate songs by him. I cannot stand it when people cast aspersions on all of his early music because he converted.

Cat Stevens – Katmandu Lyrics 16 years ago
katmandu is the last stop on the way to climbing everest, but i dont knwo if this has anything whatsoever to do with the song.

They Might Be Giants – Your Racist Friend Lyrics 16 years ago
i think that this song epitomizes whats great about tmbg; listening to the song almost makes me laugh, but its really serious and entirely correct. fuck people's racist friends.

The Rolling Stones – Mother's Little Helper Lyrics 16 years ago
this perfectly shows the desperation housewives felt-and feel- while living in an upbeat world/society. i heard this song and was like 'eww, i dont want to get married . . . valium arent even that great'

and cutesparkina, you missed the mark with the amphetamines note. shes definately taking valiums- if you take four doses of amphetamines, there is no way in hell you are sleeping through the night OR calming down.

Pink Floyd – Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast Lyrics 16 years ago
haha i was at a hebrew immersion camp the summer i turned 15 and one of my israeli counselors and i traded grateful dead and pink floyd cd's. one of the ones he lent me was atom heart mother . . . the song is great, but my strongest association is how funny "psychadelic breakfast" sounds in a heavy israeli accent . . .

tripped out song.

Pink Floyd – If Lyrics 16 years ago
great song . . . i love the simplicity

Black Flag – What I See Lyrics 16 years ago
no comments? well . .. this is an increadible song. does anyone think it is sarcastic or anything? or is it supposed to be taken at face value?

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