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Diana Ross – Love Hangover Lyrics 8 years ago
She got drunk and got the nerve to get with a man that gave her a tingly in her wingly. Now she thinks she's in love, but really she's just an alcoholic thinking that there's supposed to be more to life than there actually is. She was so drunk she didn't see the skid marks in his tighty whiteys as they hit the floor.

Janis Joplin – Kozmic Blues Lyrics 8 years ago
This is a song about two people who are in lust but they think they are in love, or at least the singer thinks it's love. It's unrequited love.

Katy Perry – Dark Horse Lyrics 8 years ago
If anyone here has been a player, then became addicting to the game, they would understand what this song means. It's about love/lust addiction pure and simple. Don't make me your enemy. Once she knows she's got him, she'll play him for the rest of his life. He'll have shallow relationships with other women because she will have put a love/lust spell over him and he will never get away.

Don't play with a woman like this (or girls, they come in the male variety), they will ruin your life, you will not be able to get them out of your head, and they will interfere with every healthy relationship you have. Stay away from him or her It's playing with fire ! You will become the unrequited lover and they will play you for the rest of your life if they can get away with it. Be careful. Same as an addiction to heroin.

Kansas – Point of Know Return Lyrics 8 years ago
Dreaming has two functions, the first is to rest the body, the second is to return to the point of origin.

This song is talking about being born.

I heard the men saying something
The captains tell they pay you well
And they say they need sailing men to
Show the way, and leave today
Was it you that said, "How long, how long?"

Before we were born, we wanted to come to earth, and we knew there would be both joy and pain here. Still, we also knew that by coming here we would lose the knowledge of where we were. So being born, meant to completely change into a new creature, a new life. There was much anticipation to be on earth and yet fear. Because in order to enter earth, in an earthly body, we must die as well.

The ocean of darkness is being in the womb. When we first discovered physical darkness.

"Today I found a message floating
In the sea from you to me
You wrote that when you could see it
You cried with fear, the Point was near
Was it you that said, "How long, how long
To the Point of Know Return?"

The floating message was the point of light in the darkness. The vagina opening for birth, or the doctor opening the uterus for birth.

Still...when we dream at night, we go back to that other world and live and bring back knowledge to live this life on earth as well.

The point of "knowledge" returning ? What this lyricist is trying to convey, is the moving of the soul between realms, Earth itself being a realm. The dream realm, the physical realm, the ethereal realm, they all exist together and need to synchronize in order to function under the laws of destiny.

Kansas – Carry on Wayward Son Lyrics 8 years ago
I can hear the voices say !

The voices are of demons. The inner story to these lyrics, my interpretation, is there is a young man, who got in some BIG TROUBLE and is contemplating suicide.

"My charade is the event of the season." (suppose, for example, he went out drinking and driving with his friends. All the friends died in a drunken car crash except him).

The voices are telling him to carry on with this suicide. That there will be peace when he's dead. The young man is standing on the precipice, in great distress from what just happened to his friends, the guilt and remorse and fear for his future are massive..

Think of the myriad of scrapes a person could get into in life that would make him/her want to kill themselves.

To me, this is a song about demons urging such a young man on to do himself in.

Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame Lyrics 12 years ago
Very good interpetation Jen.

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody Lyrics 12 years ago
This is the song of a deep introvert, who often feels lonely and left out of thing. They have a friend who is an extrovert (can't tell if it's a friend or lover, but sounds more like a friend).

This song means that often opposites attract. And someone who is introverted might need the help of someone who is extroverted and vise versa.
While you live it up, I'm off to sleep
Waging war to shake the poet and the beat

I hope it's going to make you notice
I hope it's going to make you notice
Someone like me.

Sometimes we are attracted to complete opposites to help us in life.

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby Lyrics 15 years ago
The thoughts are about a lonely female sexton, who hoped to have a life and family, but instead, worked her whole life, alone, living in the Episcopal Church, possibly deformed, (the face in the jar by the door), or it could be makeup.

Just a thought about the lonlieness that people live and die with.

The Beatles – Blackbird Lyrics 15 years ago
To me, song is about someone who has gone through a long illness (or even old age)whose time to die has come. They are asked to "fly" to a place where there is no pain. Even though the person might be afraid to die, the song says do not be afraid to go to the place where you will be free and where you will be born again or "arise". Just my thoughts. To me, this song has a lot of spirit or soul. I also like the idea of it being for Rosa Parks during the Civil Rights movement, that is also an interesting concept....

Tonic – The Way She Loves Me Lyrics 15 years ago
One man trying to convince his distraught girlfriend or wife why he must leave her.

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a love song about obsessive love that goes on in spite of a "break up". There appears to be a lot of passion between the 2 involved and it is not over. The chain will not be broken by either party because the two spirits are connected by a power stronger than basic attraction, be it hate, pride, or a mixture of other erotic and maybe harmful toxic emotional ingredients such as infidelity and anger. The pain and passion sure does feel good ! And how I would love to own the words to this song for a similar situation that I have been involved for nearly 30 years.

Fleetwood Mac – Tusk Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is pure MALE. It shows the male fears of both abandonment and mistaking sex for love. The tusk is a horn that also signifys "male". It could also be saying, I don't want emotional entanglements as they are often painful and unrequited so just let me me be the one to "do you".

Fleetwood Mac – Tusk Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is pure MALE. It shows the male fears of both abandonment and mistaking sex for love. The tusk is a horn that also signifys "male". It could also be saying, I don't want emotional entanglements as they are often painful and unrequited so just let me me be the one to "do you".

Sunny Day Real Estate – Grendel Lyrics 17 years ago
Boulevard of Broken Dreams,

The lyrics tell of a person who is walking to the beat of a different drum without any validation by his peers. The writer hopes to meet someone who understands oneday and who walks the road along side him making it less lonely,possibly helping to change the circumstances of such a dreary street; but in the meantime, he is not putting too much emotional stock into things as they are, which to the writer seem broken and misguided.

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics 17 years ago
Darn, this paranoia post was for AMERICAN IDIOT and not Blvd of Broken Dreams ! Somehow got in the wrong slot. Oh well.

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics 17 years ago
The age of paranoia! That's right Billy.

American truth and integrity has been compromised by the Bush Administration’s, fear instilled propaganda and 9-11 lies. This country needs to get together and work on some demonstrations of protest. The addenda in Iraq is pure selfishness, meaning that Bush and his vermin are fighting like hell to get oil out of the ground that doesn't belong to him---its all about him, his failed oil business losses and what he owes, but not about America.

His administration's ability to lie and manipulate are evident in his false reasoning for the invasion; weapons of mass destruction were never found. No intelligent leader will send young men and women off to war because of a hunch. He used that as a scare tactic.

If he'd come clean and said, "Listen American, war is good for the economy and I need the oil, so lets invade", which is the truth, I wonder how the country would have reacted? I for one would have at least respected his position of power more than I do now. No, I don't want to be an American idiot...but we all are, lets face it. Liars like Bush and the vermin who put this alcoholic, academic loser back in office cannot be trusted. But we can't finger anyone of the vermin can we ? I didn't vote for him.... did any of you who are over 18 vote for him? Did your parents vote for him ? I don't know many who did vote for him.

“Terrorism alert" is also a Bush media propaganda joke and effort to make us American idiots feel justified in just about anything done against Iraq, being they were our enemy since 1991s Gulf War and probably were supporting Al Queida. We had no right to go over there and get involved in ‘91 anymore than we do now. The color-coded terror alert system-- now how stupid is that ? Yes, American idiots we going about day to day believing everything we are told, which are lies, lies, lies. What was he really trying to say? Be afraid America but I'm going to save you by getting rid of nuclear weapons in Iraq. HA ! Losing liar Bush.

Service Men and Women:
Thank you for being there and helping our economy stay strong, which is a good thing. Still, I wish you were all here working and paying taxes or going to school instead of being a Bush guided idiot mobile. I love you guys, I just don't think you belong there fighting one man's war and being there because of lies told to us all, propaganda that killed your comrades and many innocent civilian Iraqis, including old people and kids who died from the Bush mobile. Yes, I love you guys, the Army, Navy, and Airforce, Bush has turned you and your buddies into idiots. Let’s stop believing in his crap.

I think Billy is saying WAKE UP AMERICA ! Don't be an American Idiot.

The following is purely theoretical and based on opinions and research done by some free men in this country.

Suppose this war all about the Bushs’ failed oil business and not American safe--, being that war is good for the economy is just an added bonus for his initial plan. It’s not really about the good of the American public. If it were true, we'd at least be paying cheaper gas prices by now I wonder where our cut of Bushes cruel addenda is ? Well there is none, because now he’s going to get oil from our armies, put it in his companies, and make up pay higher at the pumps to get his debts paid off.. Yes, Bush is letting our young men kill themselves, babies and old people so he can pay off the stock holders in his failed business.

Bush is also an American Idiot because he could have never gotten elected on his own without the help of a corrupt bunch of losers. So much for the right to vote....don't waste your time anymore American, because any corrupt group of vermin in a high place can now fix that election to meet their own purpose. It's not a people's country anymore. We've been scammed. Stay home Election Day, your right to vote is a farce. Bush and his vermin committee think that many of us are not on to him...we are...Green Day is on to him. What do we do about him. Bush and Cheney should be fired and replaced with a democratic administration. The election system should be overseen and selection the same way we select our juries, by their nonbiased opinions--and should be sworn to secrecy just like our juries are sworn. It's your duty as an American Citizen to vote, but since the vermin in higher places knows we are American Idiots and not entitled therefore, they allow into office whom they choose and not us. We need to be able to take control of our own elections. Bush is an alcoholic and a really bad student...WE all know we didn't vote for him. Why don't people examine our voting system and SCREAM for reform. A revolution is nigh in this country. Liars, scammers, cheats...Bush was never suppose to be president but was put back in teh white hours by vermin who needed him to finish that oil stealing project that began back in 91.

The Bushes are friends with the Bin Ladin Family, and the Bushes probably owe them TONS of money since they were major stock holders in Bushs' oil company that he ran into bankruptcy. Yes, the Bin Ladin's were major players and stock Holders in that business from what I have heard.

American Idiots like us need propaganda to allow him to ride out his addenda on the backs of our youth. Like throwing American on its belly at the top of Mt Everest and riding it down on a blanket of fear. When we get ot the bottom, America will be battered and broken but Bush is hoping to be counting his bills and handing some back to the Bin Ladins, as he walks off into the sunset, clean, dry, and unscathed. American idiots, that's what he thinks we are !

Journalists are also AMERICAN Idiots

The media has made it hard for children to feel safe, by turning every child murder into a circus and every pedophile into a star ! God help us how the freedom of the press has been used against the American people. Where Michael Jackson's insane behavior gets 20/20 Barbara Walter coverage and journalists would die to get inside the court room if they were allowed, to hear all the grimy and disgusting details of MJs boy obsession. Freedom of the press has been perverted into a greedy avenue where selfish and non-thinking journalists can further their careers by sensationalizing insane people and events. These news items should be reported accurately and responsibly for the sake of our kids. Journalists have become the predators, whose green make them almost no better than any of the predators that they make us think are driving down every street in America.

I believe in teaching our kids to be street smart but not blowing the threat out of proportion. The media has turned all of our communities and friends, our own neighbors into potential pedophiles and predators. Who do we trust anymore on our blocks? That's what Green Day means in this song.

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