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Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust On The Ground Lyrics 11 years ago
Not about me... but to me... oops...

Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust On The Ground Lyrics 11 years ago
Is it not "Let's change our roads, and switch the mold around" rather than "Let's change our roads, and chase them all around"?

Under rated band, doing great songs. Song is about me, slowly learning that your are in a relationship that you shouldn't be in, just because you were childhood sweethearts is no reason to put up with their crap because you have never known anything different.

The Strokes – The End Has No End Lyrics 15 years ago
yeah dimples... so true.

Sandi Thom – What If I'm Right? Lyrics 15 years ago
the son is about she know knows her boyfriends is really a girl... and tries to hard to be a bloke!!! but she has doubts about being with a femal ethat is dressed like a man!

The Stranglers – Peaches Lyrics 15 years ago
to true dimples... to true. i read in an interview they did!

Minnie Ripperton – Loving you Lyrics 15 years ago
she is in love with a bird... you can her it the song.. the bird tweeting in the back ground! she is in to bestiality!

Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl Lyrics 15 years ago
I can see want you mean Dimples... kinda makes more sense from what you said...

CKY – Escape From Hellview Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is about how he wants his mothers love but she gave him away when he was 18 to a pack of wolfs! gor a pack of smokes and a bottle of gin... and he was abused by the wolfs!

Radiohead – You Never Wash Up After Yourself Lyrics 15 years ago
amazing/sad song... :(

James Blunt – You're Beautiful Lyrics 16 years ago
James said ( on Richard and Judy ) that this song is about seeing an ex grilfriend on the London underground with a new boyfriend, but see didn't see him...

Counting Crows – Perfect Blue Buildings Lyrics 16 years ago
it sounds like someone going through cold turkey/ O.Ding to me?
'I stay at home with my disease
'It's 4:30 a.m. on a Tuesday
'It doesn't get much worse than this
'Try to keep myself away from me
...the cold turky...
'Gonna get me a little oblivion, baby
'Help me stay awake, I'm falling...
...the O.D...

James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover Lyrics 16 years ago
What I say? Amazing, beautiful and almost painful to listen to... just because the relationship breaks down and ends doesn't mean the feelings do!
When you have been with someone for a long time there will always be something, if only the memories... or the plans you made (I'd be the father of your child, I'd spend a lifetime with you). You are just left hollow and empty. Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend, you have been the one for me.

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan Lyrics 16 years ago
i can't listen to this song after a few drinks, it just sucks me in!

Buffalo Tom – Dry Land Lyrics 16 years ago
This song reminds me of going in to college hungover, ha ha ha... Good times!

Buffalo Tom – Taillights Fade Lyrics 16 years ago
Amazing song! takes me back to my youth!
'I'm singing about my past, Had myself a wonderful thing, But I could not make it last'
She was wonderful! Oh cruel fate!!!

Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me Lyrics 16 years ago
i think it's a hooker in the redlight! the window, lifting her skirt to tease the man in 'in their boy dreams'... wearing next to nothing. 'I'm bare boned and crazy for you' - double meaning? he he he...

Snow Patrol – One Night Is Not Enough Lyrics 16 years ago
i think it's about likeing someone so much and for some reason you get to spend the night with them. they like you but it's not enough for them, one night is not enough for you, maybe it would of been better if you had never tasted what you can never have... their heart will never be yours.

Regina Spektor – Chemo Limo Lyrics 16 years ago
Chemo Limo, I think it's her finding out she has cancer and needs chemo... This shit it's making me tired!

'Went and had a talk with my boss
Something about insurance policies
They kept the door closed at all times
I couldnt hear or see'

You ride in limo's for funnerals but she doesn't want that! She'd rather ride one in style and alive!
This song is very haunting in places!

Sophie only want to tune us into radio BBC
Michael sat on my knees and whispered to me
All about the meanie
Jacqueline was being such a big girl
with her cup of tea looking out of the window
And Barbara
She looks just like my mom
Oh my god, Barbara
She looks so much like my mom

Belle & Sebastian – If You're Feeling Sinister Lyrics 16 years ago
great song... i tend to think Anthony killed himself!

Belle & Sebastian – Get Me Away from Here, I'm Dying Lyrics 16 years ago
i tend to think it's about someone who has out grown the town that they live in. They want something new in come and take them away. 'Here on my own now after hours,
Here on my own now on a bus'. And this is a daydream the person is having...

Kimya Dawson – The Beer Lyrics 16 years ago
Yeah this reminds me of some messy nights out on the old booze! When will i ever learn? Such a good lyrics. Kimya is an amazing song writter!

James Blunt – You're Beautiful Lyrics 16 years ago
I saw your face,
In a crowded place,
And i don't know what to do,
'Cos I'll never be with you.

Can't we all relate to this? When you see a face thats stands out from the crowd and makes your heart skip a beat but the person is already with someone else or with a different group of friends! and you find your eyes being drawn to them all night and then start to freak out if the person catches you looking more then twice! lol

Joni Mitchell – A Case Of You Lyrics 16 years ago
I met a woman
She had a mouth like yours
She knew your life
She knew your devils and your deeds
And she said,
"Go to him, stay with him if you can
But be prepared to bleed"

I think this is the mother of the man she is signing about!

Frou Frou – Let Go Lyrics 16 years ago
'you've 20 seconds to comply' great line from robocop! amazing song... die here or come with me!

The Libertines – What A Waster Lyrics 16 years ago
amazing song, shame the libs didn't last and will now be a footnote and not the whole chapter in £nglish music they should be! did anyone see that doc on pete? i'd of punched the guy, what a waster he was!

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